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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author XJ9

The best Garen

XJ9 Last updated on April 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone! This is my second guide on this site and I have been using garen a lot lately and with some testing and feed back from friends in-game I have developed this build. Hopefully it will make Garen more popular in LoL again as I rarely see him anymore and he is a bit OP if you give him a edge ;).

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For runes, I take armor penetration marks, Health per level seals, magic per level glyphs, and 2 flat health and 1 movement speed Quintessence. This gives me that early game damage output that Garen is known for, health to help him for ealy game all the way to late game, some more magic resist for the mid-late game, and a little bit more movement speed to catch up to your enemys.

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For masteries, I like to put 21 points into the offensive tree as you want to be a threat to your enemys while be tankish late game. If not you will be ignored and just killed last in a slow and painful way. I put a point in 15% magic penetration as Garen's ultiment is magic based, and it really helps with high HP tank targets. I put the rest of my points in increased health regain, death times decrease, experience, and gold every 10 seconds.

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For items, you get the doran shield so you can have that fast health regain and some added defense. I get the brutalizer before getting boots as you want to abuse that damage output as much as possible early game, and you can usually stay in distance of them while doing your E. You can get boots though if you want if you get a early first blood.

I get a chain vest for tanking auto attacks and then a giants belt to help with my passive. I get the magic resist for the mid game and then build my sunfire cape for farming. You want to farm as much as possible whenever as you need to get your expensive items.

I then get a atma's impaler for the armor and crit strike chance. Crit strike on Garen makes him very song, as you'll do a lot of damage in team fights. The armor is a nice bonus too. The passive though can make your damage output go up by a ton, more then a B.F. sword due to your high hp.

I get a frozen mallet next so I can get enemys to not run away and for my team to catch up if I catch someone off guard while hiding in a bush ;). This allows me to get there carries in team fights with no problem. If you have a enemy like Vlad though, be sure to silence him before the fight starts and he'll be just standing there wondering why he can't use any spells.

I then get a ghostblade for that bit more armor penetration and the active. The active allows you to stay on your enemys combined with your frozen mallet very easily, doing 400+ crits on them constantly.

I then get a Banshee veil or a Force of nature, although it depends on the situation. If they don't have a lot of cc, get a Force of Nature for the health regain and if your not getting focused (which you shouldn't). Get a banshee veil if they have a lot of CC and it helps with your damage output as well due to atma's.

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Skill Sequence

For skills, I get Judgement first for those early game team fights if they come about. I then get Decisive strike for early game kills for when you silence then judgement on your enemys for the kill. I don't focus on courage much early game as you don't really need it. However, if your lane is just very safe, get points in courage for some early game defense as it never hurts.

Of course level your ultiment whenever available, and be sure to only use it when you can get the kill. It works when they enemy is about 1/4 health, but if you use ignite on them at 1.5/4 health you can get the kill easily.

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Summoner spells

I take ignite and flash, for the early game damage with ignite, and the flash for teleporting on my enemys early game and silencing them and using Judgment for massive damage on them. Sometimes they just stand there stunned on what just happened.

Flash seems to be very helpful for garen late game too, as a kassadin once riftwalked away but then I flashed, silenced, then used Demacian Justice for the kill.

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Overall, Garen is a very good champion. He is very good if played smartly and is very underrated in LoL right now. Please do give him a try and use my build and be sure to comment and rate and give me feed back and I'll be sure to test out if a other item would be more useful.

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~When a battle starts, be sure to use Courage before you get stunned. When I first played garen and I was in fights I would always cast Courage after the burst already happened I would be 1/4 health already. Using courage will make you still 60% health left which helps a lot.

~Only flash to the enemy early game if there creep wave isn't big and they aren't someone who can bring you to there turrets (singed, blitzcrank) or else you will get dropped quickly due to minions which is very embarrassing.

~Hide in bushes when you see someone farming. Try to get into a bush as close as possible and predict where they will go to get to that teamfight that will happen soon. It will make that teamfight a 4v5 instead of a 5v5 insuring a easy win.

~Silence casters and carries with escapes. You don't want vlad to use his pool or kassadin to riftwalk away. This will allow your team to focus them and make them just run into your team unable to cast any spells.