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Shen Build Guide by gangtank

The AP Shen that could

By gangtank | Updated on October 6, 2011

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My thoughts

I made this guide mainly because I all anyone builds now on Shen armor. How boring, so I decided to make kind of a hybrid AP/Armor/HP Shen for that UMF he needs to get the kill! I'm not saying this is the "right" way to build him but **** its fun! being able to be the late game tank while still being able to get a few kills early lane game.
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Marks - I personally like HP per level but you can go whatever you feel is good. if you are looking for a little more damage go magic pen or could go armor.

Seals - I go 5 Defense 4 Resilience but like all runes pick up whatever you feel good with.

Glyphs - magic res per level! no question you may not be picking up any MR until guardian angel so I find this to be the best for it.
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ITEMS! our favorite :P !
gogo Doran's Shield for that early game then go boots. after boots you can either go Warmog/Thornmail/Scepter/Guardian angel depending on this team comp.

Warmog - Pick this up if you are just dominating them early game so you can just out tank there damage

thornmail - If you are getting harassed by early game AD (trynda/YI ex.) then this will be your 2nd main item in the build

Scepter - If you are feeling good about how you are playing but it seems like you need that little damage push then pick this up over other items! it gives a nice HP bonus and give your VP-Faint a boost.

Guardian Angel - This is for though's games where you get the mix of AD/AP carry's. This will work wonders in your favor combo'd with warmogs later in the game.
League of Legends Build Guide Author gangtank
gangtank Shen Guide

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The AP Shen that could
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