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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rydale

The epic guide to roaming

Rydale Last updated on August 13, 2012
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Hey guys i decided to make a guide for one of my favorite champions Hecarim but just before i got to it i played a game where i used hecarim to roam. A roamer is a role that is not used in the current meta because it requires much more teamwork to be effective then jungling. However a team with a good roamer can very easily beat the current meta by preventing the enemy jungler from geting fed.if you imagine having a 2-1-2 formation with one of the top players being the roamer(s). with this formation it becomes very hard for the enemy for 3 reasons:
1. The enemy has to deal with a 2 vs 1 lane
2. This puts extra pressure on the enemy jungler
3. The enemy jungler will not only not get fed but he will also be much lower level.
As a roaming champion you should sit and farm in your lane whenever the jungler is about to try to gank or whenever you need more gold or xp. When you don't need to farm you're going to gank another lane and then return to farming your lane this way not only are you putting pressure on the entire enemy team but your also staying well farmed. I ll explain to you how to do this effectively later on in this guide hope you stay :D

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Pros / Cons

You have a 2vs1 lane
You still get ganks
If you choose to use hecarim you will be able to get from top to bot lane in about 15sec
You will be denying the enemy jungler kills resulting in him being an easy kill late game
You will still be a asset to your team late game.

If you or your team have low map awareness you will fail miserably
This tactic requires teamwork (hardly a con)
if you fail to get kills you will most likely become underfed and will have to stay in lane longer to farm back up.

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If you are the roamer you will need to try to acquire as much movement speed as you can while maintaining AD ATS and HP those are your four main stats to stack up on. let me break down the choice of items on hecarim:
Boots of Swiftness: a great choice for boots because the enemy will rarely use boots of swiftness giving you your first speed advantage.
Shurelya's Reverie: this item will give you the HP you need while giving you and additional speed boost.
Youmuu's Ghostblade: this item is your gank's secret weapon not only does it make you dive like a total baws it also gives you extra ATS to deal even MORE dmg along with its armor pen.
Phantom Dancer:This item gives you EVEN more movement speed on top of a good crit chance.
Infinity Edge: this item is here to let you utilize your crit hits and dish out tons of damage like you should be doing in the late game.
Frozen Heart: it will be rare for you to have to buy this item but when you do you will become a high speed tank taking out the enemy team whenever you please. If you feel like you don't need the extra armor get a frozen mallet or trinity force for the extra slow :D

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Summoner Spells

Take ghost.
Take flash.

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Team Work

This is the key to your success as a roamer TEAMWORK means you WORK AS A TEAM. I can't stress enough how important it is to be a team what i mean by that is don't go off raging and calling people names its not gonna get you anything! Chances are you are as much at fault as the other person if not even more! if someone doesn't call mia don't go off crying in chat about how bad they are because they didn't say mia YOU should be aware that there is a person missing without there being someone there to tell you! This is what makes the diffrence between a good and bad player: the ability to work as a team. What i mean by this is if you're the sort of person who goes of crying in chat calling everyone a noob then you should leave and go work on your social skills :L For the rest of you, I like you guys you're cool :D
Now its time for some team tactics:
1. Ward the river at choke points instead of brushes this allows you to so the entrance to the jungle,the river AND the entrance to the lane its like having 3 wards for the price of 1 :D
2.Tell your teammates your gonna go and gank their lane BEFORE you go to gank that lane this gives them the choice between whether they want a gank or not. This will also give them the chance to prepare!
3.If you see the enemy jungler ping him but don't expect it back!!! This is important because it brings the attention of your team to where the next gank may be.
If your aware of an incoming gank say so and go into that lane to protect whoever is about to get ganked ( again don't expect this back).
4.As a roamer you don't really have a set lane however assume that top lane is the lane you will be getting your farm from.
5.Remember as a roamer you can gank ANY lane at ANY time just tell your team you're doing it!
6.One last thing tell everyone on your team to buy ATLEAST 1 Ward and ward the entrance to the jungle, don't leave it all up to the support!!!!!!!
The formation i gave you consists of:
Tanky DPS (Garen,lee sin,wukong,etc)
Roamer (Hecarim) I am still searching for over viable roamers any suggestions welcome
Strong AP caster (Karthus,Malz,Morgana,Kassadin,etc)
Strong ranged AD carry (Cait,MF,TF,Corki,etc)
Tanky support with stun (Taric,alistar,etc)

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I think that as long as you have an open minded team of 'good' players you will find that this strategy is very effective against the current meta because it counters the junglers ability to farm as well as make you (the roamer) a new improved ganker because you will be able to farm a lane and gank leaving the poor jungler under leveled and under farmed. So i hope you will get together with some friends and try this because honestly it has proven to be very very effective for me so far :D

On a side note i am yet to figure out the best builds for the rest of the team, i will update that as soon as i have some insight from people who actually play those roles :)


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