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League of Legends Build Guide Author dukoyoku

The Crit Monster

dukoyoku Last updated on April 28, 2011
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Hello :) this is my first ever build. Before i used Mobafire alot and browsered alot of guides to help me do well in every game i played in League of Legends. These guides were very helpful, when i saw a build i used it, if it worked well next game i use the same base but add different twists to it to see how it went. And one of my "twists" i found worked quite well with Tryndamere. My opinion of Tryndamere is that, when i first ever saw Tryndamere in a game, againest me. He dominated us, and i found that he seems to be "overpowered". However this made me want to play him even more so the first hero i bought was Tryndamere. As later on i figured he wasnt as overpowered as i hoped and realised it hugely depended on skill.. (An obvious point)

But as i continued to play him i enjoyed it. I grew a bond with Tryndamere and wanted to develop more in which items to get that could possibily be very good.

As i see it, Tryndamere is a Guardian blessed with the Crit God, summoned to wipe out every champion in its way.

Sorry if my Guide has wrong information about the crit % on each item, i am still rusty on this game :( My Apologies

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I chose all to be Malice because, if you want a "Crit Monster", you basically want as much crit as you can get wherever you have the chance. And the Rune section is a absolutely perfect opportunity to get the crit you want on your side. Getting other runes such as the "Armor Penetration" rune is also a good choice, but as you already know about me.. I love crit

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Basically Crit for a start since, from level 1 if you have the Full crit set, you will have 20% (runes) + 10% (Tryndamere Passive) + 8% (Item) = 38%, that is only at level one, as you excel further into it. You gain the Zeal so instead of +8% it will be +15% so the total would be 45%. basically if you farmed well enough, by level 7 you will have Phantom Dancer. +30% so the total would be 60%. That is already a 6/10 chance of critting, so now you have the advantage. The next item is purely based on Tryndamere able to infuse the power of Crit and the power of "Ignoring armor" and slicing them to pieces.. Especially casters. Next Starks fervor is the life soul for Tryndamere, because the crit is like i figured as an creation of a Weapon of Mass Destruction. This is because the crit itself is very good but will not keep you alive, Blood lust will not keep you alive either! So what is it missing?! LIFE STEAL. The power of Crit doing immense damage and the Life Steal taking some of that, will mean you are unstoppable! By all these items you'll have 60% crit + 20% life steal and alot of attack speed :). Then you get the infinity edge.. a sacrafice given to the Crit Monster to even improve the power. Now you will have 85% crit! and 250% crit damage + 20% life steal.. 85% ... wow... need i say more? Now the final item could be whatever you like unless its a stupid item e.g Rabadon. I put Phantom Dancer because.. well.. "Crit Monster" once its fully grown.. Worrying about never critting shouldnt be on your mind because if you have the final item you will have 115% crit.. Pure Devastation for the enemy..

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Skill Sequence

I basically want to get Blood Lust asap. This is because it is the core for Tryndamere, it provides more damage, higher crit chance, and can restore health.. 3 in 1. Everyone wants a bargain, then next i put spin slash so that you will get Fb easy and chase them down LIKE A REAL MONSTER! Then Mocking Shout to basically give them hardly any chance to escape and feed the beast. And finally Undying Rage.. do i need to explain this? Not dying.. for 6 seconds.. can still attack... can still deal immense omgwtfbbq damage.... well your a dumbass to not get it :)

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Pros / Cons


    Immense damage early and late game
    Amazing Ultimate
    Easy to farm with
    Can stay on lanes longer due to Blood Lust
    Awesome in everyway


    Squishy early game.. (Every hero is basically)
    If played very poorly well you are a baby Crit Monster (Every hero is basically)
    Does not gain full power unless well farmed or fed

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Well this is my first build.. Hoped you liked it.. leave any comments you want :) advice is hugely appreciated because, i am new and need to learn what i did right and what i did wrong. Thank you for your time reading my guide i am honoured, and i am on the Europe Server.