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League of Legends Build Guide Author FckMan

The Juggernaut Alistar

FckMan Last updated on July 25, 2010
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Pretty simple really. Why Flash? Flash > Pulverize > Headbutt > Turret (share with your teammate for the kill, doesnt matter who gets it...Alistar helps, he doesnt run around trying to achieve kills for himself although opportunities present themselves from time to time, go for it. You should be winning with a 3/2/22 finish not a 22/2/3.)


Flash (behind them) > Headbutt > Turret > Pulverize to keep them in check within turret range. Of course there's many more combos involving other teammates, you get the idea now, go collaborate with the players and plan it out.

Once opponent sees you've established this nasty combo, farming does become a bit easier as they are now intimidated. He's not a very good farmer at all hence the Quints-Avarice runes plus Greed in the Masteries allowing for 4 gold per 10 seconds(240 gold per 10 minutes) Ive whacked minions right next to enemy champs knowing full well they could attack me but they dont due to Pulverize. And you say but they'll stun you!!! Cleanse that, Pulverize...

Why Cleanse other than what I just mentioned above? Well its your Get Out of Jail Free Card. Flash can also be used to get out. So is Unbreakable Will. All in all you have 3 Get Out of Jail Free Cards. You really shouldnt be bulking his armor/health up much due to the fact that runes are all armor + Flash/Cleanse/Unbreakable Will.

Unbreakable Will = 75 percent reduced damage.

Now the items...Mekis Pendant - without this you are pretty much wasting your time in your lane. Start the game with it, you must. Add a health and magic potion.

Now I never recall until i have 1350 at the very least so when I do get home I immediately buy Tabi's and upgrade the pendant into the Chalice of Harmony which also provides 30 magic resist.

I go for atma's impaler, as you see my health which states 3290 which is around 70 pts after doing the 2 percent math. critical hits have it going up to 300. if you end up reaching it, rylai's scepter adding 500 health plus 80 ability power with enemy movement slowed down by 35 percent, good deal. Also after buying atma's, work the rylai's pyramid starting with giant belt so you can beef up atma's damage input. then get blasting wand which is +40 ability power.

well i once had this set up and in some games managed to add aegis to it, pretty much a walking unstoppable juggernaut breaking everything apart, run with your team its devastating.