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Teemo Build Guide by Mumaluka

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mumaluka

The extensive look into Teemo the Swift Scout

Mumaluka Last updated on September 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to my guide on Teemo the swift scout. Teemo excels with this build in pushing, damage to enemy champions, and map control. Although using this build Teemo is not focused to be very good at sustain he should still be putting down mushrooms at every chance he get's. If no body else on your team needs blue (unlikely) it is really nice to have as a bonus on Teemo. I can't stress enough the importance of map control and how much Teemo brings this to the table.

I hope you sincerely enjoy this guide, and learn something about this viable and reliable champion.

In the end I believe you will play how you want to. That's why we play games to have control over something and to bring our ideas into play as a community. I simply am sharing my ideas I have come up with since playing Teemo. Maybe to help you expand some ideas you have had and so i can get great feed back on my ideas as a fellow gamer. That is what i'm here to achieve and with your help i hope to learn and expand.

Kind regards, Luka.

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I strongly recommend you read the introduction before continuing with anything else in this guide.

The rune's i have chosen are purely targeted on damage. Reasoning Behind this is simply because that's what Teemo is here to achieve. I believe Teemo should be aimed at dealing as much damage as possible that is his role. building surviva'bility through his runes is not a trade i'm willing to make when early game they are what he need's to be a lane bully and harass the enemy team out of the lane and away from gold and XP.

I will not be going in to many alternitives siply because there is so much information that differ from what i am saying and i will let you create a teemo that you can excel with.

Swapping out the blues i use for straight magic resist is also viable. Also swapping the yellows for amour will suffice for a more tanky Teemo if that's possible.

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Like i have said if you read my section on the runes for Teemo, i also believe in Teemos mastaries you should be focusing on damage. that's why i use 21/0/9. To elaborate on my choices during the selection of my masteries page i will explain the reasoning behind what i have chosen as my masteries.

First off i go for the summoners wrath because i believe using ignite is extremely viable, the extra 5 AD and AP helps.
Then i follow the general AD tree you would expect for any ADC.

The utility side of things. Firstly i grab the 15 second's off flash's cool down. Followed by mana per level and then speed increases, because that builds on one of the roles Teemo does best, running around like he's on speed. Why i finish with the buff time increase is because if your having a good game which i don't see why you wouldn't be, then with this masterie you can greatly increases the time you have a buff. The main way you will probably obtain these buffs is though the killing of enemy champions who have obtained these buffs.

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Firstly i would like to say there is no set item's that you can recommend that will be viable in every single situation. What makes a good League of Legends player is simply adapting to the opposing team and building accordingly.
Doran's Blade
A very good opening item for this Teemo build. It offer's extra health, damage, and a little but of life steal. I recommended this in it's entirety. Knowing your opponent or opponent's before your fist buy can change what the best opening purchase is. For example if you are bottom lane ageists a squishy ADC and mobility is a big factor in winning this lane, boots and three health bot's will also suffice.
Berserker's Greaves
I prefer berserker's greaves (900) over any other boot's. Because the extra attack speed is needed to rack up kill's early and set you on the right coarse for mid game. They are well priced unlike what the alternative would be Mercury's Treads. Quite expensive indeed costing (1.2k) and i don't think they add to what I am trying to Build on Teemo. If you are going a tankyer rout they are quite viable. Getting off extra auto attacks because of attack speed is very important especially early when your attack speed is low you refresh your passive and it greatly increases your DPS.
This item is the first step into why this build Shreds enemy's health. This is of course because of the passive from Malady this passive does 20 bonus magic damage and reduce magic resistance by 6 for 8 seconds (maximum is 4 stacks). Along with the wit's end this lethal combination will do a lot of damage. This is the first key item i build because it gives nice attack speed bonus and compliments toxic shot. Something to keep in mind is that now your auto attacks are going to be doing a lot more damage then your Q. Because of this it is important not to use your Q unless it's needed. Example one using your Q to finish someone who is not in rang of your auto attacks. Two being, to use your Q affect to your advantage which is to stop the enemy from getting auto attacks off on you, your Q will blind them and they will not be able to land auto attacks on you for 2.5 seconds (at level 5).
Wit's End
For the most part the Wit's End does exactly the same as what the Malady does. Except the Wit's End gives you magic resist instead of lowering your opponents magic resist like the Malady. This is the second core item for my build it adds more damage to your auto attacks and also gives you magic resist, attack speed as well.
Frozen Mallet
When building the components for this item buying the phage first is generally the best idea. Because this adds the bonus of a slow proc which can be very helpful when kiting and generally chancing opponents down. the little extra health and attack damage fits in well also. Finishing this item and getting that Giant's Belt will see for a lot more health and rounding the build for more chances of survival during encounters and team fights. Also the health in this item works well with the next item which is Atma's Impaler.
Atma's Impaler
The first thing i would buy before getting this item is a Giant's Belt this will scale nicely with the finished Atma's Impaler. This is because 1.5% of your maximum health is converted in to AD that's also one of the reason's the finishing item in Warmog's Armor.
Warmog's Armor
This item gives you 920 health. Along with health regeneration and a lovely passive which grants you 3.5 health and 0.10 health regen per 5 sec per minion kill. Champion kills and assists grant 35 health and 1 health regen per 5 sec. these bonuses cap at 350 health and +10 healt regen per 5. This item is greatly paired with Atma's Impaler. You will round out your build to late game and get some nice AD in the process.


Noticeably berserker's greaves can be swapped out to a phantom dancer which will pair nicely with Atma's Impaler to give some crit chance. This should only be done when your build is finished and you have the money you need.

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Skill Use

Blinding Dart
Something to keep in mind is that your auto attacks are going to be doing a lot more damage then your Q once you have your Malady. Because of this it is important not to use your Q unless it's needed. Example one using your Q to finish someone who is not in range of your auto attacks. Two being, to use your Q affect to your advantage. Which is to stop the enemy from getting auto attacks off on you, your Q will blind them and they will not be able to land auto attacks on you for 2.5 seconds (at level 5). This ability scales off ability power.
Move Quick
Your W ability is to be used for escaping or chancing after enemy's or anything else that a quick burst of speed is handy for. Something to note is that your w gives a % bonus movement speed.
Toxic Shot
This ability is always activated and scales off ability power. It's affect is to add more damage to your auto attacks. I level this ability up first as it gives you the most DPS.
Noxious Trap
This is the ultimate ability. You place down a mushroom and it acts like a little ward, and when an enemy steps over it, it will explode and do damage. It scales off ability power. This is one of the most important aspects of Teemo it makes him who he is. Map control should never be under-estimated. It is one of the single most important Roles Of your team. Teemo is a great aspect to any team because of the great map control he has. Using this ability while in a close quarters fight, to lay it on them and do some extra damage can sometimes win a close fight. Not to mention the capability of this skill to ensure an escape when pushing a lane. The right mushroom placement can slow enemies so you are able to push and then return to safety.
Your passive makes you go into stealth if you sit in one spot without attacking or moving. The advantages of this is that you can be quite sneaky and when u break the steal you get an increased attack speed. Keep in mind that you can be reveled by oracles and by a pink ward. Also when in stealth people can still hit you with ability if they know your exact position.

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Summoner Spells

This is my summoner spell of choice when using Teemo the way i do. It offers an extra element to your already good DPS from Malady, Wit's End and your E ability. early game it can give you just the right amount of damage to get the first blood you need. I like it more then exhaust and surge because you can get a kill with it from range it is very diverse. Also it helps you kill enemy champions who will survive the fight with life steal.
This is the second ability i use when playing Teemo. I think it is 100% Superior to ghost. You can get away from a gank if you use this ability right. Flashing over walls will almost surly secure your safety. Also you can use this ability to catch up to enemy's to get that last auto attack or use ignite.
The only reason i would use Ghost is when i am below level 12 or new to the game with not much experience. This ability can be very useful when paired with flash i would only use it like this if i was new to playing a squishy champion like Teemo. With the Ghost Flash combo you can always escape but with long cool downs on both spells you have to wait a while to use this again.
This ability is the only other skill i would use for this Teemo build. You will be a lot stronger in 1v1's with this ability although i still think ignite is better. This skill can be used to slow enemy's down so your team can jump on them. Also good for shutting a key enemy play out of a team fight.

Alternative Spells
Teleport and Surge i think can also be viable on Teemo just not with this build. Teleport is good for pushing a lane very effectively. Surge is good for 1v1's early.

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Mushroom placement and general use

Teemo's mushrooms are one of his most important skills. As a teemo player you need to understand your role and step up to the plate.
Image:1 As you can see mushroom placement is being used here to ward out the map and to maybe slow and catch enemies off guard. These are some key places to deploy mushrooms. To get the best possible placement of mushrooms click on the spell. This only implies to you if you are using smart cast.

Image:2 The ramp, warding barron nasher, and also the general river can be done as shown. Remember that what i'm showing you is not always particle during a real game. In these images i am playing a bot and had all the freedom to place mushrooms in the exact place i wanted them. Just try to do what you think is most important and most particle at the time. This judgment makes a good Teemo player.

Image:3 This image shows the bottom half of the river. You will learn the best placement of mushrooms as you progress as a Teemo player. Using a variant and learning your own methods of mushrooming is what you need to keep in mind.

Image:4 Here i am trying to show the components of safe lane pushing. If u can see i have placed mushrooms in places which will show enemies running in and trying to stop me from pushing the lane. If you look on the mini map you can see the green dot in the tri bush running though this while trying to escape is a effective way of slowing down enemies and trying to ensure your safety. I hope this image gives you good idea's how to use Teemo's mushrooms to there greatest potential. Keeping one mushroom behind you directly in the lane is very important. Just make sure u keep the enemy minions pushed so they don't set it off.