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League of Legends Build Guide Author XWeaponX10

The Kaiser

XWeaponX10 Last updated on May 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, this is my first guide, and I will be putting a bit of work into it, so bear with me.

However, what I can do is give you a rundown on " The Kaiser" and why IMO he is one of the most powerful figures in the game, and has become my favorite to play.

The Kaiser, as I like to refer to him, or OPdakaiser, or Kaiser Carry...yes I rant in game, it amuses me. He is a melee caster, He excels at pushing lanes, blowing up creep waves in seconds, and being a giant metal man, can take hits with some of the best. Putting all these attributes into one champ makes for an amazing force on the field. So, Down to biddness.

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I take flat HP quints, for obviuse reasons.
HP per level seals, as around lvl 4-5 they are already as good as flats, and just snowball.
Magic Pen marks, we want our spells to hurt as much as possible, and early game, these help alot
Cooldown Glyphs. We want to be able to spam our spells, so the cooldown is handy.

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With these masteries, you will get some more ability power, cd, and magic pen, all of witch will help your harass early, and still be handy late game.

By taking 21 in defense it adds more beef, letting you take more hits, and the ardor also buffs your ability power, wich is in the defense tree. Handy, cause thats where the rest of them points are going :)

With these masteries, paired with the runes, and your Iron Man passive, you will be rather tough, and hit decently hard. Some people prefer the utility tree, I for one do not. My reasons are as such. The only reason to go down that tree is for CD`s, id rather not put a bunch of points into a tree that really does not benafit " The Kaiser" for 6% more cd. Ill take extra hp, dodge, damage reduction and ability power any day.

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The items are actuelly the recomended build. Before you cry, and troll, and slander me with such meaningless comments as Nub, n00b, and other words that, last i checked are not even real, just slang, i will say, of all the builds i have seen, tried, and tinkerd with, this one is THE BEST. It gives you decent bulk, resistances, and damage. We are after all " The Kaiser"..." The Kaiser" takes hits all day.

The trick is building in the needed order. Your core items will be Force of Nature, Mejias, and Rylias. Sorc boots is high on the list, as the pen helps alot. You want to get the mejias ASAP, around the same time as Force, and start getting stack on it as soon as you can. Once that happens, your skills start to hurt, ALOT. Next, is either a sunfire, or scepter, what is more potent on the enemy team, magick`s, or melee, after you decide, get what one you need for defense, then getting the other.

Assuming we did not, or just cant seem to get/retain stacks on the mejias, its a waist of space. So, ditch it and get either a Rod of Ages, strictly for the AP, and HP. Or, if your wanting to round out your defenses, an hourglas, for the AP, and defense. The active can be handy aswell =D

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Skill Sequence

You ALWAYS want siphon first. This will give you some harass, allow you to fill your shield quickly, and make last hitting minions a breeze. After that, you want creeping death, this will make you tougher, give you a damageing aura, and allows to give your friends a lil extra protection. Get mace of Spades once at 5, then your ult, and alternate between siphon and creeping death, and your ult. Mace of spades comes last, as its not your main source of dishing out hurt, though late game with some stacks, it sure does hurt =)

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Summoner Spells

Flash. This will be both a chase, and escape. If you KNOW you can get a kill, flash next to them, blow your load, and watch the screen for your name to appear, having killed a foe. I will get more into the use of this later.

Ghost. It is a possible option, though i for one do not like it on " The Kaiser". If you prefer that over flash, feel free however i do not recomend it, as i feel flash is better for getting that last hit on for a kill, surprise attacks, etc. If flash could not get you out of a situation, i doubt ghost can. Thats just me, but again, its prefrence, so thats on you.

Ignite. If you do NOT bring this, stop playing " The Kaiser" Your ult+ignite= super dot, this will 9/10 times assure the kill once their low enough hp. It will also reduce healing, making it very hard to save themselves with a heal or anything of the sort. you MUST bring this.NON-OPTIONAL

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Kaiser is easily able to solo a lane, if thiers a jungle, or solo mid. Infact, i recomend you solo a lane, having the lvl advantage, and gold will give you a leg up early. I start by grabbing dorans shield, that paired with your Hp runes should make your hp bar look rather intimidating at lvl 1, pushing around 800 hp. That large HP pool at such a low lvl , paired with his AMAZING passive, wich acts as free hp in a sense, makes you....scary. Now, dont let all that beefyness go to your head, you can still get jumped hard if your not smart.

After grabbing Dorans shield, head to your lane. Grab Siphon Destruction at lvl 1, no exceptions. Now, you can do one of two things, carefully approach the bush and shoot your siphon into it, if u get no shield out of it, its probably empty, so you can face check it, cause The Kaiser fears nothing. You can do the same with the other bush if your feel`n strong, and think you can handle a bit of harass, witch you should be able too. Now that thats out of the way, see who your up agianst. Ranged carry`s, and casters are more annoying then melee, for the simple fact they CAN if their smart harass you back, and wittle your shield away. What we want to do is play hit and run. Wait for the minions to get low, and sally forth to blow them up with your siphon, last hitting them, and possibly getting a crack off at the enemy. This will fill your shield, and do a fair amount of damage to them. DO NOT push to hard if thiers a jungler, or your agianst a powerful lane combo, just last hit and haras, kite them.

Lvl 2, get that awsome shield, agian, no exceptions. This thing will keep your shield recharging, and give you bonus defense, yes and yes. You can also cast it on minions, and friendly players. Not always a bad idea. Ill get into that a bit more, soon. Now, with your new found awsome whirling shrapnel of doom, you can get a LITTLE more aggresive. Like jax, its benaficial to fight in minions waves, as they will take damage from your shield, thus filling your iron man passive, and you can hit more targets with your siphon, agian, fillling your shield more, that is what we want. Continue farming, last hitting and harassing, kite`n around the minions, save`n the moneys. Once you hit lvl 5, grab ,mace of spades. With this you will now be able to blow up minions waves in about 1 second flat, and get a full shield in the same amount of time. Its also nice to crack a enemy in the face with. By this time you SHOULD have enough money, so once you hit 6, grab your ult, and go back to base.

I always get 2 regrowth pendents. Between those, and the shield, you will get a nice bit of hp back quickly, allowing you to spam your spells more, and stay in lane longer. Also, if you have the cash left, get an an amplifying tome, we want a mejias ASAP. Get back to lane, and do your thing. If someone else needs help, feel free, so long as your lane is safe. Now, the next things we want to work on is finishing mejias, then the Force of Nature, this will give you magic res, and GREAT hp regen, letting you stay almost indefinatly in a lane, and spam your spells as much as you please. Once you get those, you can start face rolling. You want to get as many stacks on the awsome book ASAP, witch as morde, is not terribly hard, all your skills are AoE in effect thus at the very least you will get assists. Remember what i said about casting your shield on friendlys, you want some stacks, throw it on your carry or who ever is wrecking people in a fight and let the shield get you some assists. Keep in mind it will only work if the shield hits them, so dont bother putting it on a ranged toon who is not being attacked.

Once you start getting stacks, your skills become rather potent, doing solid damage, and showing them that it would be wise to not get in "The Kaisers" face. You should have gotten sorc boots by now aswell, that magic pen goes along way. Those are the core items, as far as im concerned. Now lets judge the team. I tend to get a rylias ASAP after those, the HP, Ability power, and the slow are so handy early, and it makes it harder to get away from " The Kaiser", as it gives him a cc. If they got heaving magic, get the abysal scepter first, More AP, lowers thier res, and gives you magic res, or vice versa if their physical with the sunfire. More hp, armor, and the added damage when paired with your creeping death makes for a nice tick of thier dumb enough to sit by you.

Yes, that is acctuelly his recomended build, and yes, i think it is THE BEST build for him. Recomeded gets 10 stars for once...from me o.o:: Its a matter of making it in the needed order, witch is generally the same, with the exception of Sunfire, Abysal, as i explained above.

The Kaiser, he is metal, metal crushes things, you are not metal.

When you get in a fight, you want to start by putting your shield up ASAP, then blast them in the face with your siphon, and get an auto attack in. Why? Well, you can reset your attack timer fast with mace so you will auto, then mace back to back really fast. Now, heres where it may get a little tricky, you want to spam your spells, but in such a way that you can almost always have something to throw at them ever few seconds, so watch your cd`s, know your cd`s, and play smart. Your shield is your saving grace.Once they are low enough on HP, throw your Ult on them, and right after that your ignite. With these two dots on them with low enough hp, they WILL DIE, and now you will have a toy to eat more champs with. It`s best, if you can to get thier carry, as it will allow you to roll them so very hard, as its now a 2v4, with " the Kaiser" and a carry. 2v4...example, ive had it happen and lived to tell the tale, if theirs less then that, good, they are probably already dead and dont know it.

Heres a few tips, tricks, tools of the trade.
As "The Kaiser" your tough, however, if you do not get stack on your mejias, your damage is lack luster late game. So, play safe, and get them stacks. Assuming we have all 20 of them, lets kill something.

Init with siphon, throw up shield, mace, repeat, once their low enough, Children of the grave, ignite, you`ve just won. Kaiser can still be scary a tlow hp, thanx to his shield. Now dont ge ttoo blazzy until you KNOW what you can do. Its possible to turn around and unload everything, get a full shield, and finish killing someone who tohught you an easy kill. Flash is your friend. You can use this handy tool to get away, obvuisly, or to net a kill. Say you throw up your Ult a taaaad to soon, and didnt manage to catch them with ignite...**** you vlad. You can flash right onto them, hit them with siphon to get thier stupid hp low enough that your ult will finish them, and also if need be toss ignite on them. Very handy, very tricky, they often do not see that coming so keep that in mind. Also, its best only to do it when u KNOW you will get the kill. You cna toss his shield on minions that enemy champs are hanging around as it will hurt them, fill your shield, and toughen the minion up, a tricky way to annoy them, and they often run from it. If you have a toy, as i refer to his spirit pets from killing champs with his ult. Like shacos clone, you can control it by holding the ALT button. So, you cna use it to tank towers for your team, very handy, or send it in to finish one off. Abuse that when you can, its very helpful

A little more advanced way to use his shield, is to toss it onto nearby minions as your running, and only once you have rylias, as it will both slow your pursuer as they go by the minion, and fill your shield, assuming the minion is in another wave. It doesnt happen all the time, but if you see a chance to do this, it may save your life, it has mine. Another possible scenario, i`ve had happen. Your low hp, random champ comes at you, thinking your a free kill, you run, they chase. When they least expect it, you turn on them blasting with your siphon, flash right next to them, poping your shield ASAP, or even before, as it will slow them with rylias, and hit them in the FACE with your mace of spades, now, you can hit them with your ult, if its up as it gives you hp back, and your ignite, then keep unloading on them. You, due to shock and awe, very well may have killed them. Also, thank your shield, as it will stop alot of the damage, i cannot stress that enough, without that, you probably would have died, adn your ult giving you hp back.

For now this is all, I will try to come back and post pictures, and scores. Unfortunatly, i would LOVE to show you a PERFECT win sheet, all mord, but my idiot friends didnt listen to me, and ruined if i cant fix that, or atleast show you some XD

I hope this guide helped, atleast a bit, and i will be back to revamp it as i can, until then, STAY METAL!!!