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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gruchon

The hard Dps

Gruchon Last updated on November 7, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello ;-) A lot of ppl mistake Kayle for healer but she is a badass dps. Combining AP with AD in her is very effective couse of her passive.

Skill order:
Start with Righteous Fury, a lot of people believe that Reckoning is better but RF is better for getting xp, it does splash dmg and it�s a range attack which makes it less difficult to last hit mobs.
Than Reckoning, it slows enemy champions down and gives you bonus dmg on them while they are under the effect of slow.
Than take RF again, I max it first because it�s her�s best offensive spell.
Divine Blessing is your next skill, it�s good to have all of her skills on lv 4 because you can slow enemies down with Reckoning and speed up yourself with DB.
Than max out your RF and take ulti, I personally don�t use it a lot, but it helps to run from a bad turret situation.

How to play with Kayle:
The best place for Kayle is in a lane, you should take some melee dps with you(best with a lot of hp), despite the fact that you are a melee dps yourself with your RF you can become a low range dps. Don�t go on champions with full hp, hide behind mobs and harras them, with every lv of your RF you will do more dmg which is good.
Try to get the Golem bonus as often as you can, it gives you CD that you can have your RF on all the time.
Use DB to move fast on the map, it does not cost a lot but you gain a small speed boost which works a little like ghost.
I wont say anything about the ulti, it�s good to help running champions and to let yourself run from a heavy situation. And if casted correctly it can make you a part time tank with low hp turrets. I haven�t mastered the use of hers ulti so I�ll leave it to you how to use it correctly.

Item build:
Buy Meki pedant first, it gives you mana regen, which you will need at the beginning and you can make Lich tome and then Nashor�s tooth from it.
Take Berserkers Greaves or Boots of Swiftness for yourself. I personally can�t decide which is better, AS is very important for Kayle because it lets you max out the dmg from RF.
Than Build Nashors Tooth, it gives you AS and AP and CD all the things that you need.
Guinsoo's Rageblade is the absolute must have for Kayle, if you take the item and use your ulti right you can solo a full hp right. Just remember to cast the ulti in the right time(just before the turret hits you, it lets you ignore maximum shoots) don�t be afraid to spam DB on yourself. With GRB you will gain AS with each hit and AP which will let you destroy a turret very fast.
Malady since the last patch it stacks ap and get great along with ap
Hextech Gunblade is the next very important item for Kayle, using it�s active in the right time will let you gank and run if used right. If you join a teamfight, do not initiate your presence with it. Use it to finish running champions or just to slow them than slow them with reconning and speed yourself up with DB and shazam a unbeatable kill ;-)
Phantom Dancer is an item some ppl might disagree to take. But it gives you bonus movment speed, a critchance and more as. I think it�s perfect.

Rune Build:
Flat AP gives you a big advantage at the start of the game
Seals adn Glyphs for Ability Power per level give you a boost with every lv
MAgic penetration marks makes hit with your hits eaven more

Summoner Spells:

Exhaust also saves lives but also helps you end some. When attacked by Master Yi cast Exhast on him and you have a few seconds of pure dps poiwer to end him, than cast your ulti on yourself and bang he is dead. Or use Exhaust when running away to slow down enemy champions, help yourself with Reckoning and DB and you might even survive a well played gank.
Ghost helps you get those running champions ;-)