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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dartak

The Irelia Punch

Dartak Last updated on November 19, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is a guide for the new champion Irelia, the Will of the Blades. This is not a jungle guide, and I will not produce a jungle guide for her. I feel she is strong enough in the lane.

-Long Sword: Start of with this, it gives your Bladesurge a little extra damage to play with.
-Berserker's Greaves: Because of her passive, we can pass on Merc treads. More speed for more steal.
-The Brutalizer: More damage and early reduced CD and ArP.
-Sheen: This item took me by surprise. I played a few games trying different builds and after I start building Sheen my KDA ratio skyrocketed.
-Youmuu's Ghostblade: Active is very good, and it gets a crit% started for us. Active really pushes champions(that is if you know how to use your actives >.>)
-Trinity Force: Now we turn sheen into this. The new proc from this instead of sheen benefits from our Youmuu's damage. So 150% started, game set.
-B.F. Sword: Starts towards our Infinity Edge, kinda self explanatory.
-Infinity Edge: More critical strike and our crits do more now?! Thanks.
-Finishing off the build: There are a few items I can suggest. Depending on what type of tanks/dps they have I would go Hexdrinker or Black Cleaver for more damage. Spirit visage for AP heavy teams will prevent some damage and Hiten heals for more now.

I take an offensive swing on this champion. Ghost in Utility with increased health/mana regen. More crit chance, with increased damage and crit damage in the bottom tiers of the offensive tree. More speed and more Armor pen. Pretty basic build.

The two mp5 seals are the only odd ones out if you look at it. I have played with different combinations and amounts of mp5. 2 seals combined with the Mastery this is the number that worked out best for me. Other than that a semi-standard ArP/aspd rune setup.

Skill Prioritization
Transcendent Blades >Bladesurge >Equilibrium Strike >Hiten-Style

I know this may seem different to a lot of the other guide but like I said, this isn't a jungle guide. This is a laning guide, and you focus on last hitting them damn minions in the laning phase. Early game attack and push as necessary (AND SAFE). Use Bladesurge to last-hit minions. Instant refresh with half the mana cost refunded. Using this build style I can get more last-hits in than mid. Very important in the early laning phase of the game.

Middle/Solo(3v3): I don't recommend Irelia to be your solo/mid lane unless absolutely necessary. She is very squishy with only 1 (2 if you follow the guide and use ghost or another defensive summoner spell) escape mechanism.

Top/bottom(x2 in 3s): Don't get too greedy here, we're very squishy early game. Bladesurge to those minions and just last hit. Try to abuse your potion early. 1 rank of Hiten-Style will take away the need for a potion (unless you're greedy). If a wave of minions comes in range of your turret, watch which minion the turret targets. You can chain bladesurge on the minions that walk into the turret. 6 last-hits in a row.

Battle Tactics
Team Fights
All we bring to a team fight is a stun on a tank and a nuke for their CC. It's crucial when engaging in a team fight to dash their Carry, stun a tank and then wail on the carry until he/she is dead. I use my ultimate relatively sparingly. I will use T.Blades, shoot 2 in then engage and commit, and use the last 2 to deal with runners. Of course if the timer is ticking away make sure to use the last two.

Solo fights
What we have to do here, as weird as this sounds, is TRY to engage with less HP% than our target. Go in, stun hit a couple times let Hiten heal you and then blast the ***** with out blades as he's running. DO NOT commit to someone you can't kill. As much common sense as that is, people don't understand... :(

Turret Diving
Irelia is a very squishy champion, and I don't recommend much of this until late game or mid-game with a tank taking the brute of the turret. If you have ghost/flash and a good escape route, feel free to snag the kill as early as possible. But again, please remember, have a means of escape before the dive.

Thanks for the time reading and commenting on my guide. I will check the comments as often as possible, post back and even make updates as I see fit. Thanks ahead of time for all the +1s! For those who -1 thanks for reading anyway, I wish you luck somewhere else! :)