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Riven Build Guide by SnazzyRo

The Godlike, Pentakill, Exile Riven Build

By SnazzyRo | Updated on March 1, 2012

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There are dozens of ways to build Riven, so why bother with this build? Because it's bloody amazing. It takes a while, and many people will argue that attack speed and crits are not good on Riven, but if you farm and get a few kills/assists early games, you should be able to build the first few items by 20 minutes, and after that its much easier to farm.
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For runes I take Attack damage Marks, Defense Seals, Magic Resistance Glyphs and CD reduction Quintessence. I choose to have all these runes to give immediate bonuses rather than to scale per level as they help sustainability early game and you hit quite hard as well - hence you can farm faster and build faster. Something I don't see many Riven's build is CD reduction - it's bloody stupid if you don't build CD reduction... she doesn't use any mana or energy or fury. With CD reduction you can just spam your Q, Stun more frequently with your W and escape or chase enemies faster with your E.
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For masteries I go 24/6/0, putting a point to master Exhaust and putting 3 points for defense and 3 for Magic resistance. This gives me more attack damage, improves my exhaust summoner spell to be able to escape or chase easier and more effectively, and gives me more sustainability early game.
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This is my first guide so if any of you can tell me how to add the item pictures that would be great. Due to her nerf you want to have a lot of damage so it is still justifiable to level up W first. As you know, Riven's W has been nerfed so it does 40 less damage, and while her Q has been buffed, it is not necessairily good to level it up first as leveling it does not actually decrease it's CD. This means it does not stack too well with her passive, and considering it is not that easy to be able to hit one champion with all three Q's then it is still better to level W. To make up for the decrease in the damage for W you should buy one Doran's blade, and then buy boots. After that buy two Doran's blade. Although when you sell all three Doran's blades you lose more than 600 gold, this should be easy to redeem if you jungle a bit or gank and get a kill. Also remember to last hit. After building Doran's blade finish your Ionian Boots of Lucidity. The reason it is important to build these boots is because Riven has no mana so you want to be able to spam her attacks, and having 15% CD reduction makes this the ideal boots to have. Build Youmuu's for the CD reduction, movement speed and attack speed activation, and then start to build Blood Thirster and then Infinity Edge. You should sell your Doran's Blades as you start running out of inventory space but keep them as long as possible. Build 2 Phantom Dancers and sell your boots since the Phantom Dancers give you more than enough movement speed. The reason you build two Phantom Dancers is because with the bonus from Infinity Edge, you hit 100% critical strikes at almost 2 attacks per second. Due to your runes, Infinity Edge and your Blood thirster, most auto attacks hit 1000 + crits, meaning you do massive damage output and heal yourself 250 hp per attack (which means 500 hp per second)! For your last item consider building another Blood Thirster as the Life Steal is really good, though if the enemy has built a thornmail consider building another Blood Thirster right after the first one. This is because Thornmail reflects 30% of the damage you deal, but if you have more than 30% life steal you wont kill yourself (as you would if you didn't have any life steal). If the enemy has stacked HP with items such as Warmogs consider building Madred's Bloodrazer as it deals 4% of the enemies HP as magic damage. Sorry Cho'Gath. Remember to activate Youmuu's whenever you can and as you are not the tankiest champion in the world try not to necessairily initiate team fights but get into the middle of them when they have targeted someone else. Keep in my your ult activation, Q's and W are all AOE and you have a shield with your E so do not be afraid to jump into the mosh pit as your W is really effective for stunning and your Q hits pretty hard as well.
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Skill Sequence

I put my first point in Broken Wings so I can have a higher mobility and get stacks for my passive. I then put a point in either Ki Burst or Valor, depending on how low my HP is the moment I level and who I am laning against. At level 3 I put a skill point in the ability that I have not yet given a point to, and then proceed to max out Ki Burst as fast as possible (putting a point on my ulti at level 6, 11 and 16 ofcourse). Every time I cannot level my Ki Burst I put points in Broken Wings, therefore maxing it second and finishing off by maxing Valor at level 18. The reason I choose to max Ki Burst first is that it has CD reduction every level, hits really hard and has a pretty nice .5 second AOE stun, which helps in chasing or to escape. I max valor last since I clearly do not value defense as much (hence my pure AD build), but if you are having a bad early game you might consider putting more points in Valor to have a bit more durability.
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Summoner Spells

I usually go with Exhaust and Flash. I used to hate Exhaust until I realised how bloody useful it is. You can choose what you think is best though based on what you are comfortable with. If you would like to switch Flash out for ignite or teleport that is your choice, but I tend to stick with Flash. Best thing to go with is Clarity (clearly a joke) and AP Build (Also a joke, please don't do this).

As of Flash's nerf I have started using either Ignite, Heal, or Surge depending on who I am going to lane with and whether I want to play an aggressive game or a careful game (ex: normal vs ranked). You might not consider surge since its mostly for mages, but the attack speed is nice. As for heal it has been buffed and although I question my masculinity whenever I use it it is a lifesaver. Your choice, but I stick with exhaust no matter what. I also use ignite so that both my masteries can benefit from the one point I put in offence.
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Farming is an important thing to do if you want to use my build, as it is a very expensive build. To farm I tend to just spam my abilities (except for my ulti ofcourse) and auto attack as much as possible to take advantage of my passive. Try your best to last hit, and if you are surrounded by minions and have maxed out Ki Burst you can kill them all with your W and your Q to finish them off. What I tend to do if I don't have a jungler on my team is go and kill the small Golems and Wraiths at around level 3. If you are having a bad early game, this is an excellent way to farm gold and recover mid and late game. I've had games where Jungling has brought me up from 0/2/0 to 12/5/4 more than once, so farm as much as possible. If you can grab the blue or red buff around level 6, but make sure it is alright with your teammates. Blue buff is pretty cool since it gives more CD reduction, and the Red buff works immensly as well. Usually by the time you build Youmuu's you should be able to solo dragon, and doing so grants 190 + 25 gold, so do this as much as possible (get help from team if you are scared of getting ganked). Keep in mind it requires 40 kills to build up your Blood Thirster, so farm as much as you can once you buy it.
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Riven is a powerful champion, but is sadly built and used wrongly. With high attack damage, high attack speed, and high life steal she is practically unstoppable. If you follow this guide you will have durability and decent attack early game, be pushing and KOing other champions mid game, and scaring the **** out of other champions while hitting 1,200+ crits every attack by late game. I am open to suggestions and in no way claim this to be the only way to build Riven - You can make her tankier or give her more life steal or attack speed or whatever; its up to you. Would appreciate if you rate and leave comments, thank you.
League of Legends Build Guide Author SnazzyRo
SnazzyRo Riven Guide

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The Godlike, Pentakill, Exile Riven Build
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