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Fizz Build Guide by KillZacular

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KillZacular

The Correct Way to Play Fizz

KillZacular Last updated on May 12, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, after taking a look at the currently top rated builds on Mobafire, I found myself disappointed with the tips, builds and guides listed. I finally decided to type up my own guide to playing fizz. With this build and guide, not only will you have that insane burst for 1v1s and team fights you expect with Fizz, you will also have that sustaining damage after all of your abilities are on cool down.

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The runes are free to play around with. I chose flat ability power for quint, ability power growth for the glyph slots and magic pen for the marks as standard AP characters build but the yellow is free to be changed depending on your style. I chose flat armor because I prefer to play Fizz as a solo top character although he does just as good mid. Fizz has lots of natural magic resist so he can fair well in mid but does best in my belief as a solo top. With all of that armor I give him in Masteries and Runes I feel he can do fine solo top against plenty of characters where as certain AP nukes would force a build change or shut him down too easily.

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The Masteries are standard and I feel can't be changed that much as they give him basic AP nuking damage and keep him less squishy. The only changes I would make are swap armor masteries for magic resist if you are playing him mid instead of solo top. If you also find yourself needing the mana and wanting to cut the first item, you are welcome to sacrifice the health masteries for mana regen instead. You msy also want to consider placing one point into summoners wrath if you open with smite instead of finishing with it as I sometimes do.

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The Items: First is almost completely needed as it gives tons of AP and sustain early on and only gets better with time. This allows for lots of dodging and damage. The boots are easily explained with Fizz's already short CDs. The shorter they get, the more bursts you will get per team fight. The Lich Bane plays perfectly with this build's play style. The idea is to go for the nuking ability power of E and then rely on W to highly damage both tanks and dps alike since it will do a percentage of hp, extra magic damage, reduce healing and on top of all that do extra magic damage from Lich Bane. Your main goal is to use every bit of your nuking to lower their HP as much as possible and then ending with a W charged auto attack to finish the kill. Then the Nasher's Tooth allows for not only more AP, the very important CDR, and faster attack speed, you are also getting the highest possible nuke along with great sustaining damage from your passive bleeds and magic damage of your now fast auto attack speed. The last item can be swapped as needed depending. It is just a basic last item for AP nukes and may vary game to game. I often prefer a Crystal Scepter over it since you are going to be dodging so much with your E, you will hardly need another form of dodging.

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Skill Sequence

As I said in the items section, E is your sustainability and your main source of damage. E is not a utility spell, it is a nuke. E does nearly as much damage as your shark early on and is the primary spell you want to level for both damage and CD reduction for it. Q is just a chase down or a follow up after R to get into the fight after they run initially. W is the main source of damage after your E is used and on CD. Use E as much as possible and then follow up with W after each E and only use Q to finish, ks, chase, ect...

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Summoner Spells

Ignite is great to open with or use to finish them off without having to over extend and chase. This spell can be switched with teleport or even exhaust if you feel it will help you more. I just love burst damage and this adds too it. Flash is basically the rest of your get away. You don't need Ghost as your E makes you fast enough and jumping over a wall and then flashing through another is just icing on the cake.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Fizz is a super good nuke, is not easily shut down, can do well in team fights even if not fed early game or getting amazing creep score. He has amazing get away abilities and is great for starting the team fights with his shark.

Cons: If stun locked or CC'd properly he is useless. Missing your shark skill shot can set your team way back in a team fight. Not using E properly can make a good character turn into a feeding character. Fizz cannot 1v1 a decent list of champions early or mid game and is best played as a fairly passive character. He gets better as the game goes on. He is also not the best character to fight AP nukes like LB, Kass, Malz.

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Tips for playing Fizz

Fizz is not the best champion for 1v1s early in the game and should never take the risk in trying to kill a standard solo top in a 1v1. The primary goal for Fizz is to farm cs until you make it to level 6. Just farm as needed avoiding attacks and offensive strikes at you with your E dodge while farming. Fizz is a hard character for the jungler to gank because of his great get away so you can basically farm until you are out of mana as much as you like. You never want to try or risk a 1v1 with any champion especially ones that are not particularly squishy until level 6. At level 6, you are welcome to open a fight with your shark as long as you are confident you can use that brief stun to turn the tides of a fight your opponent may normally win. A strong tip for Fizz players is to always make sure you have enough mana for atleast one saving grace E move. Never fight until you are completely OOM because you are quite squishy without your E move and that E may be the only difference in you getting turret dived, and killing the idiot that just tried to TD a Fizz.

Mid lane Fizz is a little more difficult depending on the champion you are facing. Solo tops are often melee champions or tanks of some sort that get demolished by Fizz's W and Dodging abilities. Mid on the other hand will often face you off against a character that also specializes in nuking abilities. Against these characters you will have a slight advantage with your natural amounts of magic resistance but because you are a melee champion, this MR may be nullified. The champions you must worry the most about are ones that can silence or stun you. Avoiding these attacks is less of a dodge and more of a guessing game of anticipating when your opponent will choose to use the move. This is something that just takes a ton of practice and will eventually become a natural sense for Fizz players. The other thing to worry about mid is your ability to trade well with your opponent in a 1v1 fight and knowing their weaknesses and limits. Playing Fizz may seem easy to those who do not know much about him, but this champion takes a great deal of game sense, prediction and timing to use effectively and once those things are achieved you have an amazing AP nuke that is a complete tide changer in team fights.

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This Fizz build is one I have used since I started playing Fizz after getting advice from both friends that play him at high ELO and personal experience from playing him myself. The best style you can play is your own and in no way is this build perfect, I just feel it is one of the best ways to play Fizz if you are an effective player and use him properly. I have only had maybe one or two bad games since I bought Fizz in my first two weeks of playing League of Legends. I hope you enjoy this build and please make suggestions or comments below on what could make this build better.