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Sion Build Guide by King Osiris

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author King Osiris

The 6k hp crit killer

King Osiris Last updated on February 3, 2012
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The way is see Sion is the same way most players prefer him, Big on AD.
My guide will focus more on the passive on Sion's E (Enrage:65 attack and 3 hp per kill).
Most of you might look at this build first off and think it is very stupid but it can net you up to 6k+ hp by the time you have all your items. With just your warmogs fully stacked you should have 4815 hp (with atma's impaler thats roughly 96.3 extra attack and with 6k hp it goes up to 120 attack damage).

Also note that this guide is for an experienced player who prefer to optimize Sions HP capability while keeping it balanced with damage.

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I get a full set of Crit damage runes and infinity edge in order to do nearly triple damage on crits.

I dont bother with armor pen or crit chance runes for the following reasons.

- Armor pen isn't incredibly useful against a fully stacked leviathan and ninja tabi.

- Though armor pen is good against tanks i find it mostly unnecessary on characters that use high crit damage and 100% crit rate [(1k crits will be reduced to 150 damage if the target has 85% reduced damage from auto attacks)(you are not a tank killer by the way but you can do decent damage to them)].

- 32 + 10% armor pen at the beggining can be quite good but is only effective with decently high ad (which sion has) but i do not use because i really enjoy the extra 45.5% crit damage for his lifesteal.

- Crit chance can be useful early on but it will only get you 20.25% which make it a 1in4 chance to be great damage but isnt good enough to rely upon.

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Summoner Spells

Cleanse and Ghostwalk, here are some reasons why to choose these.

- You are not the tank but because of your ultimate plus the effect of cleanse you can initiate and survive all the crowd control placed on you at the start of the battle.

- Cleanse can save you from dieing early on and often later on as well.

- Cleanse can also be used offensively when you are focused with stuns and snares making you unable to revive your huge hp count with your ulti.

- GhostWalk is offensive and defensive. I prefer ghostwalk over flash because of cleanse as your back up and the long duration of ghostwalk can put some major distance from your attackers.

- Another reason i prefer GW over flash for offensive purposes is because unless you are naturally faster than your target flash will only allow you to get 1-2 extra hits on your target before they move out of your 125 range but GW lets you move faster making it possible to get as many hits as your attack speed allows. If they flash away from you then use GW and stun them to catch up and finish them.

- Ghostwalk is also good for getting from the spawning pool to where you need to be (not as good as teleport for that use, however).

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Creeping / Jungling

With 2 Tiamats and your E maxed at level 8 your attack power will be 246.02 making minions and junlging much easier.
I'm usually able to kill minions in 2-3 hits very quickly giving me extra gold and exp you will desperately need.
Jungling becomes easily done once you reach level 8 with two tiamats and is suggested you get the red buff as often as you are possible. The blue buff is entirely useful but not necessary.
Dragon is not possible to solo at this point so don't go in without a fast attacker (you should be the one to initiate so your assistant doesn't get his attack speed debuffed).

Killing minions is the main reason you have maxed your E first and got your 2 tiamats, you better be farming as much as you can to get your hp bonus as high as ridiculously possible.

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Pros / Cons

High hp means atma's gives the highest ad from any item possible.
You are tanky even against AP even without much m.res.
You have 100% crit rate which means 900+ damage at full build.
Your ultimate can sustain you long enough to 1v1 unkillables like tryndamere, poppy and Kayle.
Personally have been able to catch and kill a fully built Tankplank 1v1.
You are able to 1v2 enemies who don't have good cc, depending on the champs 1v3 is simple.
The removal of your boots doesnt effect your chasing versatility due to ghostwalk.
You have enough hp to initiate, take all cc, survive and do some damage (excellent team fighter)
You are a strong early game laner and stronger late game team fighter.

You need 23,640 gold to fully prepare your build (*******).
You are fairly weak against ap champions.
Difficult mid game laning.
Nearly useless in team fights without your ultimate.
Cannot slow enemy champions without Q.
The whole build can go horribly wrong if you cant lane effectively against the enemy team.
Somewhat reliant on the personal fear you instill on the enemy player.
Ryze, Lux, Morgana, etc . Snares are a nightmare try to avoid them at all costs.

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Finally what you have been waiting for, a full explanation to the seemingly common build you see on sion.

Yes it is similar most many Sion builds but with the twist from the Tiamats.
Heres the order i buy everything in

Doran's Shield > Mercury Treads/Ninja Tabi > Tiamat > Tiamat > Warmog > Warmog > Atma's Impaler (sell doran's shield) > Phantom Dancer (sell 1 Tiamat) > Phantom Dancer (sell second Tiamat) > Infinity Edge (sell MT/NT boots).

The reason for the order is simple.

Doran's shield i buy first to provide extra defenses because taking Enrage first gives you 25 attack damage (better than Doran's Blade).

Next i add Mercury Treads or Ninja Tabi (appropriate defense against enemy champions in lane or whole team, choice is yours) for move speed and survivability.

Tiamats are the third and fourth items and important ones for farming minions as well as some decent damage and life Regen. Possibly the most important part of the build but i get them after i build up some survivability instead of rushing them. It is definitely the best way for AD Sion to farm minions for that extra gold he needs as well as his Passive hp accumulation. Often the tiamats will force your team to think you are an idiot and are "doing it wrong" but i feel it ensures minion kills and gold for Sion (also helps push turrets).

Warmogs, Yup two warmogs often seen as needless but are taken because of Sion's ulti. That attack speed and lifesteal make you survive during team fights. Sion also gets 100% crit rate eventually, making him get 100% lifesteal as well as 6k hp makes your enemies seemingly waste their cc on you should you initiate (don't forget cleanse). Surviving is awesome isn't it? your a tank against ad and ap without significant armor or m.res. The best substitute i can reccomend instead of a second warmog would have to be a frozen mallet (700 hp 20 ad and that slow that's oh so useful) for 570 less hp (only 10 ad less with atmas).

Atma's impaler to start off your armor and crit rate (before this item you are more tanky than dps) as well as over 100 ad (you should have about 5k hp by this point) put you at 377.895 (if i did the math right) total ad (sadly with a low attack speed and crit chance). At this point this will be the highest ad you get even after you finish your build (it only goes down by about 19 unless you make it to 6k hp which usually does happen you would make it up to 378 ad).

Phantom Dancers, two of these beauties put your crit chance up to 79% and your move speed 467 but your attack damage down to 277.895. Attack speed of 1.51 is very nice too. These items are what change you from tank to dps.

Infinity Edge, finally we get rid of those unnecessary boots. Move speed goes down to 415 but i think as long as you stay above 400 you are pretty good. Attack damage goes up to 357.895, crit chance goes up to 107% (crit damage will be at 305.5% effectively tripling damage). Although the common champion has enough armor naturally to ignore 50% of basic attack damage you will still be dealing 152.75% of your ad with each hit (still a bonus over the reduced damage from using armor pen runes i believe).

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In summary i would have to say it ends up like most AD Sion builds but it takes longer and yeilds much more hp if you farm effectively.

You almost need someone on your team to have on-hit slows in order to kill runners.

It seems to be only a slight twist on AD Sion from what i usually see but yields quite tankier and higher damage results.

If you can pull off getting the full build you will feel unstoppable. Not to mention elixirs always add a bit of a boost.

Please comment i would like to hear what you think about this slightly different approach to Sion. And if anyone can contradict my mathematical projections it would help alot.

Also if anyone can teach me how to input icons for runes, skills, items etc it would be appreciated.