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Gangplank Build Guide by Squashii

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Squashii

The Killing Yarr!

Squashii Last updated on August 17, 2011
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I've noticed that Gangplank works best with pure crit,damage and attackspeed. No manaitems neeeded. Some of the builds I've seen here have missed a point with this killing pirate.

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* Start with Brawler's Gloves and 2 Healthpotions .
Early game you are very squishy and it's easier to save mana then reg your health, therefor Don't buy any Mana potion.

* After this you gonna need to "escape" from enemies fast when you shoot them with your gun over and over again. You need the Boots now .

* Attackspeed and crit are a great combination! You already have runes for damage, that's why this is more necessary.
Zeal is very good for this, and then continue with upgrading your boots to lonian Boots of Lucidity because you are using your Gun very often this will make the cooldown little bit shorter.

* More attackspeed (and crit)! Buy Phantom Dancer . You also get movementspeed and thats why we don't buy Boots of Swiftness.

* Now some damage. B. F. Sword is really powerful and this will upgrade to The Bloodthirster that gives us lifesteal. Since you hit very fast and now got some damage (you will get more), lifesteal will make you survive your fights longer.

* One more Phantom Dancer for more crit and attackspeed, this makes you really good in combat! You hit much faster then the others and your critchance is very high this moment (with critdamage). You will hurt alot!
NOTE: Start with Zeal, then Phantom Dancer.

* Back to more damage. Pure damage. Get Infinity Edge for not only damage but critdamage to!
And then more lifesteal + damage, buy your second The Bloodthirster . You will be hard to kill with your fast hits and lifesteal! As long as you not facing a tank, you will win at 1on1 fights. If you don't, you need to hit faster.

* Now your bag is full, what to do?
Sell your boots! You won't need them anymore, 2 Phantom Dancers will give you much movementspeed but not enough. Therefor, sell the boots, and buy a third Phantom Dancer ! You are now impossible to win against, your only weekness is your health, armor and magic resistance. But you are not a tank! And you got enough lifesteal. Don't waste money on any items that gives you health, armor or magic resistance! You are a pure crit and damage-pirate, you will be The Killer in your team. I suppose you already have a tank and maybe support to help you in your team. That's their mission, your is to kill!

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Skill Sequence

It's simple. Your Gun and your Remove Scurvy are most important.

Don't think I need to explain why the Gun, it's simply brilliant for a melee. Remove Scurvy for your low health.

I think that's all you need in early- and midgame, then you won't need to buy any healthitems or any that will protect you. It also will reduce slows, and since you run very fast, it's marvellous.

And don't forget to speck your Ultimate EVERYTIME you can.

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Summoner Spells

I personally like to escape with Flash rather than Ghost . But it's a matter of taste.
For Gangplank and this build, you already run fast, that's why I think it's better to jump to another spot and run like hell! :)

Ignite is for me one of the best summoner spells I've ever tried.
You are the ultimate killer, but if your shot makes the enemy still have 20-30 health, this will kill him.
Othervise, you can choose Exhaust and make that extra shot/hit to kill.

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I can't tell you "the best way to play Gangplank", however I can tell how I play him.

In start, go on bot- or toplane, I wouldn't recommend mid.
Focus on killing creeps and once an enemy getting close, shoot him with your Gun!
Keep doing this until they got low on health, then kill them with your teammates help. Easy to follow.

Don't forget to gather money, killing is not most important in early game!

In mid/late game, I'm often very strong. Try to get more money and help your teammates with kills.
You are The Killer!! Never forget it!

So, you will keep yourself behind your teammates as often as you can.
And when the fight starts, do your ultimate right in the fight, and then shoot, hit, shoot!
Do this all the time and don't forget your summoner spells if you get in trouble.

This is how I play it, you don't need to follow to get a "Pro-gamer".

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What to tell? This is how to be a strong and fast killer with Gangplank!

You won't need boots in the end of this build, instead you got more attackspeed and crit!
And buying 4-5 Infinity Edge doesn't make you to the strongest and perfect killer.

This is how your build will look:

I'm not playing Gangplank all the time, but this is my latest score with this build.

Please leave a comment on how it went for you when you tried!