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Teemo Build Guide by Metanite

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Metanite

The Global Taunt

Metanite Last updated on June 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hey everyone, this is my first time making creating a guide, and I hope you can look through my errors and stupidiness. I have decided to use Teemo! "But Meta, you suck at Teemo!" Shut it, no one asked you. I have decided to build teemo more as a tank, while leaving him with enough damage. I hope you enjoy!

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Pros and cons of Teemo

Alright. This build has many, many flaws in it that I only have time to name one.

Pros: Lots of damage put out if no one focuses him.
Has a lot of utility.
Lots of movement speed.
Free wards.
You can actually own that Master Yi!

Cons: Very Squishy. Like a plush teemo <3
Has Global Taunt.
Gets focused.
Is hated.
U Vlad?

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Pros and Cons of Meta's Teemo

I build teemo tanky, so all that squishy nonsense is gone. However, he is still hated and has a global taunt, which means they will actually be focusing the tanky guy :D!

Pros: Tanky
Global Taunt
Has a lot of utility.
Lots of movement speed.
Free wards.
You can actually own that Master Yi!

Not as much damage as usual Teemo builds.

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Teemo's Runes

Armor Pen Red, are my usual reds. However, Magic Pen might also work.
I run Mana regen yellows, because I have troubles with mana early game. You may also want dodge, armor, or health yellows. Magic Resist is also fine.
Magic resist blues are very useful for him, since he is so squishy.
I find myself using CD blues more though. Mana Regen blues are also fine.
For quints, I like to use health quints, since you are still squishy early game. Armor Pen, movement speed may also be good.

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Alright, this is my first guide as I told you. I have no idea how to put pictures of items in here.... Uhhh.........


My usual build would be.

Dorans blade: For last hits and health.

Bezerker boots, Ionian boots, Mercury Treads: It all depends on your playstyle, Ionia is for shrooms. Bezerker boots are for damage. Mercury is for high CC teams.

Wits End: You need Magic Resist, otherwise you will blow up as teemo. The atk spd and extra bonus damage is nice too.

Warmogs: Okay, here you might be thinking " Meta! You Crazy! And you still suck at Teemo." Even though that is infact true, warmogs is a great item on teemo. He farms fast, and he needs the extra hp. People will focus him, and your team will destroy them.

Atmas: With warmogs, this will give you tons of damage. The armor is also good so you don't blow up.

Frozen Mallet: Ad, Hp, and a 100% chance slow. It supports ur Atmas, and is just overall a great item :D

Banshees: You need this, even though you have Wit's End. It also supports your Atmas!

Only two items can be removed from this build without ruining it's purpose.

Wit's end can be replaced for Guinsoo's Rageblade, Hextech Gunblade, Madreds Bloodrazor, Bloodthirster, Last Whisper, Malady, Nashor's tooth.

Banshee's veil can be replaced for and item that provides lots of defense, incase their team is AD heavy.

Guinsoo's Rageblade: Hybrid, good for mixed teams.
Hextech: If you find yourself always low on HP early game.
Madreds: Tanky teams
Bloodthirster: Squishy team, and you need more damage.
Last Whisper: When all the people are building armor.
Malady: Cheap, good for when your not farming well.
Nashors tooth: For you shroom addicts.

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How to be a good boy as Teemo and poison the enemies.

Early game: Stay back in your lane, only going for last hits. I like to grab mid or solo, since you can't farm much in a duo lane. (Lots of harrass) If your team betches about who soloes, then you have to go bot. Focus on farming, if your lane partner wants to be aggresive, help him, and continue farming.

Mid Game: Hehe, if you were a good boy at farming, you will have your Wits end, and part of your warmogs if not all by now. Go around planting mushrooms anywhere around the jungle. Most people will know usual mushroom spots, and you have to surprise them. Though always keep one near dragon and baron. Having them in bushes is priority.

Late Game: Well, you can't die anymore, and the enemy team will still be focusing you.
In teamfights, blind the AD carry, and keep shooting darts at him. Putting a shroom in the middle of the fight is also very useful. Activate move quick to chase the enemy or run away from an enemy. Hopefully, your team is reliable and can kill the enemy team and push to victory. :D

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Well that is my guide...

And can someone please tell me how to put pictures in my sections >.<?
Please vote, and support why you think I am mental and need to go to the doctors.
I figured I am quite mental, since I forgot about 3 sections of an important guide. I am such a failure :(!

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Wait what, I forgot my skills?

Okay... lets do this.

I like poison. You will max that first. I will kick you if you don't.
I like darts, I will shoot you with them if you don't max them second.
I like moving quickly, you better max move quick third.

"Meta you ******, you forgot about Mushrooms." Well if you had half a brain, you would know to max those first!

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What, I also forgot Summoner Spells?

Alright, Teemo is very squishy early game.
I get: Ghost and Flash.
Why? For survivability.
Now anything that you like is fine, Exhaust, ignite, clarity, cleanse, teleport.

Don't get Revive, Rally, Fortify, or Clairavoyance.
Why? I am too lazy to explain to you, just don't!

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What, I also forgot Masteries??????

Well just go 9/0/21.
Magic Pen is good on Teemo :D
Grab the AP instead of crit, unless otherwise. (What?)
Get the Cooldown Reduction.
Exhaust mastery if your getting exhaust.

Utility: Good Hands. I swear, this is better than that +1 health regen thing.
Ghost, unless your not getting it. In that case, you may get the useless regen thing.
Get teleport mastery, if your getting tele.
Get the boosted experience, which is always awesome.
Mana regen to help Teemo's early game troubles.
Greed, gold is awesome.
All summoner cooldown reductions. Flash mastery if your getting that.
Put the rest of your points in the jungle duration thing.

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Well yeah...

This is kind of awkward.. Well thats it. Hope you enjoyed?