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Shaco Build Guide by kavinh

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kavinh

the backdooring jester

kavinh Last updated on November 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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hello this guide is for backdooring shaco which i've surprisingly seen very little of.
I repeat this is not a guide for team fight shaco though it does work surprisingly well, this guide is centered around ur ability to stealth in stab squishies and destroy turrets while the enemies are running around chasing u.

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for runes i like having armor pen reds, 4 flat armor and 5 hp/lvl yellows, preferably cooldown reduction/lvl blues but attack speed work as well and finally attack speed quints.

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for masteries i like taking 22/1/7 mainly to get all the nice damage in the offense and mana in the utility.

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for items depending on whether or not u feel confident u can assasinate the enemy jungler start with either boots and 3 health pots or cloth armor and 5.
after that go for madred's razors, boots of mobility depending on which u prefer depending on ur situation, upgrade the madred's to wiggle's lantern and start building ur infinity edge. once u've finished building it then go for a warmog's, atma's impaler and ur last item depending on the situation.
my usual build with shaco consists of 2 damage items 1 boots 1 def/attack item such as hexdrinker or atma's impaler and 2 defensive items.
depending on the enemy team comp and how ur team's doing it might be beneficial to purchase portions of ur final item earlier such as purchasing a negaton cloak on a mainly ap team early in the game.
Generally my last item consists is either force of nature frozen, heart/thornmail or guardian angel, if ur unsure which to get due to enemy team comp being balanced i recommend either guardian angel or the frozen heart for their unique side effects and the extra armor for back dooring.
finally if ur finished ur build sell wiggles for a blood thirster.

As for those who're wondering why i don't build attack speed on shaco it's simple, if u remove any of his defensive items for say a phantom dancer he becomes incredibly squishy which in turn makes his clone unable to tank turrets and making backdooring incredibly difficult. If u were to remove the wiggles/blood thirster u'd take away his only form of sustain making him forced to recall every time he takes a turret or gets injured and removing the infinity edge causes him to lose far too much damage.

if there's any confusion here's my general item purchase order
-boots + 3 health pots(2health+!mana) OR cloth armor + 5 health pots
-Mobility boots OR madred's razors get the other one next time u base
-wiggle's lantern
- Infinity edge components generally the damage portions bf sword and pickaxe first
- finish the I.E.
- Giant's belt or if u don't have enough ruby crystal
- finish warmog's
- atma's trident
- guardian angel/thornmail/frozen mallet/banishee veil/force of nature depending on enemy team comp preferably a guardian angel though for the armor.

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Skill Sequence

for my skills i take jack in a box first for jungling then proceed to max r>q>e>w
reason i don't raise w is that with such a high cooldown and their damage requiring enemies to remain in range makes it unreliable. each level in e only raises it's damage by 40 and the 2.5% increased slow is insignificant. with q not only does it increase it's damage by 20% it also lowers the mana cost which is part of the issue as shaco early game has some mana problems even with blue.

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Summoner Spells

for summoner spells i take smite for jungling and flash.
why flash? Yes i know shaco has a built in flash but despite that having a second one is extremely useful for several situations. Part of shaco's weakness is that using his q to engage makes him vulnerable until his q comes off cooldown by having flash u can safely use ur q to dive in stab the enemy and avoid any surprise ambush.
Other good options are exhaust which is a great spell to slaughter enemies while they're weakened or to let ur teammate's catch up
ghost is useful but i don't like using it, as an assassin u want to magically appear next to them stab them then move away not run up into their face and auto attack them.
surge is quite useful as it gives shaco increased attack speed which is useful to destroy turrets.
ignite is good for finishing off enemies especially with the new masteries it now gives 5 ad when off cooldown.

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Pros / Cons

- very hard to kill if played right
- great mobility
- 90 second wards
- causes mass confusion
- best counter jungler in the game
- has a built in slow on his auto attacks
- squishy without defensive items
- generally focus fired down if ever spotted
- limited team fight potential
- hard to play at first

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Creeping / Jungling

Unlike other junglers shaco isn't focused around killing creeps rather he's more of a roamer who specializes in ganking and stealing enemy jungle creeps to slow them down.
there're several routes u can take with shaco all of which require u to preplant jack in a boxes. Unlike other junglers shaco has no actual jungling route instead it's based on the enemy jungler and how the lanes are doing. In fact a good shaco won't even jungle most of the time, instead he should be ganking lanes and giving them the message saying hello i am here!.
with preplanted boxes shaco can easily take blue at level 1 even without smite.
other routes involve placing 2 jacks at mini golems and 3 at lizards smiting blue wraith then killing the mini golems and lizard using the boxes to tank.

My favorite route however is instead to grab boots and 2 health potions and 1 mana potion. plant 5-6 jack in a boxes at the twin golems upon killing them immediately head to the enemy blue, do not i repeat use smite on the mini golems. since u kill the golems almost immediately as they spawned u'll head to the enemy blue. remember it spawns at 1:55 so wait a second or two then deceive in and immediately head into the bush if u see the golem missing. it's impossible for the enemy to kill the golem before u've reached the location. now if u see the enemy stab them in the back and scare him away, if u see the golem's reaching too low life smite it before they can. If done successfully u'll either obtain first blood or their blue. Instances when u shouldn't do this is when the enemy spots u by their river or when u see too many enemies. with boots and a spare flash it's almost impossible for the enemy to catch u.
Remember to either ward with ur wiggles or place a jack by dragon every 1.5-3 mins after about 7 mins into the game.

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Team Work

as i've said before shaco's not a very strong team player even with this build making him an off tank his lack of reliable hard cc as his boxes are instantly destroyed when placed in enemy lines and his mobility causing enemies to sometimes just disregard him and go straight for ur other squishies.
Preferably as shaco u should use ur q stab a squishy preferably in the back then keep auto attacking and throwing his e when they're out of range. if u throw ur e early u lose ur slow effect on his auto attacks. one important thing to know is that as a shaco u should always place jack in a boxes when they're off cooldown. and i mean every where including behind ur team incase of an emergency escape,bushes ect ect.

Backdooring shaco is what i love about shaco, first off backdooring involves tanking the turret "without" any creeps this is different from side pushing where u push a lane while ur allies occupy the enemy. I don't know how many people i've come a crossed who don't know what backdooring actually is. to backdoor first u use ur ultimate with this full build the clone should easily be able to tank most of the turret down make sure to place a jack in a box while the clone is tanking the turret as it does help in pushing it down. Make sure to escape if u see more then 1 enemy coming there's no sense is over-committing to kill a turret if u die in the process especially late game.

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thanks for reading sorry if it was dull and tons of text it's my first time using mobafire so i had no clue how to insert pictures