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League of Legends Build Guide Author standa99

The joke's on you

standa99 Last updated on November 29, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I think, that Shaco is one of the best characters, which you can choose and I will tell you why. This is my version of Shaco..

What about runes ..I chose all runes for critical chance, because it is what you need and artifacts in game are so expensive.
Abilities you need this: mainly attack speed, dmg, and lifesteal, don't buy any artifact on other thinks.

Spells need be quickly to destroy towers if you have possibility to do it, so thats why teleport and also you need slow your enemy and make him blind exhaust ..what about other spells?? Also it can be useful Rally, Cleanse and Ignite..but which I talked about before are best...please don't take this one: Revive (stupid), Clarity (you make something wrong if you need this spell, go for buff)
Jack in the box ..very useful, put in the bush as wards to know where is your enemies, also you can teleport there.
Deceive ..if you die with Shaco it is only due to you make something stupid, this spell makes you invisible and you can run away even throw walls. But you will use it mainly for surprise attack with critical. Never be without mana at all, leave rest of mana for deceive when you will be in troubles.
Two-Shiv Poison ..very useful spell, most important is his passive read it, throw it only if you are sure that it will be last thing what your enemy will se :-D. Btw. your clone attack also with passive.
Hallucinate powerful spell, with your artifacts you will be unstoppable. Use alt to control your clone and confuse your enemy (they are stupid, you will see, and it is really funny watch how they want catch your clone)

Early game buy basic boots and Health potion 3x so quickly how you can. After go on line where is mana golem and go for his buff. Put so many Jack in the box how you can in his re-spawn area (try do it out of range his minion) and wait..kill golem and go help your friend..with first kill minion u will have lvl 2..choose deceive . Dont go back without 1000 gold (finish boots and buy long sword). If you have strong enemy stay near to tower and show them with deceive and TS poison that this is your line..(dont throw TS poison only if is last is expensive to mana..use his pasive)now my favorite trick..put Jack in the box in bush behind enemies attack them (don't try kill them, only damage them) port to the these items and teleport on your Jag in the box and finish them (make it quickly) after go for buff again.

Mid game try earn some gold on minions or jungle and buy Last Whisper (good for passive) when u do it, try to build main artifact for shaco Infinity Edge (for critical strikes)now u should with your clone kill face to face almost all champ if you smart use your spell..use this combo deceive..go behind/hit/clone/jack in the box on his way/if you have exhaust use it and look at his life...don't use TS poison until he start fast running..or until u know that it finish him..passive is so important. (btw you can control your clone with push alt..when you are in the middle at enemies don't move with your self but with clone and take your enemies so far from your self after deceive out of battle :) )

Late game now is your time (For my next trick I make you disappear :D) Make Starks Fervor and if you have time make Frozen Mallet (slow your enemy) or make Trinity if you want. Try attack only with your clone (he has all things from your artifacts) Go for buffs when it is possible. And attack towers when you have your minions there with teleport. If u have These items you can solo baron.

Champ in your line should be some stunners best is Morgana, or someone who can slow..try not be with tanks
Champ in your line (enemies) never ever attack Trynda. his ulty is so overpower even for Shaco, next champ you don't want meet with are Ryze (if he doesn't run away= you are in biiig troubles, Akali withour oracle, Morgana (she will kill you with ulty)
Champ ease to kill Twitch, if you can see him,(march, march, march he is death), Ashe never stop you and your clone together, Twisted is very easy to kill if he is alone, Master Yi, if you have exhaust he will not make troubles..may be I forgot somebody..but these are very simple to kill.

If you have questions..ask me..If you see me in game (my nick si TimeTraveler) we can take mini-talk :-D

Thanks for read my description and sorry for my English

End for the end I will write Shaco comments from game:
Upon Selection
"How about a magic trick?"
"This will be fun!"
"Look... behind you."
"The joke's on you!"
"Now you see me, now you don't!"
"Just a little bit closer!"
"March, march, march, march!"
"Here we go!"
"Why so serious?"
"For my next trick, I'll make you disappear!" (laughs)
Good luck and have a fun in games, wish you many kills and no deats