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Orianna Build Guide by Kyroishie

The face melter (heavy ap)

The face melter (heavy ap)

Updated on June 15, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kyroishie Build Guide By Kyroishie 2,269 Views 0 Comments
2,269 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kyroishie Orianna Build Guide By Kyroishie Updated on June 15, 2011
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This is my first guide please don't troll me 2 hard. This guide focuses on heavy AP and mana through the archangel staff now by the time u get all of them u should have around 3000 mana and 500 AP that's a rough estimate. Also i only play 3v3s so this guide might not be as useful in a 5v5 i havent tried it.
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Early Game

You should try and get first blood so u can rush your Crystal scepter giving u a very clear advantage over the enemy team. Now if your soloing just harass and last hit creeps orianna is an amazing harasser especially early game now with that said dont get to cocky u cant melt faces yet.
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Mid Game

Now mid game you should be using your teammates to cast your spells throwing your enemy's off cast your shield on the teammate most likely to live not u can use command dissonance to do direct dmg to the enemy while staying out of harms way and helping your teammates if the enemy try's to run u can use your amazing support ability's to speed your teammate up and cast your ult to pull the enemy to them and possibly get the kill.
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Late Game

By now u have probably sold your crystal scepter and got your last archangel staff so this means you a asset in team fights being able to use a shield that blocks around 1000 dmg a slow and speed boost that also does lots of dmg now how u play this phase is completely up to you if u want to be a crazy dmg dealer better than most AP carries go for it if u want to be the greatest support on earth that can still kick anyone butt sure why not but how ever u choose to do this phase u will wreck kids.
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Pros / Cons

Now as with every build there are some pros and cons ill just hit a few

*Great farm ability(can clear a whole creep wave in 2 attks)
*Great harass ability
*Amazing dmg out put mid to late game
*Very large amounts of mana late game
*Low health early and late game shouldn't be a problem mid tho
*Relies on landing combos to do full dmg
*Not a n00b friendly character
*Can be stopped by stacking a **** load of magic resist
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I hope this guide helps u take your enemy's apart again this is my first guide and a risky one please don't troll me to hard and enjoy (please vote and comment i would like some feedback)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kyroishie
Kyroishie Orianna Guide
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The face melter (heavy ap)

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