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General Guide by Darkwhitezie

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Darkwhitezie

The guide to challenger; Darkwhitezie's famous guide

Darkwhitezie Last updated on June 17, 2015
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Table of Contents
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Chapter 1

This chapter is about in game rules.
1. You have to un-install your game for a better game play
- How do you do that? Very simple, first of all, go to your control panel, find uninstall programme. Afterwards, delete LoL. After deleting LoL, you will see riot games private message via phone stating that the LoL community has gotten way better than before.
2. If you are too lazy to uninstall LoL, you also can apply for a fountain guard job. Fountain guard are easy to do. All you need is to stand there. Enemy team will not dare to jump in to attack you. The pro's call it 'AFK'. Careful, you cant every match be a fountain guard.
3. If you are against an enemy blitzcrank, do flash into it hook. Most of the pro's will think that would be an stupid idea, however if you get hook, people will think you as an legendary player, as most of the enemy team will start clapping for your 'amazing plays'.
This chapter has been verified by player Darkwhitezie. You can find him on SEA server.

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Chapter 2

This chapter is more on carrying noob team tips.
1. Flare at them. Sometimes you have to rage in order to get them listening to your commands. Sentences such as, 'geegee noob team' and 'f*** my noob team' or such as 'report my team'. Your teammates will start listening to you because they know, you are from challenger.
2. Most important of all, feed. Feeding is the most dominating way of make your teammates understand your command. Some of your teammate might have see this guide or other guides to flare at you. So all you can do is to feed. Feeding will make your teammates wake up their ideas.
3. Type all your in caps. You will make your teammates scared and horrified. This is how you can command your teammates to do stuff for you like a dog.
4. Purposely dont save your weak teammates. Every teammate is weak. Remember that.
This chapter has been verified by player Darkwhitezie. You can find him on SEA server.

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Chapter 3

'Coming Soon To You' -Darkwhitezie
Challenger in korea.


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