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League of Legends Build Guide Author nanno

The Bass never dies! tank/dps

nanno Last updated on December 19, 2010
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this is my guide on how i play mordekaiser :)

1. morde is the build i use, and the 2. one is a more standard mordekaiser with the setup i think works best with it ^^

1. Summoner skills
2. Masteries
3. Runes
4. Skills
5. Items

Summoner skills:

i cant stand it when my pray runs away from their execution, this takes care of that pretty well.

Increases the damage done by your ulti SO much and keeps them from pot'ing their behind to safety. Also, it adds to the usefulness of your ulti, because you can pretty much kill anyone that has half life with a E->R-> Ignite combo

Pretty decent, and used by most Mordekaiser players. It allows you to pop that ignite+ ulti on the half dead dude next to his turret. However, that seems to only happen once or twice in a game.
As for running away, most characters will have some kind of stun/slow in their pocket, so the planned escape will just get ruined. When I play as Mordekaiser, i don't run. Not until my enemy(s) are dead that is. Even though you might have only 1/5 of your hp left, and almost any summoner will believe you are a freekill, the result of you running away might actually be worse than if you would have stood your ground and fought (thanks to that epic passive you can kill most squishies running after you alone). But if you have your ghost, you'll be more easily tempted to run for it.


i know this looks wierd, but i just have to have that 6% cd. If you have the runes to take care of it, then you could go for a full offensive tree, but most players in low and mid elo (me for example) do not have those cd runes, with their gigantic price tag.
The 3% walkspeed is also very nice, especially if you did not take ghost, or you have to chase some victim of yours that has ghost as well. Just try it out and see what fits you better.

Mpen, for the obvious reasons.. no need to spend an item slot for it right away, and these help you dish out the damage early/mid game
Some people go dodge, others armor, you can choose whatever fits you the most. I would not recommend HP seals though, they just seem like a waste to me!
CD if you can afford it, if not, Magic resist, just because in 90% of the games there is atleast one caster, and Mres can really save you from their annoying burst damage
Again, CD if you can afford it, otherwise i would go with Magic penetration or speed for chasing and running. HP is also very nice, use what you have or try out the various set ups.

your skills:

mace of spades:
decent damage, is nice to kill creeps in combination with e. Does not charge up your shield all that much though, so i dont skill it until the very end.

creeping death:
aura that damages, gives res, and charges your shield for all the damage it does. This skill can really keep you going if you are in a teamfight or in the middle of enemy creeps. You can also cast it on others, to give them the res bonus (it will also load your shield, as long as it does damage) but somehow it does not seem to last nearly as long..

syphon of distruction:
your best skill. Gives you huge amount of shield (with 3 targets it should be full) and does very good damage. Its also your only 'ranged' skill, so you can use it very nicely to harrass and get the last hit in.

children of the grave:
this is a very situational ulti. you should only use it when the opponent has low hp and/or tries to run, or when you know the kill is yours, and you have something for the soul (the grayish clone thingy) to do. In teamfights, you should try to use this on a squishy dps, ranged is best (teemo/twitch do very nicely). This allows the clone to dish out max damage once the squishy died, because it only has its auto attack. I say get ranged chars, because alot of people treat your clone as a real champion (which they should, it does huge dmg) so they will try to stun it/ run away. but ranged chars can counter that good.
Note: ive killed 4 people in a row in a 3vs5 where my teammates died after the 1. 5s because i didnt get targeted straight away, and focused teemo. That little dude went through his other 3 teammates like butter, while they couldnt even see what was taking those bars!
Also, after the patch, it now deals burst dmg + DoT. The DoT is rather weak however, so i suggest waiting until they are certainly about to die, you need the shield from its damage, or when they are about to get away and you know it can still get them, especially when its still at lvl 1


Indigo - recommended
Red - optional
Yellow - VERY optional

start out with Dorans shield. This is THE best starting item with mordekaiser!! Even if you can't build it into anything, you will use its bonuses until late game when you sell it, and the HP+Def is alot more useful for staying alive than the extra couple HP regen you would get from the Regrowth pendant (if u dont like dorans, this is, however the next best choice)

Next i get the shoes, although i can almost always get the full boots of swiftness, with mordes great farming skills. Soc shoes for Mpen, or +3 shoes, if the game is going well def. +3 for the chasing, except maybe Mercury if there are ALOT of stuns/slows etc. You can also always sell your old shoes and get mercs instead if you find yourself being the sole target of the other teams stuns.
Note: if you have a player like singed or garen on the other team, i would get the +3 shoes, because you can just run away when they try to chase you.

Next isleviathan, bc you should make plenty of kills without dying, and when this thing is at 20 stacks, your tanking goes beyond epic. The early HP is also very useful, just so you dont run around being a squishy.
If you are going with the Utility morde, the best thing to go for now is the abyssal scepter because you need the extra AP for dmg that the other mastery build somewhat has. If your going offensve mastery tree, buy only the negatron cape, because the Mres will be enough for now. Next get the chain vest so you have your defense up. If you havent finished that abyssal scepter, do it now.

For the last two spots (if they have not had enough a**wooping yet :D) you can get a warmogs and a Hextech
NOW BEFORE you call me a noob, read on please. You do NOT want to keep the warmogs permanently, you just want the bonus it gives. after you have stacked all of the unique passive, you can sell it and keep the bonus HP and regen. thats right.. (or you can just keep it and be happy with the 900 HP bc you got plenty of armor anyway)
Obviously, if you know that the game is going to end in ~10 minutes, you can skip the warmogs and go right to the last item, but if it goes any longer, it will surely be nice to have that upgrade.
And the hextech makes you be like.. even more unkillable! I have fought 2vs4 and walked out with full HP.. and the active will make sure they stay where you want them to be + more dmg :)
So now that you have the extra HP, you can go for a randuins omen if they have more DPS orForce of Nature if they have more Casters. The Crystal Scepter is also good, but i usually go with one of the other two.

Early game:
try to get mid. You can usually get a kill at lvl 6 because the other mid char will be fairly squishy and noone expects the dmg from ult+ignite. Just don't overextend yourself, and if its not coming to you, don't force it! Just go gank on the sides when they have to go heal. You will come back atleast 2 assists stronger :)
farm as much as possible and try to always hit atleast 1 champ with your skill so they get their hp down. If you feel comfortable attacking with your lane partner, feel free to do so, but keep in mind that once you reach lvl 6, their chances of getting away drop by so much.

Mid game:

keep finding people to munch on, and help your team! you are very strong in teamfights, and sooo annoying to kill unless focused by all 5 (even then lol).

Late game:

you should have 2x the minion kills as everyone else just from running around, and be pretty well fed thanks to the sure-kill ignite+ulti combo.

I hope you like the guide, if i forgot anything, please tell me (1. guide here ^_^)

P.S: could someone tell me how i can post those little pictures? i couldnt find the button for it =.="