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League of Legends Build Guide Author Juba

The Greek warrior Pantheon

Juba Last updated on December 19, 2010
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Hey all, my first build which consists of large AD and also of good mana regen, which is important for Pantheon since he runs out of mana very fast at the beginning.

First i'll start off with the summoner spells.

Exhaust - Probably the best summoner spell for Pantheon, because with Exhaust he can catch up his enemies, or use it as a "lifesaver" to slow & blind the enemy while ghosting away to safety.

Ghost - "Why ghost instead of flash?" Well its optional. Flash can be great for catching enemies and also it will become handy as an escaping tool. But if we compare these two on the hands of Pantheon, I think ghost is a little bit better in my opinion, because it lasts longer. (flash goes forward abit but ghost lasts for 14 seconds and gives huge movement speed aswell as ignores unit collision.)

Moving on to the masteries..

Its a pretty basic 21/8/1
Took Haste from the utility tree just to boost the Ghost spell.
Also spent 8 points in defensive tree, just so it gives pantheon a little bit more endurance.
The main tree is Offensive, from where you get alot of attack damage, ARP (armor pen.) and also it boosts your exhaust spell.


First things first. Mana regen is _very_ important for Pantheon at start, but when the match goes on, it becomes less important.

I usually start off with meki pendant and 1x health potion and 1x mana potion, by doing this I can stay on the lane usually up to level 7 depends on their harrasment or how agressive they are. Then I upgrade the meki pendant to Tear of Goddess, or if I can, straight to manamune. Then the next item we're gonna go for is Sword of the Occult, but keep in mind , if you are not an agressive player or you know you are not going to get alot of kills, go straight for Youmuu's. The next item you should get is Black cleaver, that's just because of the huge AD its has, and also the Armor reduction stack, usually the game ends here, but if it continues , get BT if possible. And if you don't take Sword of the Occult, I'd pick Banshee's veil.

Heres some other items you can buy for Pantheon;

Randuin's Omen - Gives Panth alot more survivability and the active is great for Panth aswell.

Stark's Fervor - Really good item for Panth, I go for this one usually, because you can get it easily in early game and also reduces the nearby enemies armor by 20 and gives you a bunch of other bonuses such as lifesteal and attack speed.

Frozen Mallet - Again, gives Panth more survivability aswell as slows the enemies down so you can catch them up easier.

Skill order

Allways take Spear shot as first ability, it's a great harrassing ability at early game. Next you should pick Aegis of Zeonia because of the stun effect, this is the ability with what you'll get your first blood if your laning friend helps you out a bit. Next up is Heartseeker which is absolutely great for lasthitting minions. Next up is your Ultimate, Grand Skyfall, which deals inasne damage even on the first rank, but only if you jump on your enemies correctly (Bind/stun, see useful information).

Useful information

DO NOT JUNGLE WITH PANTHEON.Just don't. Hes not made for jungling.
Allways go with a champion who can slow/bind/stun, so you catch up enemies if your exhaust is on cooldown.
Probably one of the worse champions to fight against with Pantheon are Vladimir and Mordekaiser.


Early game

I buy meki pendant and two pots (1hp 1mana) and take Spear shot as my first ability, which is great for harrasing the other team champions that are laning against you.
With meki pendant and two pots, you can stay on the lane pretty long.
At level 3 you have all of your available abilities, and this is the point where you can try to go for the First Blood kill. I usually W at my enemy, following with E and then Q, sometimes your laning partner might get it , if your spear doesnt finish him off with a crit.

Mid game

It's usually the same as early game, you might get a kill or two with your ulti, its very good for scattering enemies off you dying teammates.

End game

Your ultimate deals insane amount of damage at this point but you still can't just jump into the middle of a team fight, because at lvl 18 Panth's hp amount isn't really big. Pantheon is deadliest around 14-17 level. You should also be able to solo drake if needed.


19.12.2010 - Guide released
19.12.2010 - Fixed a few typos