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Garen Build Guide by 5L4Y3R

The BEST Garen Guide you'll ever read™ (ft. SPIN2CRIT)

By 5L4Y3R | Updated on February 10, 2019
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Debtlock | January 17, 2019 7:17am
Hey man nice guide. I really liked how You talked about garen jungle, because while not as effective in ranked, its definetly really fun in norms. i would love it if you were able to give my guide some feedback too.
Fruxo (39) | January 13, 2019 12:39am
Hi 5L4Y3R,
just saw your guide and, yeah i don't really know what to say,

You never really explain WHY you would go Garen jungle, like why should i or anyone else go Garen Jungle over other champions that you can go which is jungle champions?

Also you explain a bit badly on how you specifically play the champion in the jungle role, plus you don't really have to explain how to attack when you are doing camps, to me and (maybe most others) it is just going to be information that is well sorta useless, instead maybe talk about the jungle pathing specifically and/or what to do after it, like gank or continue to power farm etc. etc.

I also see you never explain the abilities of the champion and why they are good in the Jungle aswell as why you have picked the specific summoners. But also you never explain the runes and why you would pick exactly those runes over other runes.

This guide is going to help you with constructing your guide and making it look better, but the information is solely going to be on you.

As of right now it is a Downvote for me but we will see what happens.
5L4Y3R | January 13, 2019 2:00am
hey there Fruxo! first of all thank you for the comment, this is my first guide and i appreciate the feedback :)

i will update the guide sometime today to reinforce that garen jungle is more of a niche role than an actual meta stategy, but what started as a joke build i have now found to be surprisingly effective! in my opinion, most players develop stereotypes for each champion and the jungle portion of this guide seeks to not only break that barrier but also benefits from the fact that nobody expects a garen with high attack speed. many summoners rely on spells and shields to negate garen's Q burst damage while expecting minimal following Auto-Attacks. this is the main reason i would even suggest garen jungle, which otherwise pales in comparison to actual jungle champions.

i'm sorry my jungle explanation is rather poor but most jungle champions are played the same way so i expect anyone using the jungle section of my guide to at least understand basic jungle techniques. again i will be modifying the guide post haste to explicitly state this. the overly obvious explanation of the very first stages of jungling is meant for those who wish to only grab red buff then play the rest of the game in top lane (perhaps in a bot match).

i may add a breakdown of garen's abilities however this is very far down my list as i believe even the champion ability info within LoL's client is sufficient for an understanding of garen's skills and to reiterate: i intend the garen jungle to be for intermediate players and certainly not beginners. the guide will eventually reflect this understanding and i apologize it does not already.

in the case of why i chose garen jungle's summoner spells, chilling smite is to help keep enemy champions from escaping melee range and flash is a must have for any ELO, (when chasing enemies or escaping skill-shots) and i shall attempt to update my guide to more explicitly convey this.

again thank you for your help! i am very glad to see criticism of any kind :3
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