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Irelia Build Guide by Kami-ShiniNoYari

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kami-ShiniNoYari

The Blade Princess-Out of C0ntr0l!

Kami-ShiniNoYari Last updated on September 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone!This is my first guide featuring one of my favorite champions, Irelia.This is a self-created custom build that works very well in normal games, but to be honest I haven't yet tried it in ranked games and major reason for this is that my network sucks so I am not risking ranked games when I am home.So, without further delay, feel free to vote and comment, but pls if you downvote comment below so that I know if there is something that I would have to replace, also all of your ideas will be taken into considerations so lemme know your thoughts of how to improve this guide.

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2.Pros & Cons

1.Amazing Survivability
2.Impressive DPS
3.Self-Healing Skills
4.Extreme Chaser
5.Abusing Q makes your farming godlike
1.E isn't insured to stun
2.May end up feeding with fail Q abuse
3.Recently focused

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3.Skill Set

Well, as you saw form my build above I focus on attack speed and life steal abusing Irelia's great survivability.So, the key to this build is Hiten Style, unlike most Irelia builds that Equilibrium Strike is the first skill to max.Now, I grab Hiten Style at level 3 cause it focuses on attack speed and since i need some time to grab my boots to get an attack speed boost I abuse my other 2 skills until Hiten Style comes in handy and when it does combined with Q and E it almost always grants me a kill or n the worst case I push my opponents back and never forget the extra damage it grants combined with AS & LS it is just amazing and finally never forget to always increase your ultimate's power whenever possible.

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My runes are common in my opinion as they grant offense with Armor Penetration Marks & Quints, while I have more Armor and Magic Resist for even more survivability.You may want to switch offensive quints with Flat Health or some Movement Speed, if you do it's not a bad choice but I would highly recommend to stay more on the offensive while using this build and rely on Irelia's great natural bulk.

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My Masteries are a classic 21-9-0 , just a normal partly defensive DPS champion's masteries increasing attack speed armor magic resist and all other cool staff that Irelia benefits from.

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6.Summoner Spells

For Summoner Spells I use Exhaust and Flash.Flash to escape in difficult situations and sometimes to chase down enemies and close the gap between you and them to grab a free kill.Exhaust is pretty much same deal 99% of time I use it to close gaps and ensure kills, but sometimes the situation might be so bad that it is needed to help you survive.Other considerable options would be Ignite in Exhaust's place and Ghost in Flash's place, but ONLY if you have Movement Speed runes, if not stick with Flash.Abotu Ignite and Exhaust I would highly recommend exhaust for offensive DPS champions cause since their AD is high they will much more damage than Ignite would with 1 or 2 shots and helps you chase them a lot thanks to your dashing skill, but ignite can be used if you aren't willing to chase them any further, but always remember that Ignite CANNOT hel pyou escape an enemy chasing you while exhaust may come in handy.In my opinion, Ignite is a great spell but I use it only on casters.

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For items, I start off with Doran's Blade even though it took me some time to decide whether to use the Doran's Blade or the Doran's Shield, but I have decided to use the Blade for now.2nd you should focus on grabbing your Berserker's Greaves for the extra movement and attack speed.Next, Stark's Fervor will provide the necessary LS & AS to continue getting easy kills later on and combined with the Spirit Visage(your next item) increasing all these effects you will be nearly invincible even in a 2v1, just remember to play it safe.Furthermore, we now start building our Ttrinity Force starting with Zeal and ending with Sheen and after that The Bloodthirster will give you the last piece of unbeliveable strength and life steal and last but not least grab a warmog's armor to increase your health and health regeneration even more, BUT even though I haven't added the 2 items I am gonna mention above NEVER forget to use them in Warmog's Place if needed.Those 2 items are Force of Nature and Randuin's Omen.So, obviously if their strongest champs are caster go for a Force of Nature and if more Armor is needed go with Randuin's Omen and in case their team is more of a balanced one with both casters and fighters just go with the normal build getting Warmog's but in case you have a problem dealing with some of their champions grab the appropriate armor to slain them.

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8.Tips and Tricks

1.NEVER forget to abuse your stun, 1 of the many reasons that I don't max Bladesurge first is that if it deals less damage your health will be lower so you have much more possibilties to stun and grab a sure kill with Hiten Style.
2.Try tricking your opponents that they are superior, which means that while they are chasing ya and you are running low on health when you see that they are too far away from their allies use Q on them then stun and start attacking with Hiten Style this will FOR SURE make you surpass them in health and if not granting you a kill they will be forced to use all means o escape from you(WHICH MEANS FAIL GANK FOR THEM :D)
3.NEVER waste your ultimate I have seen that most Irelia's use their ultimate for nothing, so DON'T do this use ultimate to kill running enemies but ONLY when you are sure that they will be hit, also use it when you are running low on health cause you also gain health when hitting targets it might help ya have great multi kills while if you hadn't used it you would have a free death.

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So, Thank you everyone for reading through my first guide I hope you liked it and play Irelia based on my way.In case you get inspired from this guide and make a similar one please give me credits.Don't forget to vote and comment and remember that all your suggestions are always welcome.