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Diana General Guide by IvYsAuR18

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League of Legends Build Guide Author IvYsAuR18

The Eclipse of Death

IvYsAuR18 Last updated on February 6, 2013
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Hey Guys,

So this is my first build guide on Mobafire. I hope you guys enjoy it. I have played Diana for about 2 months now and I think I have really utilized and mastered her. Some say she needs a nerf, but I heartily disagree. I believe first hand that Diana is EXTREMELY hard to counter. You just need to know how to do that in order to beat her. Here I will talk about everything there is to know about Diana and how to play her in normal or ranked. Hope you enjoy!

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Pros / Cons


    high burst damage
    self shield
    gap closer
    she worships the moon
    she don't give no ****s about the sun

    focused all the time, regardless if fed
    needs health and magic resist to not get burst down by high burst mids.
    no escape abilities unless in a good position and can use R and hit enemy minion

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Okay so for summoner spells I go with flash and ignite.

Flash is very important for mid lane Diana because it can help you flee from a gank or get you closer to land your Q,R,W,E combo on your opponent. We all know how important flash is so its basically a necessity.

Ignite isn't as important for Diana because she bursts down so quickly that there is time for her to pick up the kill without it. But there are always those sneaky mid lane opponents that save their flash at the last minute and escape death (I HATE THAT SO MUCH). That is where ignite comes handy.

Other options:

Teleport: Now some of you may call me a noob for picking tele but I've gone Legendary within 12 minutes with this spell. Working with your team to place wards in strategic places, much like the two bushes of the top and bottom lanes. You ping to gank and tele in a hidden place then bam get the kill and return to mid. It's the greatest thing ever.

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Now with masteries I go 20-10-0.

With my build, Diana has lots of health early game and can stay in lane for quite some time. That is where health regen and scaling health masteries come in. They help you stay in lane and out farm your opponent. Also the added magic resist helps quite a bit in mid lane.

With 20 offensive masteries instead of 21, I decided that the executioner didn't add damage too much (only 5% to targets below 50% health). If your opponent is below 50 they should be wise to B against you. All you have to do is land your Q dash in with R hit up your W and E to slow them down and get that kill. I also went with the added damage to minions because with it she farms incredibly well, it also works well with spellsword to last hitting and farming extremely well. Other than those it is a basic mid mastery build.

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Now runes I run Magic Pen marks, Scaling health seals, scaling magic resist glyphs, and pure AP quints

I chose Scaling health because along with my masteries, Diana has TONS of health by level 6. I've gotten to 2500-2800 health by level 6 with only dorans rings and a haunting guise and my opponent couldnt help but feed because by 6 all I did was tower dive and tear them apart and run away with barely a scratch. Diana with alot of health is a force to be reckoned with. She can fight you and shield herself and every 3 attacks deal quite of bit of damage.

Magic pen marks, scaling magic resist glyphs and AP quints are basic to any mid lane.

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Skill Sequence

with skill sequence you can max whichever skills you think morphs to your playing style. But the way I max my skills goes like this.

max your Q first, it not only scales well early game with AP, its cooldown is very fast. So i max it first at beginning odd levels. 1,3,5,7,9 This is a vital ability as it helps harass and farm at the same time if you position right and know where your opponent is moving. Maxed first with about 60+ AP and it clears minions pretty fast.

Second max your W, Pale cascade. It shields you from damage and also causes damage to surrounding opponents or minions. I use this ability to farm early game and couple it with my Q to scare my opponent back so they dont get experience. This ability is important to fighting and entering team fights. IF you pop this and Q and R in, you're dealing not only tons of damage to all opponents, but also shielding yourself from some incoming damage. PRETTY NEAT!! 2,8,10,12,13 are the levels i max this ability.

Third max your R, the gap closer of your abilities. The bread and butter. I max this skill at 6,11,16. Using your Q this ability has no cooldown but takes the moonlight charge away that your Q applies to opponents hit. This is what you'll use to burst down Ap carries and Ad carries as well. Q,R,W,E and bam they are toast.

Max your E last. It just pulls back enemies that are close enough and slows them down. So one skill point at level 4 will suffice until late game when you max it at levels 14,15,17,18.

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Farming is cake with Diana. From levels 1-4, focus on last hitting, or hit every other minion so they are around the same health, and with a third strike your passive is active and will most of the time kill all minions below a certain health. using Q and W also helps farming go smoothly. using Q to harass and hit minions at the same time is a skill I had to work on but for them most part it gets relatively easy. You should be around 80-100 by 10 minutes. I usually am.

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Team Work


Now you may be tanky but, let me forewarn you, you are not invincible even if you are fed. You will get bursted down due to not have an escape abilities. Once you are in you're in for the long run. I usually poke with my q and try to hit AP and AD carries with it, and once i hit one i fake going in to make them turn their backs. My tanks usually take that as a LETS GO sign and they initiate and then once they focus our tank BOOM im on the ad carry like a fly swatter on a bug. They are bursted down in a few seconds. That usually triggers the rest of their team to focus me. I run away after that wait for cooldowns which are somewhat minuscule. Then I pounce back in the fight and tear down their Ap carry and whoever else is left.

It is very important not to stay in team fights if you're focused. if you have zhonyas and see that they turned their attention to you..and you've taken damage already. Pop it and wait and then when cooldowns have come back, boom pounce on whoever is lowest health with your R. This causes panic because one second you were in one place and now you're raping someone and bursting them down. Its quite fun actually (:

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My guide may not be as in depth as some Diana builds, or any builds for that matter, but it is my first, so please be nice and help me figure this out haha. Idk how you guys make your guides so pretty and nice.


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