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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lvx

The butcher - Maximum survivabilty and harrasing potential

Lvx Last updated on July 29, 2010
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You can find my other build and ideas as well as calculations about maxing out other champions potentials here:
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Some calculations about cooldown reduction and AP. You will find information about magic resistance and magic penetration here. Graphs included.

It's not a hero. It's an illchosen summoning: it's a butcher.

Just like my Zilean "build", this is some technical calculations about Doc Mundo, aiming at maxing out his survivability and his harrassing potential. So once again: don't expect a whole build, but some thoughts, comparsions, etc.
I admit, that I have taken some ideas from Fiats Mundomania build, but in some points I disagree, as it is outdated partially:
- Ralley works different now
- Ghost is better then teleport, as is can be used more flexible, especially for chasing, catching up, or diving back into a fight and escaping afterwards, granting your squishies some time.

Summoner skills (and skill sequence)
We will skill raging agony last. Period. 35% duration reduction on debuffs is nice... but cleanse is way more effective. So:
1st: cleanse
2nd: ghost
You might change cleanse for exhaust / clairvoyance, depending on our items. More to be found below.

We apply a little change to the common 21/9/0 masteries, by playing it 21/8/1, by letting go nimblessness, in order to skill haste.
Nimblessness only will take effect as we dodge. As we (in most cases, see items section below) will take mercury threads instead of ninja tabai, we wont dodge that often after all. Moreover: When we dodge in a teamfight, we stand more or less still, trying to tank for our team - so no need for movement speed at that moment. Besides: 10% arent worth mentioning, if we have a good CCer behind us.
Ghost, however, will get another +8% speed, but for 15,5s instead of the 5s nimblessness would grant us. And best of all: we can choose ourself, when to use it.

So dare to be different, it wont hurt you.

The coolddown reduction
Differing from Zilean, we don't want nor need a CDR right from the beginning. Its main purpose is to help us to sustain a blade-fire every 2.8s, as we can dmg any hero by 25% of his current HP instantly.
Why shouldnt we aim for this right from the beginning? We go for survivability first, as we will be tanking for our team. However, we'll need the infected cleaver in the mid / late game to force enemies to focus on us, instead of running for our DDs straight.

Glyphs and quintessence have already been mentioned above.

Seals of evasion will grant us some dodge. Dodge > armor, as armor will only reduce the dmg we'll take. If we dodge, there is no dmg at all.
But even more important: If we dodge, there is absolutely no on hit effects. Worth its weight in gold.

Marks of malice will help us to raise our dmg. You might wonder, if it would be more efficent to get some attack speed (AS) or some armor penetration (ArP) to place our dmg, or even to get some more base dmg - nope, it wouldn't.
Many of you will probalby know about the effects of crit dmg and chance already, but for those new to this materia, or just hopping by, here some graphics of its effects:

By the way: ArP would pay off, if you'd raise it above 45%. No way to reach that amount only by runes, and we don't want to sacrifice our items for ArP.
AS would pay off at a 30% AS bonus. But only for the enemies Ar-range from 40 to 60. Afterwards, the armor will consume the extra dmg/s, and your crits are already more useful again.
I did another overview for you, showing that in any case (yes, even with theoretical 5.000 armor on your opponent), focussing on crit chance instead of armor penetration, will pay out:

The items
This build aims up on Ar and MR at a balanced lvl. While the Mundomania-guide only lowers dmg taken by 62% (physical) and 38% (magic dmg), we manage a 69%/52% reduction.
1.700 extra HP are nice as well, as for our ulti will heal an extra 850 over 15s, which is a 57HP/s bonus. We gladly take this.

The passive from sunfire cape is not really necessary... but armor and 450HP? Nice. Only items with more HP are warmogs (but it needs to grow over time, and depends on (minion) kills - we can fasten that up with sunfires passive), or frozen mallet. But since mallets passive is unique, we dont want a second one. Same with banshees.

If you feel safe from magic dmg, i.e. cause you face 3-4 tanks / melees with normal dmg, or because the opponents mages are noob enough to buy a warmogs on Karthus (yes - I've seen that. Hurt my eyes.) you might want to get a second sunfire cape. HP and armor make Docs world go round. And +80 AoE/s will at least keep the nasty creeps of a bit.

Boots: Mercury threads. With your agony skill, it will reduce debuffs time by 70%, giving you opportunity to change your summoner spell to exhaust / clairvoyance, to support your team in team fights (exhaust) by taking out one melee dmg dealer for 3s or to gain map control (clairvoyance) by having an eye on the lanes you are not present atm as well.
Anyway, in case you stay with cleanse (what I suggest for ppl that arent that skilled with tanking yet) you might as well change boots to ninja tabai, for the dodge chance.