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Riven Build Guide by Scry

The Exiled Ninja, Riven

By Scry | Updated on April 22, 2012

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This is merely an Experiment

Greetings! This is an EXPERIMENTAL guide to a Riven build that I have been trying to fine tune. It is fairly effective, however this is a guide for me to keep track of my progress, and allows me to see my orders more clearly in the heat of the moment.

This build is not perfect, needs work, and is mainly for my personal use;
So before anyone starts heating up and questioning everything, remember
This is merely an experiment.

Thank you!
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Chapter 1: Harnessing the Shattered Blade

Riven is a very squishy player at start, but with just a few items and mods, she can tank and deal some serious damage. Rushing Warmog's may lead into problems (because of its cost) but if you can get it first and build hp, the pike not only gives killer critical hits, but also gives 1.5% of that HP into AD.

However if Warmog's is unobtainable, the phage can get you through until 3k isn't as hard to get.
The lantern (12% life-steal) is another acceptable replacement piece.

This builds weakness is getting the income to sustain Riven's very harsh dependency on items.

Recommended Skills:
Ignite- With the Offensive talent marked (Summoner's Wrath) Ignite will not only deal true damage, but it will also increase your attack damage (AD) by 5, when on cool down (Making for an easier start)

Heal- Another way to make the start as easy as possible, 10% healing increase on top of this can be a real game turner, if it calls for that situation.

Exhaust- Reducing enemy speed, Armor, and Magic Resist is perfect, I mean after all the opposite of Attack Damage (AD) is Armor Pen, and it makes Riven just that much more effective due to the fact that she can fly around the screen with little to no trouble.

Teleport- Unless you are doing the jungle scenario, this would only be useful for defensive measures. Or getting back quickly after grabbing precious gear.
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1.1- Strengths

1.1- Strengths

Riven is a very strong character when it comes to damage (or through put)
This allows her to shift situations into a winning scenario, dependent on the build in pursuit.

She will benefit the most from-

Life steal- Life steal really aides with her vulnerability issues, however it is reliant on how hard you hit at that moment (which is why I tend to prefer Warmog's)

Attack Damage - As if it is a mystery, Attack Damage makes Riven's abilities, auto attacks, and Shields to be weak or beefy, if you want to play Riven, its got to have AD.

Health / Regen - Health with regeneration or just straight up health is ideal for Riven, think of it as eliminating your only weakness =D.
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1.2- Teamwork

Here is where Riven is the most difficult and the most effective.
When in groups of team mates, it is a fantastic to charge in, stun, dash out, and repeat. However, if you jump in too early then you will get stunned, suppressed, feared, and then you are dead.
Tenacity helps with this to a great extent, and will save your life if you have enough of it.

Remember, broken wings will ground slam a target where ever your curser is, and the slam can put them in the direction that you need to finish the job.
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1.3- A Word of Warning

Riven will turn the tides, or she will die... a lot. (Mainly depending on how the start was)
The other problem is getting in and out with out getting interrupted, run when silenced, after being CCd, use broken wings and valor to rush to safty. (Then get back in there if health provides!)

With a good start, it allows you to get Warmogs, making it much much much more difficult to defeat you.

Keep your distance from things that are tanks, or swarms of enemies.

I can not emphasize this enough! You can charge into battle, and stun them all, however the chance of you getting stunned or suppressed is severely greater than your chances of living through it.
Not to say that you shouldn't ever charge in, it just takes some practice to maneuver in and out of sticky situations. "Choose your battles wisely"
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Chapter 2- Abilities create Possibilities

Understanding these skills are KEY to understanding Riven, she is a burst character, so choose the battles you know your cooldowns can handle, and avoid damage when under cool down.

I prefer to start with broken wings, and amp it as much as possible, many people would disagree with this and say to get shields or stun more powerful as you level. However Broken Wings is first for me for the fact(s) of:

-It is one of your highest damaging abilities
-It has 3 bursts to it, making it 3 times more effective than any other ability
-You can still escape easily with it because it advances you forward several steps
-You can not be effected by slows when using this to charge and/or escape.
-It stuns at the 3rd strike, making chasing less difficult, and allowing chaining your next ability that much easier.
and lastly
-You can intimidate people with this ability very easily. Front flips do that.

Ki Burst,
-It allows you an additional stun on the enemy
-It has an AOE range (small but there)
-It still damages
-Allows chasing to be stopped
-Allows you to Grieve, or save a friend in need
-and it will turn the tides of battle quicker than any other ability.
-Shield saves you in a pinch
-Getting out from turrets and ganks
-The shield is 2.5 seconds long, which is enough time to run, or take a hit.
-Free flash! (With low cool downs)
-The reason I choose last is because it is a utility ability. And dmg is really the name of the game
-Adds survive ability
And the Ultimate.
Blade of Exile
-Gives range, allowing that final hit
-A work around to avoid turrets (will damage through walls)
-Anti Grieve (Rarely)
-Added attack speed for taking out buildings
-Good spread to hit everything in the funnel, and hard.
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2.1- Order of Abilities

I tend to rely on the Ki and Valor as my escape or damage keys, and Wings to charge in, however valor can be used to rush in, and then wings to seal the running creep. If needed, ultimate to pick off whats left.

Remember that she runs off of perfect timing, and burst (meaning use all you have to take out what comes your way.)

When running, Valor to absorb all hits, Ki to counter grieve, and Wings when there is a slow effect, or you just need out now.
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Gear Sequence

first grab either
Tenacity boots or CD Reduction Boots (Doran's blade is another option for life steal early on.)
(for the life steal)
then rush
Warmogs, the pike, or the phage
(all dependent on what looks weak, and how much cash inflow there is. And don't forget the phage gives health and damage)
Last Whisper or Infinity Edge (for crit happy moments) should be 3rd or 4th to grab, 40% armor pen works best in mid to late game.
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