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Team Guide by angelhh

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author angelhh

The Crazy tanks:P

angelhh Last updated on July 11, 2010
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This is my first build rate and comment.

leave your comment if you are gonna try one of them out or the full team im up for all changes if you leave a message I will look on to the comment and maybe change if it looks good:)

if you like my build follow up on me I will maybe be posting some more later:)

Shen:Exchange Doran's shield with theFrozen mallet at the end

Taric: As the Taric player you will be focused alot on healing and stunning also buffing.
I prefer the Clarity so you wont have to end up oom in a teamfight or on a survival run. Use Clarity when you are doing a team fight or run mostly but try to get it on as many ally at all (in this build use it on you and blitz, shen have no mana) you mastery will give ally 100% mana from Clarity.

Ghostis used alot when ganking you may want to hide in a gank when ghost is rdy and when your ally starts the gank (1 player) you use ghost and run at the enemey and use your Dazzleto stun him and fast kill him with your team.

First item you will be looking for is the Mana manipulatoryou will not have any money left for health pots or mana pots but you wont be the one who is soloing you may be standing with blitz or other champions mostly with mana so you give him mana in start and lvl 2 you will be able to heal. Try to get alot of minion kills as fast as possible or make some good start gank with good stuns. after you may want to get the Soul Shroudfor the little cooldown and extra mana each sec.

next item you may want is boots for escape and ganks you may want some good speed for casting your stun so they cant run from you. use the boots of swiftnessinstead of boots of mobilitycuz they may want to get you down so top speed even when you get hit.

next you want to get some attack speed get the nashors toothit gives you the most importent for taric attack speed, ability power, cooldown and mana regen. I start with the fiendish codexfor more ap. more ap more dmg and heal. attack speed = faster heal (when you hit something your cooldown is redused on your heal)

last items: this all depends on what your team is up against

lots of hp players
if your enemies have alot of health you should first go for the starks fervorto boost your team's attack speed + bonus it gives so you can kill them faster

lots of dps players
if your enemies have alot of dps classes (fighters) you should first get the Aegis of the legionfor the defend boost

lots of stunners (disablers)
if your enemies have alof of stunners (disablers) you should go for the spell imunnity Banshees Veilthat will block an incomming spell on you when its up

Skills: Use Dazzleto simply stun people so you and your team mate can kill him fast dont use it only for last hit its not worth it and dont waste your mana on casting it on enemy minions

Imbuewhat do you want me to say about this. simply use it on champions to keep you and your mate in a lane as long as possible to get faster lvl

Shatteruse this ability to deal good damage for minions or champions and you may want it in passive also for extra armor so if you can go for a last hit with it and your team wont lose all their hp when you cast it at start of the fight

Radianceuse this spell in team fights on towers or ganks for faster dps for your team but be carefull not to use all the mana with it you may still want to heal so if clarity is up use it after you used Radiance then you will have plenty of mana

I dont have much else to tell here when this is my first build and its a team build if I go any kind of 1 user build like taric only I will make a larger discribe


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