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Teemo Build Guide by PeaceFart

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PeaceFart

The Despised Teemo

PeaceFart Last updated on September 25, 2011
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Hey guys, my name is Peacefart n welcome to my first guide. I mainly specialize in Teemo play in the Twisted Tree Line (3v3) and this build is set for it, although I've tried it in 5v5 and it works quite well. I know there are many different opinions on how Teemo should be build, such as pure ability power, attack speed or additional damage, but after a while of tinkering around with it I came up with this. It isn't a pure Ad or As, but its a weird hybrid with some of everything in it.

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Runes/Summoner Spells/Masteries

The runes I choose to play with allow for the best early game pressure and sustainability by far in contrast to other runes. The dodge keeps is essential since Teemo is such a squishy champion, and the armor penetration will come in handy early game more than late game. For the summoner spells exhaust and flash will be your staple, although exhaust can be substituted for ghost or ignite depending on your preference. Adding the one point to it helps its effectiveness a lot. For masteries 21/9/0 is ideal. It allows you to do more damage obviously while helping out your ability to survive greatly.

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This is where I have the hardest time coming up with a finalized list, since there are so many options and some items are needed as per situation. Iv finalized the list to the above. Wriggles will help get you to 111 armor right after it is finished, letting you take more damage in lane but also giving you a free ward which is essential in any match up. The gun blade allows you to have over 30% life steal, plus spell vamp which is useful since it applies to your blinding dart. Also the gunblade has its active ability that not only deals 300 damage but also slows for 3seconds at 50%. Wits End is pretty self explanatory as with the boot. Now the variances in the build start with sword of the divine. It is the best item to get if vsing Jax, its passive goes great with your wits end and the attack speed helps. It is bloody useful vs any champion but if you feel like you aren't doing enough damage substitute it with a Blood Thirster, which also gives you that needed life steal. Infinity edge again is self explanatory with an AD build. If the game goes on for an extended period of time, you can sell your lantern for another Blood Thirster or Gunblade since you need the life steal.

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Early Game 1-8
To start off I recommend getting the cloth with 5 life potions, and use the fact that you don`t have to heal and poison to harass the enemy (especially 1v1). The key to this build is knowing Teemo`s limits. He is a squishy lil guy and never forget that. I know late game you will feel like 1v3ing them to death but no don`t even bother. Use the lantern to give vision of mid, and the mushrooms more for vision then damage. If you use the attack,blinding dart, attack combo (one right after the other) you should be able to burst high amounts of damage early game. Keep poking with your darts untill the other champion has enough that he will engage. This is important now. Cast your combo BEFORE you cast exhaust. ONLY use exhaust when you or the enemy is at half life. Other wise its a waste n they may get away.

Mid Game 9-15
This is where this build outclasses all the other builds. With wriggles and vampiric septer you can solo the dragon and any other minion in the game at about level 7. This lets you farm gold way faster since you can dip out of lane for a second and get them AND its a usefull way to gain life if hitting the weaker minions. Once you get the gunblade, put it in the first slot. Your new attack combo goes like this; attack,blinding dart,attack, activate gunblade and hit them, attack, attack, exhaust, blinding dart attack. If you have the timings down you will burst stupid amounts of damage in 6 seconds. Hopefully you know that Blinding dart resets the attack wait for your normal attacks, and so does the gunblade. Spamming this combo will deal over 1800 damage and even more late game.

Late game 16-18
Literally, just run around and unless its a tank you will kill anything 1v1. Casters will be torn to shreds because of your burst plus wits end. Melee will be standing there going ``wtf`` since your blind and life steal will be so high while you sit there with a smirk on your face. Remember, your strong, but you are not by any means invinible. If you run into a 1v3 you will die, especially if they have a stun. Stuns are Teemo`s worste enemy.

General Gameplay
Stay behind your creeps and just poke at the enemy with your normal attack, save your blinding darts for fights. You are by no means a tank, dont lead your team. Although you have high life steal and damage if focused you are a goner buddy. In team fights stay behind your tank or team mate, and just abuse the squishiest champion on the other team.

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Creeping and Jungling

Because of Wriggles Lantern you should be able to creep and jungle very very very easily. Push your lane and sneak out to get a quick jungle kill. Like I said above, at level 7ish you should be able to solo the dragon (may take 15 seconds) and then anything is fair game. Your ability to jungle doesnt mean you should jungle all game. Stay in lane when you can and use your ability to lane to push all the way to the enemy turret. If they try to ignore you take the turret, if all 3 come to you go and jungle. NEVER EVER use your mushrooms for jungling and creep. They are your eyes on the map telling you if you are about to get ganked.

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Pros and Cons

-You can jungle like the best of them late early game and mid game
-Your life steal can keep you going for a long time, while you poke at enemies with normal attacks
-Blind takes away most melee dps ability to kill you in a few hits
-You tear apart casters
-Although you can`t really take on tanks head to head, you can pick at them effectively forcing them to go back
-Your burst damage is extremely high, especially if you are to add a second gunblade.

-a very expensive build
-if the every one on the other team gets a lot of armour (300 plus) it nulifies your attacks but this is extremely rare and if anything switch to ap
-stuns, fears, and being burst down will limit your ability

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Enjoy yourself

Teemo is a cute, fun, lovable champion. This guide is just my take on how to play him although it has proved very effective in 90% of games iv played. I don`t always go this exact build, as sometimes situations change but I try to stay as close to this as I possibly can. Try this build out and give me a message back telling me how you liked it.