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League of Legends Build Guide Author frogBomb

The Complete Shaco - Jungle, Push, Gank

frogBomb Last updated on September 3, 2010
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The Complete Shaco - Jungle, Push, Gank

This guide serves as my favorite blend of Reginald's jungle Shaco for early game, mid game "ganker," and late game "turret crusher." You will not generally go 15/0/10 and carry your team to victory, but it's not uncommon to end up 8/1/5 while giving your team many distinct advantages throughout the entire game.

I always tended to enjoy playing AD Shaco builds, but felt that he was lack-luster late game. I could get First Blood every game, dominate my lane and put the fear of clowns into my enemies, but when the lane phase ended, I felt I had nothing to offer my team except a decent burst after they engaged (and a small aoe fear if the opposing team was dull enough to stick around clumped together) but would be easily killed or have to duck out of the fight after my opener.

The other problem I faced was that if I had not just killed someone, I could not farm gold in my lane without being harassed to death. Shiv is a great way to harass your opponents, but you'll eventually run out of mana and either have to end up recalling constantly, leaving to get blue buff and missing out on XP and gold, or buying mana regen items that you won't end up needing at all late-game, and not being able to afford the almighty Infinity Edge within any reasonable time-frame.

After giving Shaco up for a while, I came back to him to try some jungling I'd seen on one of Reginald's videos. After tweaking it a bit, I feel this build gives great synergy between jungling and ganking early game, and giving your team a huge advantage late-game.

By jungling at level 1, you give your team a level advantage over your opponents, a gold advantage for yourself and the solo-laner on your team, and can set up ganks anywhere on the map until the lane-phase ends.

By using teleport effectively, you can jump all over the map to smash turrets mid to late game, and provide instant support/relief for teammates everywhere. Even if you aren't that big of a threat yet, the opposing team will generally back off for a few seconds when they see you teleport in and instantly deceive, allowing your teammate to get back to the tower, or allowing the two of you to turn the tides of battle and kill your opponents, or turning a 2v2 into a 3v2 in your favor, OR simply pushing an enemy off your undefended tower.

By building Starks into Infinity Edge, you'll do amazing burst when you enter the fight, give your team lifesteal and attack speed while reducing nearby enemies armor by 20, and be able to continue in the team fight by popping Hallucinate and leaching life back while downing their carries/support.

You probably won't see most games get beyond this point, and you'll be left with a "measly" 4 items, but they're all you need. You'll be critting for about 1000 with your opener, and then continuing to attack quickly with your clone while leaching life back. If the game does go on much longer, your options are wide open. I tend to build a Trinity Force next because I enjoy seeing the 2k crits go off and the "WTF" scroll by in chat, but you can always opt for a Phantom Dancer for increased tower smashing potential, or Guardian's Angel for the survivability.

Tips and Tricks for Gameplay

Always try to drop your JitB before your Decieve wears off.
Q - Decieve and move into position *behind* your target.
W - Drop JitB on top of your target, or where you suspect they'll flee.
Atk - Attack from behind, critting for a lot.
R - Drop your clone to maximize your damage.
E - Shiv the target to keep them from being able to flee or hit you, and take that little extra chunk out of their hp.

As far as early game goes, I prefer staying safe and not having to buy wards or rely on teammates (if you solo queue) to watch my back while I take blue golem at the start of the game, so I follow a little more difficult pattern that you can see on one of Reginald's videos, found here:

After this you have a few goals to keep in mind:
[*] Starting at level 9, kill the Dragon every time it's up.
[*] Keep an eye on your lanes, if opponents are over-extended, take them out.
[*] If one of your solo lanes has to B, take over the lane for a minute, it's free xp/gold and keeps their team from pushing.
[*] Late game - watch for your creeps to push up to a tower while enemies are distracted or making a push of their own. Your teammates can usually hold a turret 4v5. Tele to your creeps, and Hallucinate-JitB smash the tower.
[*] Take out support and squishy nukes first in team fights.

Other tips to perfecting your Shaco play:
[*] Attack from behind. 25% is huge.
[*] Decieve over walls to get away, especially since you don't have ghost and if you're running Zerker boots, they can chase you down if you run in a straight line.
[*] Decieve in the opposite direction you're running if you can't get over a wall. Enemies will continue to chase you in the direction you were running while you slip the other way into the jungle. Don't try to go for the bushes on the top/bottom and try to Recall...they'll find you.

Please feel free to leave feedback and suggestions. I am by no means a pro, and my play is not perfect in any form.

For more LoL gameplay, tips, champion information, drunken gameplay, and to occasionally watch me get pwned with friends, check out Heat511's livestream channel here