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Heimerdinger Build Guide by Heimerdingerer

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Heimerdingerer


Heimerdingerer Last updated on December 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Finally got around to remaking my guide of heimerdinger! *Bow* *Bow* This is my version of Heimerdinger that I am putting back up there after the new masteries and all. I focus on higher mana due to the new Strength of Spirit along with items that all go very well together that carry mana and excel alongside an Archangel Staff. I like to focus on mana for it helps negate his weakness of high mana costs along with trying to up his burst by leveling turrets up last. The reason I level up turrets last is due to the fact that most people will take out your turrets as soon as its up and usually that ends up helping them instead of YOU. I do put one point however to help with getting minion kills.

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With my items I grab my doran's ring and then I focus on grabbing the tear asap after grabbing my boots so that the mana can start building up right away. Afterwards you build your rabadons deathcap and which comes a choice between if you want archangels staff or to start building lich bane. I tend to love lichbane on my heimer for its like adding another nuke to your auto attack. It also does a ton of damage to buildings to boot! Now after building all of your items if you find yourself dying rather quickly you may want to start building defense with a frozen tear or a banshee's veil. If you want more offense then can probably build a second tear alongside a zhonyas hourglass. Or also a Will of the Ancients for some spell vamp if that floats your boat.

I tend to like when all my items work together... that is why I build with mainly all mana to gain the max benefit from Archangels.

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Skill Sequence

I level up my turret last putting only one point at the first level. After that I lvl up missiles whenever I can and then my grenade for the max damage output in a short amount of time. I prefer leveling the turret last for the damage they do is too small to really f cus on from the start.

In early levels a maxed rocket can deal very good damage, another note is to avoid using the grenade for you will often miss if they are far away and if they attack right after you use it you will be in a pickle. Save your grenade for when you know it can land. Dropping it paired with your missiles will deal major burst damage and will bring squishier characters to their knees.

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With my Heimer, I for one build armor and magic resist so I am not terribly squishy like heimer tends to be(also because im cheap with my IP...). Though people can invest in magic pen if they want a more offensive approach. Another reason I go with armor and mr is the fact that its cheaper on the IP if you don't have a lot of IP to invest with on runes and is good among most champs if your cheap with IP like me. Im usually walking around with near 50 armor and MR at lvl 1 up from the usual 10 that heimer starts with. thats around a 30% damage reduction right from the start.

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In my masteries I go 9/0/21 grabbing Strength of Spirit as a key mastery. Strength of Spirit paired with high mana you get a lot of health regen without any need for items with health regen. At higher gear you can end up with around 80/5 health regen without any gear for it. A very good benefit for a heimerdinger who tends to run on the low side of hp. I also grab bonus run speed for obvious reasons to counteract the negative of heimers naturlly slow speed of 300 base. the bonus run speed alongside lich bane makes a good combo to overcome that negative. I grab the gold bonus for it tends to be handy over a full duration game. Over 50 minutes thats a total of 600 bonus gold. Thats the comparison of getting 2 kills. Very useful in the long run. I ignore grabbing the cooldown reduction from Intelligence for if you always grab the frozen heart it is wasted mastery points. Since you gain 20% from your passive and the frozen heart to hit your max cdr.

Another way you can go is offensive play which involves 21/0/9.

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Summoner Spells

My summoner spells are the obvious choice for a mid champion player. Flash for a quick getaway and teleport to quickly return to your post, or to get somewhere quickly such as to defend or attack. Though there are other spells to be used such as -

Exhaust- Not a bad replacement, good for when someone decides to try and dive you around your turrets or another way of escape.

Clarity- Good for those who are very aggressive with their mana, though I tend to find little use for it with a high mana build by mid-late game.

Promote- People tend to find good use for this if they're pushing down a tower fast. Though for me I tend to generally find it out of place when there are important moments that actually change games. Also Lich Bane tends to do the job at burning down towers.

Ghost- not as fast of an escape as one would want but still an escape, there are better escape moves though.

Ignite- A good move for any champ trying to do some surprise burst, possibly good if you're willing to give up defense in trade for offense if you think you can burst someone down.

*Flash- A fantastic spell used by mainly everyone that needs a move to get out in an instant. For heimer this is an important spell.

*Teleport- another fantastic spell, especially as a mid champ, you lose the possible risk of them attacking your tower while you are away buying and regenerating back up. Or to teleport to an unguarded tower in need of aid.

Clairvoyance- This spell has it's uses if you plan on playing support of even as AP mid. Good if you don't have a support on your team for some reason doing it or you are the support.

Heal- it has it's very good uses but in desperate moments heal probably wont save you as much as a good escape ability.

Revive- IN my honest opinion this spell has very a little use unless with certain champs such as karthus, probably want to avoid this one.

Smite- Unless you plan to jungle I suggest staying away from this one.

Surge- I actually tried this out the other day with a ap/as heimer build which used some ap with attack speed items such as madreds. IT worked out okay but not as much as a pure ap heimer, though this is still good for a pure ap heimer wanting to deal additional burst. Though ignite also fills this role nicely.

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Pros / Cons

With heimer there are plenty of cons he starts out with which this build trys it's best to negate.

Heimers Cons and the Pros of this build to stop them

Squishiness(Negated by grabbing armor/mr runes, along with grabbing frozen heart and banshee's veil.)
Slow moving Slug(Bonus movement from lichbane and support tree)
Mana Problems(High mana build)

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Heimerdinger In Ranked

Thus using Heimerdinger as my main champ I have found him to be a very decent champ. With this build I have reached the 1400s with him. A pic of my results.