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Heimerdinger Build Guide by Shinysun

The Heimer OMG guide! (2011)

By Shinysun | Updated on September 16, 2011

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Hi i am new on mobafire and i wanted to share how i play heimer.
First of all please dont look at my grammer i know its not good english is also not my main language , so sorry about that.
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    Red = Magic pen. Wy: heimer is caster and turrets do magic dmg.
    Yellow = Mana regen per lvl. Wy: Heimer needs mana regen ore else you are oom all the time.
    Blue = Ap per lvl Wy: Heimer is caster and needs lots of ap in this guide :)
    Quintessence = Flat AP Wy: Your rockets will do a nice harras dmg from start.
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Summoner Spells and How to play

I take Clarity becaus heimer can be realy mana consuming, and you wand to keep harrasing them with your rockets.
And i take Flash so you can escape ore flash in a team fight set turrets use ulti spam rockets and trow grenade and you should haf some assist and meaby even some kills.

Oke this is the way how i play heimer:
At lvl 1 i take turret just to farm minions , at lvl 2 the fun starts you take the second skill ROCKETS !. Once you haf those start harrasing but think smart dont spam like an idiot.
I do it this way becaus you shoot 3 rockets keep an eye on the minions when there are 2 minion one champion shoot, when there are 3 minions DONT shoot, and so on i think you guys geth the picture out of it.

Another great thing about heimer are the turrets how you should use them. Well you can do diferent things depends on the situation.
Situation 1: They haf jungler and you are lvl 5 well in my guide you will haf only 1 turret at lvl 5 so i set it in the mid bush where most junglers come from, its a free ward and does a bit dmg.
Situation 2: They jump you like shaco ore irelia , i always try 2 haf 2 turrets in the pocket just set them up one's they jump you activate ult use grenade to stun and rocket spam they should be fleeying ore they are dead in most cases.
Situation 3: Lots of minions around and turrets shooting minions instead of the champs that are trying to kill you, well almost the same like situation 2 just try to haf at least one turret in your pocket and run out of minion range and puth the turret in front of you and grenade to stun.

Last thing to say is always stay in the back you dont wanna tank and you dont wanna die becaus of mejays.

Hope you guys like the guide if you haf anny sugestions please leave a comment below.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Shinysun
Shinysun Heimerdinger Guide

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The Heimer OMG guide! (2011)
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