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Olaf Build Guide by kocikproceder

The Best Olaf Jungle Build !!! Pogrom!!!

By kocikproceder | Updated on October 24, 2019
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Champion Build Guide

The Best Olaf Jungle Build !!! Pogrom!!!

By kocikproceder
Boots of your choice, be careful what you buy tho. Berserkers, Ninja Tabi and Swiftness work best, Mercury's are an option too...

With this build, in later game your lifesteal and tankyness will make you extremely hard and frustrating to kill. When fighting, you must manage to activate W and R on time and at right moment as well as BOTRK's active but if you know you are gonna kill, save BOTRK for chase instead of damage itself, it's speed buff is strong.

Spirit visage gives nice amount of lifesteal increase.. You just have tons of HP, you hit REALLY fast as BOTRK and passive gives you attack speed and you heal as hell. You can also take Dead Men's Plate for increased movement speed and engage potential..

If you are playing against strong AD, you can take Randuin's Omen or Sunfire Cape. If you are dealing with heavy tank, i suggest using Edge Of Night. When dealing with strong mage, you must take Spirit Visage! Randuin's Omen is really effective against Crit Master Yi and Yasuo.
Skill Sequence Back to Top
Q is really good for poke in start so that is best choice. As this is life steal build, max W as fast as you can. W gives you enough attack speed and life steal to over scale any other champion. E is good only when it is upgraded so try not to use it to much until it is on max level. It just uses to much HP for early game...

Using Q+W+R+Q combo gives you high chance of scoring kill. At level 18, Q+W+R+Q+E combo is even better as E gets really powerful. These 2 combos are useful when you are close to target. When your target at distance, like range of Q, and you want kill then go for R+Q+W+E combo or R+Q+W+Q combo at 15 or lower level.
+ Back to Top
-Tanky and teamfight helpful

-Amazing damage and sustain

-Easy early game win

-Easy objective killer (Split push, easy solo drake or even Baron)
- Back to Top
-Low CC, only Q

-Bad against several enemies

-No gap closer, no ecape

-Not much strong without W and R
GAMEPLAY Back to Top

Olaf is good for poking with Q so after few pokes, you can easily go on enemy with Q+W+Q+few basics+E combo at level 3 or 4. Watch that your enemy has less HP then you and try to avoid such situations if you are fighting with ranged enemy that's faster then you. Try to use as many life steal as possible in these low level fights because Olaf life steal is really effective at start.


Don`t be scared of farming if you are dealing with melee champion because your W life steal can be used in and after fight with champion so even if you lose fight, you can just poke him and then hit a few minions with W to get as much HP back. In late game you will kill everything so farming will be easy. Watch out since you mana drains fast with common Q pokes


Olaf can easily split push in late game with his W but in early game try to push only when your enemy laner is dead and when you have ward's around watching out for jungler. When you lock on at tower at late game with W, there is no force on this small world that can stop you destroying it!


When you are entering team fight, try to get as close as possible to enemy team, tank and return damage they deal to you as much as possible. Try not to go 2v1 or 3v1 fights much. When you dive into their team in team fight try to do as many basic's you can so damage they deal to you can be returned with life steal. Olaf isn't much good for team fights but with this build, you can do something instead of nothing. Don't get hit with CC or you will probably die. Focus one champion and take them down one by one


When enemy team pushes, all you can do is wait for you teammates to come because you can't do sh*t alone... When they come, tank and try to make counter push with you tanking tower hits or if you have time just let minions tank. If enemy team is not pushing (dead, baron, drake, collapsed push...) try to find lane where there are no enemy champions and make split push or even team push. Don`t always make team push in mid since pushes in top and bot can be much more effective sometimes.
RUNESS Back to Top
Press the attack is great for 1v1 since it grants you huge bonus damage and it's easy to activate.
Overheal is good for early 1v1's and also easy to activate with Olaf's life steal.
Legend: Bloodline is quite self explaining, LIFE STEAL! Legend: Alacrity is also good for attack speed but I prefer Bloodline.
Last Stand is super well scaling with passive so you can`t die.
Taste of blood, again self explaining, and Relentless Hunter is good for engages and overall great for map movement.
League of Legends Build Guide Author kocikproceder
kocikproceder Olaf Guide
The Best Olaf Jungle Build !!! Pogrom!!!
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