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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Dr. Mundo Build Guide by mahyar

The guide to platinum solo que elo with Dr. Mundo

The guide to platinum solo que elo with Dr. Mundo

Updated on April 28, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author mahyar Build Guide By mahyar 4 3 9,153 Views 4 Comments
4 3 9,153 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author mahyar Dr. Mundo Build Guide By mahyar Updated on April 28, 2012
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Some of you are wondering is Dr.Mundo viable? The answer is yes and he is the reason why I have the platinum color for solo que. His cleaver really good for kiting and poking people. His burning agony clears the jungle way too fast which can lead to more counter jungling or ganks. His Masochism is a huge AD bonus steroid that is amazing for ganks and team fights. The ultimate on Dr.Mundo is a fast cooldown. It prevents him from dying when it is up.
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Most people believe junglers must have yellow armor runes. Mundo does not need it since I start cloth armor on him with hp pots. Yellow hp per level will boost your hp really well since most people start ganking at level 4+ on Mundo. The yellow hp per level will give your more hp than the flat one really early in the game. The flat red, purple, blue should give you around 700+ hp at level 1. It is not easy killing someone with 700 hp trust me at level 1 ganks.
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I take the magic pen in the offensive tree for his cleavers and burning agony to do more damage. Later in the game it is going to be his cleaver and masochism that are doing the damage but it helps his early game clears and ganks.
In the defensive tree I tried stacking as much HP bonus as I could for Mundo's passive.
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I start Cloth armor + HP POTS to clear to jungle at the beginning since I dont use yellow armor runes.

I upgrade cloth armor into ninja tabby once I get 550g which is from clearing the whole jungle once.

Heart of gold I get next for extra income and hp

Warmogs I get to stack hp for teamfights or for OP ganks

Force of Nature to increase the Hp reg of warmog and Mundos passive

Wits end is just steroid damage for tanky builds

Maw bonus damage since atmas was nerfed

Randuins to AOE slow people and slow their speeds down for focusing you
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Skill Sequence

Mundo's Burning Agony allows you to clear jungle incredibly fast and is a good damage source early game. His burning agony does 100 magic damage a second at max rank.

Mundo's Masochism allows him to hit hard when he ganks early.

Mundo's Cleaver is good for slowing and poking a bit of hp off the opponent.
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Summoner Spells

The exhaust on Dr.Mundo will allow him to do more damage in ganks and the exhaust denies the summoner spell flash.

Smite for controlling objectives in the map
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Creeping / Jungling

This is my order I clear the Jungle

1.) Wraiths
2.) Red
3.) Golems
4.) wolves
5.) Blue
Head to base get your ninja tabby
6.) wraiths
7.) golems
8.) wolves
Repeat that cycle if you got nothing to gank

You can counter jungle really easily on Dr. Mundo
IF you are on BLUE side
clear wolves then head to their wraiths.
IF you are on PURPLE side
clear wolves then head to their wraiths or clear your wraiths then take their wolves.

Mundo excels at doing Baron or Dragon early with his team since his ultimate gives him massive health regen. His cleaver allows those two mobs to die early from percent damage.
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Jungling Routes

His basic Clearing route
Ganking on the Purple Side

Ganking on the Blue Side

Counter Jungling on Blue Side

Counter Jungling on Purple Side
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Ranked Play

Its time for you to get some SOLO QUE elo from using Dr.Mundo

First picking Mundo never hurts. Tristana and Miss Fortune (suppose to be your counters)
But I never had an issue with them cutting my hp regen in half.

If you are on PURPLE SIDE
1.) Wraiths
2.) Red
Grab CLEAVER SECOND not Masochism
Head to TOP lane and get First BLOOD

If you are on Blue Side
Do the simple jungle clear routine
After you are level 3 go ahead and gank top lane before they buy a ward

1.) Do not waste your time forcing ganks
2.) Mundo excels late game so just farm the jungle
3.) you will outlevel the enemy team
4.) It will cause the enemy team to be scared of you in teamfights

1.) Worst thing that can happen is the jungler counter ganks you
a.) That causes a comeback to happen in the lane
b.) hinders your teammate in the lane
2.) You are DR.MUNDO you do not need to gank if it is not needed

1.) you are GOD keep that in mind
2.) you can do drag any time with your team but I would wait till you are level 6
3.) you can keep poking the enemy team with your cleavers then start drag when they are dying from you
4.) TIME DRAGON it is 6 minutes btw.
Example: We have slain the dragon at 13:14. Dragon will respawn at 19:14.

1.) At 15 MINUTES your team can do Baron with DR.MUNDO
2.) REMEMBER you are GOD
3.) They can not stop you if you do it that early
4.) Most of the time the AD carry and support is bottom lane at 15 minutes
a.) 5>3 has an advantage when you are doing baron :P
5.) SMARTCAST your smite and smite baron properly
6.) walk into lane and show your GODLIKE presence with the early BARON

1.) Who is GOD? YOU ARE
2.) Towers run away from MUNDO remember that
3.) If the enemy team is hugging a tower with all 5 of them
4.) POP Ultimate then BE A GOD and start killing tower with team
5.) If you can not push the tower in that lane then switch to a new tower and take that one out
a.) you do not have to push that one tower if you can not
b.) There is always other towers you can push

1.)You might get tired of games that people SURRENDER on enemy team
2.)You will start wanting a challenge but do not worry you will finally verse harder people in plat
3.)You will realize how easy solo que is with this GOD
4.) No one knows how to really fight a JUNGLE MUNDO in solo que
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I am sorry if I made Getting platinum too easy. I just wanted to make a guide of Dr.Mundo. If you do get tired of winning just try other junglers out that are not as good as Mundo.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author mahyar
mahyar Dr. Mundo Guide
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The guide to platinum solo que elo with Dr. Mundo

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