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League of Legends Build Guide Author RaG nuh RocK

The Diablo 2 Barbarian

RaG nuh RocK Last updated on April 9, 2011
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I fell in love with Garen as soon as I found out about him. I've played Diablo 2 since 2003 and the barbarian character in that game was the reason I played it, all in your face whooping your *** with hella life and hella damage thats how I do. Garen has a huge presence early game, and we are going to abuse the $%^* out of that. He is my favorite champion to play, and I have probably 500-600 un-ranked games played with him. I like to focus on the early game, because I believe that a good early game will set the picture for the rest of the game.

Let me know if you think of anything that can help my game out, its all welcome.

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Runes are pretty much straight-forward and to be expected, you got armor pen marks of course and I go with more armor pen quints, so your Q and E are going to leave a big hand-print on their face. Flat health seals and cool-down glyphs for a more assured early game.

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We're going offensive mastery with this one, using that judgment to whoop some *** on unsuspecting squishies and tanks early game. The crit chance, extra crit damage and more attack damage are all great with judgement. You could go 21 into defensive tree if you want to, but it will only slow you down.

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Start with boots of speed and 3 health potions. This is the best route to go, if you don't like that you can use Doran's Shield, but honestly the boots are better. You can get to enemies faster and keep up with them while slicing and dicing, and also keep just out of range of their random annoying ranged ****. Stay in your lane as much as possible and farm to get your Phage on your first trip back, and maybe a piece for your second level boots. They should usually be Merc Treads cus lets face it, they are pretty damn good, they help out when half-dead idiots are trying to slow you while you are chasing their *** down. Complete your Mallet on your next trip back, and then build the Impaler. I love this thing. It give you a % of your max life and adds it to your attack damage, gives you a solid 45 armor and crit chance which helps your judgement out cus it can crit as well. The Impaler is going to help you keep up with everyone else on damage later on in the game, Because we're getting items the give health, which in turn gives attack damage. After the Impaler, get a BF Sword if you are doing well, or if not buy either Banshee's Veil or Randiun's Omen depending on the enemy champ's you are facing. And last but not least the Infinity Edge. It is an expensive item but it is the best thing for Garen to continue the beatdown and make the rape move that much better.

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Summoner Spells

Flash Exhaust. a close second is Ghost Exhaust, but Flash is sneakier and better at killing fools, and we already have boots of speed. Flash Exhaust and Ghost are the only worthy spells for Garen in my opinion, don't use anything else.

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Early game you want to be very offensive against the enemy champs, do not use your skills for killing minions early game, only auto-attack and last hit them. Someone might try to gank you while the almighty spin technique is on cool-down. When you are attacking an enemy, use Decisive Strike to sprint to him, hit him with it then immediately bust out the whirlwind on his ***. If he isn't dead or one or two more hits away from death don't chase him, continue farming in his face and make sure he is too far from the minions to gain any exp from your minions dying. Screw him. If this tactic isn't working out for you, maybe you are facing stuns and snares and slows on ranged characters, just bide your time, they will likely screw up or let their guard down. When they do, like say push your turret to hard and are 60% life, they are done. Use Decisive Strike, then Exhaust, then Flash directly onto him, hit him with your Q and then kill him with spin and Demacian Justice.

Mid game levels 9-14 you will have your Mercury Treads Frozen Mallet and Atma's Impaler, and maybe a BF Sword or half of your either Banshee's Veil or Randuin's Omen. You will be running around trying to kill enemy players and help your team to farm. Be as sneaky as possible abuse your Flash and Exhaust at this time. You can Exhaust before you spin on them, it will increase the damge they will take. Take care to note the summoner spells of enemies you are ganking. If they have flash wait til after they used it to Exhuast them and spin. Don't push turrets on your own, we don't have fast enough attack speed for that. You can pretty much kill anyone or at least heavily damage anyone 1v1 at this point. When you gank, you want to do it when they are as far from their turret possible to maximize the time you have to kill them.

Late game in 5v5 you will running with the pack up and down the middle most likely, in this case you will be the one whom they will always see. You want the enemy to throw things at you and hit you so your hardcore carries can lay the smack-down. If your guy aren't getting a chance to hit them, its up to you or the main tank to start a fight. Pretty much run to the nearest enemy, auto-attack once or twice then when hit you with something use your shield to soak some damage up, then either run out of the fight or run the enemy who does the most damage and silence him, then whirlwind him away from the fight. This is how most team-fights will turn out.

Remember be offensive early game because you are a beast. While fighting 1v1 early game, after you've used your Q and E, don't let the enemy get free hits on you, run back behind your minion line or into a bush to await the cool-down.

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Team Work

Lane with teammates who have stuns and slows snares, anything that messes with the enemies movement speed. Sion is probably your best friend. If none are available go with a ranged character who can harass well.

Mid game on 5v5 you'll be in team-fights a lot more often now, what you wanna do is stay towards the front of your group, take some hits so that be meant for the extreme DPS carry on your team, use your Decisive Strike on whoever does the most damage. The silence lasts forever, two and a half seconds, which is an eternity in a fast paced brawl. After that aim your spin to hit as many of them as possible make sure to get their carry in your spin. Don't forget you also have a lot of life so you can tank a turret with a teammate late game and take it down. any little extra gold helps.