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Cho'Gath Build Guide by BGHitman

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BGHitman

The Cho'Gath

BGHitman Last updated on July 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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So you want to play as Cho'Gath? Well this guide will teach just how to play the Cho'Gath and we aren't talking that weak AP Cho'Gath ****. We're talking a huge **********ing, enemy feasting, gorging on your soul, Cho'Gath with so much ****ing health that you'll be ****ting yourself when you see him. No ***** **** here. Just a huge *** **********er. So first I'd like to throw down props to the original MFing Cho'Gath guide: Mad credit to that bro.

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Runes. Focus those bad ****ers on being as resilient as possible. Translation for those ESL kids... Get health, armor, regen, magic res, and anything and everything that will make you tough as kryptonite nails.

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Same as runes! I like to focus my masteries on being a lean, mean, killing machine. If you build a fast and huge Cho'Gath your enemies will witness more feasting than a seniors eat free day at Golden Corral. So you can either go with defense and resilience and being a tough ****er or you can hit up some utility and ****ing cause terror across the map.

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These are the bread and butter of your Cho'Gath. Start with a Regrowth Pendant. Then once you get some boots on those sexy feet, GET WARMOGS. Warmogs is Cho'Gath in item from. You get health and regen. This will keep you laning for insane amounts of time. After boots and Warmogs what you build is up to you. I like to get more Warmogs and then Force of Nature for AP/Nukers or Warmogs for DPS hitters. My final Cho build usually has 3x Warmogs, 1x Boots, 1x FoN, and 1x Leviathan


If you are raping the foes like Micheal Jackson in a room full of children then get some Leviathan. The damage reduction it will give you is ****ing ridiculous. You become not only ****ing huge but ****ing resilient as well. Kids will **** themselves when they unload all their abilities and spells and barely scratch you. With a full Leviathan towers become cake and you know how the saying goes... Your enemies can't have their cake because Cho'Gath ****ing knocked all of it down.

Force of Nature

Partnered with your insane HP, FoN let's you get crazy HP regen. Again, the benefits are endless. Once I build my Cho up, the only reason I go back is to buy more ****ing awesome ****. FoN gives you magic resistance for those pesky **********ers who think Veiger is anything other than a bite-sized Cho'Gath snack.


Got a Warwick in your lane who thinks he's the **** cause he's playing the easiest, *******t champion out there? **** him up with some Thornmail. Really crucial for defense against any DPS.

Other ****

Do whatever the **** you feel will make Cho'Gath a more ****ing invincible.

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Skill Sequence

Scream... **** Scream. You are no *****. You are no *****. You aren't ****ing going to scream. Get some Vorpal Spikes in this *****. Early on those spikes can cause some massive ****ing damage. Creeps will be begging you to stop. Vorpal combined with your passive ability lets you stay in your lane for longer. Earn more gold. Be better. So Vorpal, Rupture, Vorpal, Rupture, etc stopping only to get that ulti.

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Summoner Spells

What to use:

Essentially chose skills that will allow you to wreak havoc and carnage where ever you please. Got a pesky runt trying to run away from your Feast? Slow his *** and ****ing omnomnom like it's your mom's home cooking. Getting 5v1ed because you are so ****ing good? Flash and Ghost the **** out of there. Try to be balanced. I usually go Flash and Ghost or Exhaust and Ghost. You need universal spells that can be offensive and defensive.

What not to use:

EVERYTHING ELSE. Cho'Gath is not a *****. He does not need heal or cleanse or revive (like wtf you shouldn't be dying with the Cho'Gath, you're ****ing huge!).

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In closing, I would like to quote the person who introduced me to the ***********ing Cho'Gath:

To start, there are plenty of different ways to play each hero, and you have to find the right hero/build for your own playstyle. If you play aggresive and with little to no reservation, this is the Cho'Gath for you. This is not A Cho'Gath. This is not "rack up kills and runaway" Cho'Gath. This is not AP Cho'Gath. This is the MFing Cho'Gath. You wont be a carry, and you probably wont even have the best KD. You will however cause the enemy team to **** their pants repeatedly and more likely than not win the game.

So let's get some Cho'Gath essentials down so you kids won't be playing like old ladies...

Early Game

Use your Vorpal Spikes/Passive and your Regrowth Pendant to lane as hard as possible. Use Rupture as often as you dare to keep whoever you are against back and scared. Cho'Gath is ****ing scary. Make sure people know it.

Mid Game

By the time you get back to your base you probably have enough gold to buy boots and Warmogs. Do so promptly, Nancy. Then get the **** back to your lane and harass. Get big. Eat creeps, eat champions, eat ****ing everything.

Late Game

A couple of Warmogs and an Force of Nature later you should be able to solo towers and **** up inhibitors. Do so with no reserve. Your champion has the biggest balls around. By now most enemy champions should fear you, allowing you to wreck towers undisturbed. The only way they'll be coming after you is if they get the entire A-team together. You can probably 5v1 while your teammates do some serious damage. In trouble? Hit a Rupture and Flash or Ghost the **** out of there, Nancy.
Hopefully, you'll win. Hopefully, you'll have ****ing scared some 10 year old playing this game on his mom's Gateway. Hopefully, you'll have cause some grown men to **** themselves when they saw you jumping out of a bush and devouring their carry. Just remember, Cho'Gath is big and scary. If you get early game kills, people will fear you. Use that fear. The boogeyman has nothing on a ****ing fed Cho'Gath that does as he pleases.

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I respect the original guide so much that I would like to thrown in Condon's question and answer section. Link:

A: Yes of course! If Im with friends they know how to play, and if I'm with pugs they are all greedy ****s who will praise themselves and pretend it was all them, but I don't care, because I'm the MFing Cho'Gath.

Did you get fat enough to tank a tower all on your lonesome?

A: Indeed I did! I wasn't ******ed and outpaced the enemy DPS/mobility so early on that I've got twice their HP.

Did you turn their carry into a snivelling little girly man?

A: He sent me a bill for a therapist, which I promptly ate so he could read it himself, the greedy *******.

Did you sew so much fear and confusion that all chat turned into screams of pain and cries to various deities?

A: Of course! What little self confidence they had remaining was destroyed by my subtle yet genius taunts, and witty banter. Some of my favorites are "OM NOM NOM" and a smattering of "Immunna eachu" before a gank.

Did you end up in a side lane because of some nearsighted *****?

A: Yes, but I made up for it by absolutely skull****ing the weakest member of that lane, causing infighting and multiple lineup switches that led to even more lost time and sloppy play while my teams carry farmed up seven Bloodthirsters!

If you answered correctly, you didn't lose, your team did. Better luck next time, and if you're lying to yourself, read this guide again as penance.