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Hecarim Build Guide by alterego18

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author alterego18

The Ghost Rider (Successful Jungler Path) [UPDATED!]

alterego18 Last updated on April 23, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Ok, so I gonna write short and clear intro so you won't lose much time.

Hecarim is a melee dps character which I think feels most comfortable as a jungler. Despite a huge size (outlook) of this champion, Heca is extremely weak early game but able to deal tons of direct and aoe (Q skill) damage starting from mid game till the end of it.

I refer him as one of the most important characters during the teamfights in late game. Beacause of his ULTY which affects enemy champion(s) with 1 sec of fear and deals some damage as well (regarding to this particular build), it allows you and your teammates to take out the most prioritized enemy champions easily and leave others for dessert.

Another advantage of Heca's ulty, after you cast it, you mix within everyone so it is hard for the enemy to point you out, you can start taking out champs which you find right.

IMPORTANT When in the queue, always communicate with your teammates, reason being is that Heca works perfectly in symbiosis with certain champions like: Galio, Nunu, Rumble, Gankplank, Ashe, Brand, Anivia. By mixing both ulties you will achieve insane results. So try to convince teammates to make the right pick, either go for it yourself if Hecarim is taken.
(Personally, LOVE having Galio in my team when playin Heca)

Unfortunately we had a leaver last game, but survived up to 50 min and managed to destroy enemy inhibitor 2 times!

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A lot of people refer Hecarim as a tanky champ rather then dps. I totally disagree with this trend!

"SHORT INTRO" - (What I really don't like about official champion spotlights - is that they usually recommend non sufficient runes. They always recommend to have bit of this and that instead of giving some extra oumph to particular champion potential)

So here what I suggest for runes:

3x Greater Quintessence of Desolation
9x Greater Mark of Desolation
9x Greater Glyph of Might
9x Greater Seal of Might

Heca has low armor and medium amount of HP at starting point so if you build TANK, you basically fill the gaps, it means that you aquire missing points but not getting something really significant.

Instead! Give this guy something he will thank you for - DAMAGE.

Desolation Marks and Quintessences are the best for damage dealers, you will not be only easily piercing mid and bot champs armors but also slap hard those jungle creeps.

Greater Glyphs and Seals of Might??? As already mentioned, Heca is able to play an important role in your team, but only if he's able to threaten the enemy, give this guy something he can swing his "Q" with!

Also, you have 70% Crit Chance as soon as you get your "Trinity Force" "Infinity Edge" and "Phantom Dancer" together you can try having a full page of Critical Damage runes, 47% additional crit damage can do incredible things.

Why not movement speed runes?

With this build you will have exactly 500 movement speed, in my opinion it's more then enough, you'd rather like to have something that gives constant damage. REMEMBER! If Hecarim is affected with slow, he loses his bonus damage from his passive!!! If you're in pvp against somebody with frozen mallet, even if you are not moving, you still get your dmg reduced untill effect ends.

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Let's squeeze everything we can out of the masteries, I highly recommend this setup - 9/14/7

Offence: Summoner's Wrath is very important for your Summoner Ghost spell, It always good to have SW enabled as even if you go for another spell selection you don't miss a shot!

+ 3 Attack damage / 4% Attack speed / +10% Armor penetration *Very Important*

Defence: Summoner's Resolve, take it for extra 10 gold each time you use smite. If you don't need extra cash, up once either magic res or armor, but i recommend to take it as 1 extra point don't really play an important role in the whole composition.

Durability + 108 extra Health points at level 18 -> Veteran Scar's +30 Health points at level 1! Always Helpful! Vigor + 3 extra Health points regen per 5 sec and ofcourse Initiator 2/3 (Very important for ganks as it gives extra movement speed).

Utility: Go for 3/3 Expanded Mind + 216 mana at level 18, very important mastery for a jungler, remember that you gain extra mana while lvling - at lvl 9 you have + 108 mana points = 4 extra "Q"

Good Hands - up one point just to reach the target. Swiftness, put the rest 3 points on it which gives extra 1.5% movement speed.


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Start with Cloth Armor and 5x Health Potions -> Get Boots for better mobility (for ganks) -> Madred's Razors (get them as soon as you have enough money, allows you to chop creeps fast and easy) -> Go for Mercury's Treads either for Wriggle's Lantern -> Zeal or B. F. Sword both are good, with zeal you get a good ammount of movement and attack speed and a tiny ammount of damage, with b. f. sword you get a solid ammount of damage but no movement or attack speed bonuses, still it is better for your "Q" but less helpful while ganking. Anyway, get both as soon as you have enough money and continue with completing -> Trinity Force. Go for another -> Zeal -> Now try to finish your Infinity Edge, if you have a hard match, go for Giant's Belt (Always use free slots of your inventory), finish infinity edge later on. -> Set em ablaze, finish your Sunfire Cape -> Last stop Bloodthirster, by this time your inventory should be full, so don't rush with selling your lantern, if you don't have at least 2.000 gold, lantern won't cover the price of BT, you will loose either damage, either vampirism so keep it untill you have 2.000 gold then change it for Bloodthirster

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Skill Sequence

"Q" is your main skill for farming, take it at level 1 and up it starting from level 4.
"W" deals AOE magic damage and heals you for some period of time, helpfull at very low levels, take it at level 2 but up it when lvl 14
"E" increases your movement speed for a short period dealing damage + damage from your passive and knocking your enemy back upon collision. Useful both for ganking and farming, as gives one more source for damaging creeps, take it at level 3 and up it at level 9, 10, 12 and 13.
"R" is your ultimate, perfect for teamfights, ganks and great escapes, take it at level 6, 11 and 16.

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Summoner Spells

"GHOST" is the best skill for jungler in my opinion, especially for Hecarim, you can use both "GHOST" and "E"
at the same time to maximize the effect of your ulty.

"SMITE" Always go for it, with any jungler, helps you to farm faster and gives you extra money (Depending on Masteries setup)

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Start by getting the blue buff, remember that you're quite squishy at start so don't be shy to ask your teammates for a good pull and also ask either bot or top laners to deal some damage for a faster start. Don't be greedy and start using Health potions once being hit by golem. Continue by killing wolves, use your "W" it will prevent HP lose in a fight. Continue using your potions and recover your HP. Next stop - Ghosts, easy to kill so it shouldn't take long, then - go for golems, use your smite again. Once finished, you should get level 3, up your "E" and look if there's a possibility to gank (don't foget to wait a bit, till potion recovers you some HP). Go for Ghosts - Wolves - Ghosts and return to SHOP. Buy more HP pots if needed, don't be shy, Heca is hard to play early game but is much fun later on!

Follow the item build provided, it will help you to farm fast and easy.


*Don't go counter-jungling if enemy jungler is alive.
*When in late game teamfights, don't rush with your ulty, wait for the right moment so you can affect more enemy champs.
*Don't forget about the teamplay, especially if there is: Galio, Nunu, Rumble, Gankplank, Ashe, Brand, Anivia in your team.
*After casting ulty in the teamfight, try focusing support and use "E" on him to keep him away from his team.

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