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Tryndamere Build Guide by Evil Polar Bear

The Hated King

By Evil Polar Bear | Updated on October 27, 2011

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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


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Hello everyone and welcome to Tryndamere The Hated King guide!
I am the Evil Polar Bear.

What makes this build so different from the others?
This build has been tested over and over again and Tryndamere vs. Tryndamere.
Yes that's right you read it right,
2 hours of Tryndamere vs. Tryndamere time was reserved just to try this build against some of the best Tryndamere builds out there.

Furthermore this build has been tested on the field in 5v5 and 3v3 games and it seems to work everywhere equally as well, be it teamwork, jungling or soloing.

But forget what I just said and try it out yourself for a few times and after that, please add a comment and rate this guide :)

But now, let's dive into what makes The Hated King so hated.
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I think the most common misconseption of playing Tryndamere is the understanding that tryndamere NEEDS every bit of critical chance he can get - that is NOT TRUE when runes are concerned.
If we look at the usual items people take for Tryndamere and his passive abilities then we see that he already gains a massive critical chance and don't need to be boosted for more with runes.
Runes give such a minimal boost to critical chance that it's just not worth it.

Instead our build focuses on the strongest side of Tryndamere, and if it's not critical chance... that's right it's CRITICAL DAMAGE!

I bet you have noticed how everyone likes to hug Ininitys Edge sword, well, we like to hug the runes that bring the best of same effects - +critical damage%

The runes speak for themselves, nuff said!
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I will make it short.
We boost the critical chance a bit just because there's nothing better to take to reach the end of that tree :) And we focus mainly on damage buffs.

In the utility part we put 3 to Good Hands, because we like Tryndamere alive and the enemy don't.

1 to preservence goes just because we don't have anything better to choose (unless you want to teleport)
And we get a bit of experience boost for Trynda, to make him just a bit more annoying for the enemy.
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This is the part you really want to try, runes or no runes, masteries or no masteries.

This item build was tested against many other builds including the most top rated builds available, and it beat each and every one of them.

To put it lightly: the builds we took from other guides, didn't have the slightest chance against it

To explain to you why this is a great build not just 1v1, but also for team play and jungling.

2 hours tryndamere vs tryndamere, builds vs builds - nuff said

Tryndamere is the annoying surviver, the scary beast, the Hated King.
His build is so scary and godly that the mere sight of Tryndamere makes the enemy think whether to engage your party or not.
Tryndamere can be killed, but it's a lot harder if he's with a team, even if the teammembers aren't playing so well. And that in turn gives the team power, because if they fear Tryndamere alone, they fear tryndamere in party even more.

Jungling/gold farming:
Madreds Rasorz - nuff said

About the items, and why this set is so powerful:
Speed, lifesteal, +critical damage%, +critical chance% + basic damage depending on enemies max HP (Madred's BloodRazor), armor reduction. Every items adds something good and powerful to Tryndamere. It has it all, it's a royal itemset.

In the end just sell the boots and get 1 Phantom Dancer for it. You will still have a nice running speed and you will be even more powerful.
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Skill Sequence

This one is purely about the taste of the player. There is no 1 best sequence.
I personally like to get W first when I fight on a lane.
1 to W and use it even if enemy is facing you, just to make minion farming harder and the fight safer for you and your teammember.
Q to max, heal + fury, nuff said.
E it makes a great deal of damage and let's you get close for W
Ulti, I usually get 1 ulti and then max other things first.

How to use ulti:
Trigger it, run, watch the cooldown, just before it deactivates Q for heal and run with E.

When you are going to jungle:
Get Q and E first. Get W when you want to start ganking, and preferably have 1 R ready.
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Summoner Spells

Those who didn't turn away right away when they saw Ignite in the build, congratz!
You will be rewarded by this build!

There are two sets of summoner spells I like to use on Tryndamere.
Ignite + Exhaust
Smite + Exhaust


Ignite+Exhaust is cool when you want max harassment to befall the enemy, though I don't find Ignite all that important for Tryndamere, he really doesn't need it. You should play smart and never run too deep in jungle to get that last hit anyway.

Smite + Exhaust this is what I like the best lately, it gives me a chance to start off jungling and Tryndamere does it very well.

Those who fainted because I said that Tryndamere can jungle, just try it, don't judge the book just by it's cover!
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If this guide collects enough comments and requests for me to explain how to play with Tryndamere in team - basically the basic tricks and tips for every character - then I will also make a More Detailed section for this guide, but until then...

Have fun everyone, I hope you will have as much fun with this build as I have, experiment with different skill and item buying sequences and BE the Hated King!

P.S. Special thanks to Pacmanito who owns this guide as much as I do

Evil Polar Bear
League of Legends Build Guide Author Evil Polar Bear
Evil Polar Bear Tryndamere Guide

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The Hated King
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