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Ashe Build Guide by xlovingU

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xlovingU

The Frost Archer ( Read all chapters please)

xlovingU Last updated on November 22, 2011
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HEY GUYS! So this is another build of mine. Ashe is one of my mains and she has ridiculous damage output and her slows are amazing. I really like ashe. She's one of my favorites and I hope you guys like her too. Feel free to give me advice. I would like to make this build a lot better! she is pretty hard to play, but other than that, She is fun to play and she has lots of ccs.

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Editing Log

10/21/2011 - I first made this build.
10/22/2011 - Edited runes, tabs, items.
11/22/2011 - Changed masteries.

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    Fun to play
    Many CCs


    Targeted first in team fights

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Summoner Spells

Flash and ghost are really effective. Since ashe is kinda slow, these are great to rely on for escaping. Also, they are great to rely on for chasing, saving team, saving turrets, etc. There are other spells that are great for ashe, but my favorite are ghost and flash. Once again, very effective.

Other Suggestions
Teleport - I guess its ok when you need to gank fast or when you need to save a turret, etc.
Ignite - I don't really like it so much, but it gives you a chance of a kill
Exhaust - Good chance of survival or a kill

Other spells and why not to use it.
Clairoyance - Sure. its pretty effective, but not such a good thing for ashe.
Revive - ........... Ummmm no. I don't think so.
Clarity - Don't really need it during end game.
Promote - Never used it so idk
Smite - good for jungling. Not for laning.
Cleanse - Idk about this one too much either
Fortify - i guess good for saving turrets
Rally - Once again, never used it before so idk.

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Ganking Combo (Team fights and solo)

R>Q>W> E if neccessary
I like this ganking cobo very much, i get a lot of kills off of it.
So first, ulti them!! This will stun them for a shot period of time but enough to kill. Remember, if you feel uncomfortable about getting ganked when you ulti someone, tell a teammate to help you out. then, volley turn on your q and volley them. this has to be a fast proccess. volley to slow them down when they try to run away and when you q, its constant slowing. So yeah. Hawkshot if you can't figure out where they went. Guess. :]

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How to play!

So always take mid, however, if you have Karthus or someone that's meant to be mid, give it to them.

Anyways, always take mid. stay near turret and do not attack anything. when minions come by the turret, your passive will be fully charged. DO NOT ATTACK THE MINION FIRST! I REPEAT. DO NOT ATTACK THE MINION FIRST. ATTACK THE CHAMPION. You're passive gives you a percentage of crit chance. When minions come by, it will be 100% Farm up some money. Keep trying to harrass champ until one of the minions are lit. Then, you kill it. That's how i farm up some money.

When you're in team fights, always help out your team. When someone is being chased, ulti or volley. When team is chasing too far, warn them, etc. Ashe can help out very much but be very op and strong and deadly at the same time. Kinda like kat. ;]

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Bot lane or top lane

If you have to go bot or top, the item build will not matter but the way you play will! TRUST ME... IT WILL. So in mid, you're usually supposed to harass a lot. Do the same in bot or top. however, when mid says "I Think ......... is going ......." thats when you use hawkshot. Or when mid says mia. Pretend you're top. If bot says MIA and mid doesn't see him/her, use you're hawkshot if neccessary. Help out your laning partner a lot, give him/her some kills and feel free to get some for yourself.

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So this tab is pretty important.
I buy two Doran's Blades for some health, damage, and some life steal. Before i buy the second Doran's Blade, I get a boots of speed so that i can go to my lane faster. The Berserker's Greaves for some Attack Speed. Get a b.fand a vampiric scepter. the b.f is for some damage and vampiric scepter is for some lifesteal. Get and infinity edge for crit damage. then get a bloodthirster. Don't die withthis item. when this is farmed up, it's like getting another item. then, get a banshee's for some defense and get a phantom dancer for crit strike, attack speed, etc. Now, get another bloodthirster and farm it up again and i guarantee that you'll kil anyone 1 hit :D

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I got 21/0/9. 21 in the offense for the damage, crit, and cooldown. 9 in utility for some mana and extra stats on ghost. i get it because in the early game, ashe is very mana hungry especially if you play aggressive like me. So i get some on ghost and some for mana regen, mana, and some extra exp. 21 on Offense. It seemed like i was going to get op with these statistics! So i said WHY NAWWWWWWWTTTT?

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Greater Mark of Desolation: For some extra Armor Penetration. Ashe has a lot of crit chance and she need some Armor Pene and it seemed pretty effective.

Greater Seal of Replenishment: Gives some mana for early game.

Greater Glyph of Vitality: Gives health every time you level

Greater Quintessenc of desolation: More armor penetration :]

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Skill Sequence


From levels one through 6, I think that this is the best order for ashe. So i get W first (Volley) this is for the harass. When you start a game and you go mid, the best way to win your opponent is to harass them. The q (Frost Shot) is great when you're fighting and you need to chase, or run away. Then once you get to level 3, there are going to be some MIAS. so for some map awareness, I get a e (Hawk Shot). Sooo, after that, i get 2 more on w (Volley). after level 6, i max out my w (Volley) for some more damage. then, i max out q (Frost Shot) and then e (Hawk Shot) last because one on hawk shot is enough.

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Hehe. I hope you liked my build, and i hope you like ashe too. She is a very fun character and I love to play her and yeah. So have fun with her, once again, feel free to give me some advice in the comments.

Thanks for reading!
Hope you like ashe!
Have Fun!
Good luck!~