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Yorick Build Guide by Urk3Magic

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Urk3Magic

The Gravedigger's Revenge

Urk3Magic Last updated on April 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi guys, this is my guid for playing Yorick.
I had a little help from my bro... so I hope you like it.
Feel free to coment and rate... :D

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The work of gravediggers is essential amongst the living, but invaluable in the Shadow Isles. There are many shades of death there, and each is embraced rather than feared or reviled. One can only ascend from one state to the next with the magical aid of a skilled professional. At the end of the first Rune War, Yorick Mori made his living as a gravedigger. His family owned and maintained the Final Rest Memorial, one of the oldest cemeteries in Valoran. The shovel he employed for his work had been passed down for generations. Each gravedigger taught his son that this shovel was imbued with the spirit of every forefather, and that those spirits would protect him during the long lonely nights amongst the tombstones. To his eternal regret, Yorick died without an heir, bringing the proud Mori line to a close. His body was interred with his shovel in the family mausoleum, and the Final Rest Memorial soon fell to ruin. Death, however, was not the end Yorick had expected.

Yorick emerged on the haunted shores of the Shadow Isles - not quite dead, definitely not alive - still clutching his beloved shovel. He soon learned that with it he could act as a ferryman for the Isles' undead denizens, helping them climb death's many-tiered ladder. This proved a curse, as a gravedigger must ''bury his quota'' before he too can ascend, or so the legend goes. No one knows what ''his quota'' is. Yorick dug tirelessly, waiting in vain for the day when he would be freed of his burden. As decades turned to centuries, the shame of his failures came to a head. He returned to Valoran to find his corpse, convinced that salvation might be buried with it. When he arrived, no trace remained of either the mausoleum or the memorial. Hope nearly lost, he discovered the League of Legends, and there saw an opportunity to immortalize the family name he allowed to be forgotten ages ago.

''Die first, then we'll talk.''
- Yorick

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- Can be an amazing farmer with ghouls and nice AD.
- Great pusher.
- Ultimate can change the outcome of a fight.
- Great 1v1 champ
- Amazing sustain in lane.
- Can be built pretty tanky with only a couple items.
- AMAZING harass.
- Passive makes him super tanky in team fights.


- Can be Mana starved if you do not build tears/Manamune.
- No escape abilities (besides slow ghoul).
- W ghoul scales with AP and will basically only be used for the slow late game.
- Q is great but only gives movement speed when you hit them.
- Ultimate can be buggy and wasted if not used wisely

So as you can see Yorick is a great overall champion and has some Cons like most champions. If you play correctly you can have almost flawless games.

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- Unholy Covenant(Passive) : Yorick deals bonus damage on his attacks for every ghoul active, additionally all of Yorick's ghouls scale of his own health and damage.

- Omen of War(Q) : Causes Yorick's next attack to deal bonus damage, and summons a spectral ghoul which moves quickly and deals bonus damage. While the ghoul is out Yorick moves faster.

- Omen of Pestilence(W) : Damages and slows enemies in an area, and summons a ghoul that continues to slow enemies around it.

- Omen of Famine(E) : Damages target enemies, heals Yorick for a percentage of that damage and summons a ghoul that heals Yorick for the damage that it deals.

- Omen of Death(R-Ultimate) : Creates a clone of target ally Champion for a few seconds. If the ally dies and the clone is alive, the clone sacrafises it self and temporrery reanimates the ally.

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- Regrowth Pendant : This item gives you 15 health regen per second.
Helps you sustain in lane.

- Philosopher's Stone : Regrowth Pendant builds into this item and further incrases your health regen, gives you 8 mana rengen and 10 gold every 5 seconds.
So this is a wery healpful item when laining against a haras enemy.

- Mercury's Treads : This is a good item it gives you 25 magic ressist, it's good if you lane against a ap, mage champion. You can use Ninja Tabi if you lane against a ad champ this gives you 25 armor and 10% redused damage.
The tipe of boots depends of the champ you lane against.

- Trinity Force : This item gives you 30 Ability Power, 30 Attack Damage, 30 Attack Speed, 15 Critical Strike Chance, 250 Health, 250 Mana, 12 Movement Speed Multiplier.
This is a wery good all-around item.

- Youmuu's Ghostblade : This item gives you 30 Attack Damage, 15 Critical Strike Chance. UNIQUE Passive: 15% Cooldown Reduction and +20 Armor Penetration. And when you activate it gives 20% movement speed and +50% attack speed for 4 seconds. Attacking enemies with melee attacks increases the duration by 2 seconds to a maximum of 8 seconds.
More Crits.

- Force of Nature : This item i great it gives you 40 Health Regeneration, 76 Magic Resistance, 8 Movement Speed Multiplier.
Just the boost you need to stay longer in battle.

- Randuin's Omen : Gives you 75 Armor, 350 Health, 25 Health Regeneration. UNIQUE Passive: 5% Cooldown Reduction and 20% chance on being hit to slow the attacker's movement and attack speed by 35% for 3 seconds. UNIQUE Active: Slows movement speeds and attack speeds of surrounding units by 35% for 2 seconds + 0.5 seconds for each 100 Armor and Magic Resist. 60 second cooldown. (500 Range)
A defensefly good item.

- Last Whisper : Gives you 40 Attack Damage +40% Armor Penetration.
More damage = more kills.

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Summoner Spells

The best summoner spells are Flash and Teleport. Of course you can pick other ones, but these are in my opinion best in slot.
Optional you can also use other summoner spells like Ghost, but Yorick's Q spell give him enough movementspeed.

Best in slot:

- With this summoner spell Yorick gets more flexible. With this summoner spell you have also Ghost in it. You can port into melee range and spamm your Q spell and get the movementspeed.

- This summoner spell is perfect for solo top. Yorick did not go back to base that often, but if he goes one time back you are currently back to farm creps and getting experience. Mostly you go back to buy new items.


- Optional you can use this summoner spell, but it's redundant. With the Q spell the whole effect of Ghost is replaced. However, the Q spell in combination with Flash is much powerfull, because it could be used for safety ganks. You can port yourself into melee range and across the slow and moventspeed abilities the enemy almost can't escape. Additionally Yorick deals much dmg in the most kinda situations before someone could come to help.

- Of course with this summoner spell you have a great dot, but the ghouls are working like a dot and you can use them much often.

All other summoner spells are almost barred, because they are senseless and not as usefull as the rest.

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Play Style

Early Game

Yorick is a solo champ. He isn't a great laner cause: he needs too farm early game so you cant lane with a carry, can't be a support nor tank early game because he is too squishy for that job and doesnt got any support spells.
Ok now we concluded that he is a solo top char, lets go talk about how too play him at that spot or atleast how i play him at that spot.

First focus on poking the enemy but keep last hitting, you coud last hit with your ghouls but i prefer just you're auto attack. Why? Cause every ghoul you use too poke some one with for last hitting is less dmg too your enemy. Use your lifesteal always on your enemy champion it prefends him from last hitting for a few seconds. Keep buying minimal 1 ward everytime you recal you need this too spot ganks as fast as possible.

Mid Game

If you did it right you kept your turret alive got ganked a few times and killed one of them once or twice. Now its time 2 push their turret. Know where the enemy is and if you know you can dmg the turret do it, hit it a few times cast your ulti and hit him a few times run back and keep doing this after a while the turret is down and you have an advantage in top lane congratz!

If all goes wrong; you got ganked, got killed, got under farmed. You need too defend as hell. Stay at turret but keep poking and use lifesteal the normal stuff actually.

Late Game

Late game you maybe lost one turret at your top lane. You shoudnt loose more than one cause then you are doing something really wrong. I once stayed in lane for 24 minutes straight on. So if I can do sure hell you can do it.

Ok focus late game yes this is when ganking happens always use your ulti on your ad carry like Vayne or Twitch, Ashe you name it dont use it on your tank nor support cause its useless they do no dmg.
You are a good offtank build and still with alot of dmg for a gravedigger.
You can but i dont prefer it too initiate. But come in as a fast second use your AOW skill when they are clumped together heal spel and Q them too death. Go for the carry's or semi carry's (assasin) now after 2 seconds in the fight ulti your ad carry and use your alt key on the one your carry is attacking or your carry is getting attacked by. Why? If your carry dies you go from 175% output too a 10 second 100% output when the carry dies.
So this is kinda a support spell and this is why Yorick isn't a useless champion.

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Masteries and Runes

For Runes I take armor penetration marks, flat armor seals, flat magic resist glyphs and armor penetration quintessence this runes make me wery strong in early game.

My Masteries are 9 - 0 - 21

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Hope you like it!