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League of Legends Build Guide Author ЯRebeL1

The Complete Guide to an Unstoppable Laning Shaco

ЯRebeL1 Last updated on June 8, 2011
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This is my first Guide so please leave comments to help me improve some mistakes.
Remember to Thumbs up if you like it.

This is my laning Shaco build for the many people out there that dislike jungling. In many cases laning with Shaco tends to be better then jungling, there are many advantages with laning Shaco as you can establish a better laning control and gank others easier. I also find it easier to get fed with laning Shaco then by jungling improving the teams chances of winning. Please read my build and test it out before you rate.

JITB : Jack In The Box (w)
Ult: Ultimate - Hallucinate (r)

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Feel Free to Change the Runes
As I tend to utilize Shacos AP output early game I get magic penetration, it provides a great damage output with two-shiv and your Hallucinate. The cool down reduction is mainly used to spam your shivs, and have quicker access to your deceive (q). I mainly use the mana regen to lane longer so I won't have to recall for more. I have tested many runes such as armor penetration/attack speed and straight ability power, but I like this rune page for the health and damage output.

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Skill Sequence

As laning with Shaco is very different then jungling I found it very beneficial to get my deceive first, as it provides a great escape and finishing move. Usually most people get their JITBs first, but I found a few flaws in it as they can not always protect you, but it is good to get a point in them early game - level 4. Your shivs provide a great harassing tool, and if you have mana regen they will be no cost to you. At level 3 they do around 130-160~ damage and can scare any squishy away.

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Items Starting to Late Game / Basic Gameplay

- Beginning Game
Grab some2 Health Potions and 1 Mana pot. Head down to your lane, It is good to have a tanky/harassing lane partner as they can take the hits while you focus the enemy. Once you have a target at low enough health go in for the kill I like to shiv (e) then deceive to them (q) use exhaust and or ignite, then finish them off with a shiv. Once you have enough, recall buy your. If you have died in the process of your laning fase do not fear, as dieing with Shaco is actually a good thing, you can abuse the low death timer and head for ganks in other lanes since people tend not to call MIAs on deaths, so head over to mid lane or top and repeat the process. Since Shaco has a low mana and health cap most recalls I repeat the process in Step 1 and buy 2xHealth pots and 1xMana pot. Around level 6-7 you should be at your(good for farming and gives advantage over other AD champs) after that work towards a Recurve Bow.

****Ganking with Shaco****
A great way to get fed and win games faster is with ganks, with Shaco that's not a problem.
Great times to gank is early game as it tends to mess up the enemy's farming process. If your lane is doing well or your recalling back to base this is the perfect time to gank.

-Ganking Mid

If Mid is overextended and you see your opportunity for a kill alert your team that you are going in for the gank. What is best to do is deceive in; (be careful as if you are directly in the bush or near the outside they can see you) come in from behind, (this ensures your passive to do extra damage) let your teammate hit them, (this would be a good time for an exhaust or ignite)and use a shiv to finish them off.

-Ganking Side Lanes

Like Mid your tactics will be the same. Use an exhaust, ignite, and shivs. Be careful for many times people do ward, so if all of a sudden a lane disappears chances are they know you're there.

- Mid Game

The enemy tower should be gone, and you should be done or almost done getting your Madreds Razor, now to help push mid and get other towers down, if your teams jungler isn't active(or you have none) in your jungle or the enemy's jungle feel free to farm and get buffs. Beware as Shaco is not the best champion to team-fight with in team-fights you want to harass with your shivs as much as possible, but stay out of range of being targeted. If you arrange a fight in a controlled area, like a bush be sure to place some JITBs down as they provide great crowd control and help win fights. In team-fights you want to aim for a good damage dealer, that's relatively squishy. When you get targeted use your ult, you want to save your q for last as it is your only way of getting out, when your target dies aim towards the 'heavier' champions.

****Backdooring with Shaco****
(Good thing you've got that Phantom Dancer and Starks)
If you are having trouble in team fights, or your team is doing good without you, backdooring towers is the best way to get fed by kills and minions, and support your team. First you will need an escape route here is an image showing where JITB placement will allow you to escape and get kills.

red marks backdooring top as blue marks backdooring bot. If you see that certain people are MIA on the map and you feel certain you can get a kill then set up 3-4 JITBs in a bush and wait in there, once you have gotten the kill deceive out. If you are being chased then use the JITBs to help you escape, as some people tend to come from behind run to JITBs placed in front of you. The strange thing is I get most of my kills while I'm backdooring with Shaco since people feel like they can take me near their base because they have the advantage. But beware as if the whole enemy team comes after you, your chances of escape are low.
- Late Game
Champions to look out for
As Shaco is very talented in melee combat, he does not like to get silenced or stunned. Most conflicts I have in games are going against AP nuke champions that have disables; Kassadin, Le Blanc, Malzhar. If these champions tend to be your 'buzz kills' I find it useful to get a bansheesand or a quicksilver sash. The quicksilver will help a lot with the stuns silences, and suppresses. If your like me and you go against a Malzhar and you get sick of being ulted this is the item for you. It can also remove blinds from Teemo and Corki's spells. If you tend to not survive a lot grab a Guardian Angel as it gives good armor and magic resist plus its passive.

Alternative Builds
If you have no problems with other AP or AD champions then keep focusing on attack damage replace the guardian angel with anor agrab elixirs when needed.

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Hat Tricks with Shaco

Well we've all done them at one point, but with Shaco its just not the same.
Here are some basic tricks of survival and assassination.

For the Kill
Lets say you've started a fight near an enemy's tower. They're at about 30-40% health and you know you can kill them but they're worshiping their tower as a shrine and you can't get near them. This is what your oh-so awesome Ultimate is for.
*How to pull it off
Pop Hallucinate then get in range of the tower, shiv your target (make sure to back off a little so tower doesn't attack you). Now while they're slowed the tower will automatically focus your clone and kill it. Now don't be surprised when at the top of your screen you see you have slain an enemy.

For Escaping
Most everyone that plays Shaco use their deceive to get away, but what they fail to realize is deceiving in the same direction tends to get you killed or caught. That is why it's best to deceive behind the person or persons chasing you as they go "what tha fauck" trying to find you. If your in a hardcore chase and there are 3-4 people coming after you and your ultimate and deceive are available you have a good 99% chance of escaping. Simply ultimate then send your clone one way while you run the other. This often confuses your enemy and lets you escape. And of course utilize your JITBs.

Abusing your Ultimate
Shaco's ultimate isn't just a player killer, but also a life saver. With his ultimate Shaco gets half of a second of invulnerability. This if timed right can stop a skill being used to kill you. His ultimate is also good for :
-Dodging Caitlyn's Ultimate
-Dodging Karthus Ultimates ( if timed right )
-Stopping a Ryze snare or other snares and binds

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Chapter 6

I hope my build has come in great use to you and your team is amazed on how pro laning shaco is since you carried your team to victory. Feel free to use this build in ranked as I actually do better with it in ranked then normal. Awesome flow chart with Shaco.(flow chart was sent to me by a friend, its just for laughs)