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Blitzcrank Build Guide by Mad Hater Shaco

Support The Legend of Right Hook Randy, The man with the Seven Scars

Support The Legend of Right Hook Randy, The man with the Seven Scars

Updated on November 28, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mad Hater Shaco Build Guide By Mad Hater Shaco 89,437 Views 2 Comments
89,437 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Mad Hater Shaco Blitzcrank Build Guide By Mad Hater Shaco Updated on November 28, 2016
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  • LoL Champion: Blitzcrank
    Blitz of the North Star
  • LoL Champion: Blitzcrank
    The First Hookage



Hi! I'm the head-builder and Dev of HungryCraft! We are a small community with a hub-based server and a wide variety of unique minigames! We also have a unique survival, creative plots, and skyblock!

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Getting to know Blitzcrank

Randy Hook was the only son of an exiled German car mechanic.
As a child, Randy was a troublemaker and he often got into trouble with the other kids at his school.
He never really had any friends because of this, and the other kids were very afraid of him.
After beating up the top body-builder in sixth grade Randy attained the nickname of "Right Hook Randy", a name that would instill fear within the hearts of men.

Randy's father, Heimerich Dinger, was very concerned for Randy's well-being, being a single parent put him under a lot of stress and in order to cope with everything he sent Randy to a karate dojo.

Studying the ways of Hookuto Shin-Ken, Randy picked up fearsome new abilities, and soon became known throughout the martial arts world.
Randy trained very hard every day, gaining inhuman strength and muscles hard as iron.
It was said he had surpassed even the dojo master, Nautilus.

Randy went undefeated for hundreds of battles, day after day more people sought to challenge Right Hook Randy but none came back alive.
It was not until the age of 19 that Randy would know the shame of defeat.

During a fight with a rival dojo, Randy was the last man standing against a horde of fierce fighters.
Randy fought with everything he had and just barely managed to emerge victorious.
Standing on top of what could only be described as a gruesome massacre, Randy uttered the famous words: "Hookuto Shin-ken is invincible".

Total silence, none dared to even question him, Randy's victory seemed certain..
But then suddenly a man emerged from the corner of his right eye.
A man with such intense killing intent that it shook the hearts of the heartless.
His sudden appearance grabbed everyone's attention.

"So... This is Right Hook Randy.."
"Do you seek to challenge me, stranger?"
But the mysterious man, still unknown to everyone, ignored him.
"It is said you have the meanest right hook in this business.. is this true?"
"Introduce yourself, warrior"
Still ignoring Randy, the mysterious man continued.
"I wonder.. Is Hookuto Shin-ken really that impressive?"
Randy clearly got annoyed by this question.
"Do you not see what I have accomplished?"
For a split second, time seemed to be standing still.
The man suddenly appeared behind Randy.
He whispered softly and tenderly into his right ear..
"You are too slow"


Randy was paralyzed by the immense pain that suddenly coursed through his mighty body.
Terror gripped Randy as he tried to move but couldn't.

"γƒ•γƒƒγ‚―γ‚’ζ„Ÿγ˜γ‚‹", the man said, as he slowly removed his hand from Randy's chest cavity.

Blood splattered everywhere and Nautilus was in shock..
"B-but you are supposed to be dead!"
"Really? Then why am i standing right here, old man?"
"This is impossible.."
"Something really got me hooked on this disciple of yours.. so I came back from the afterlife to check him out myself.. Such a dissapointment."

"M-master..." Randy's vision had gotten blurry and he was losing consciousness.
The gaping hole in his chest had clearly taken it's toll on Randy.
"Run you fool!! He is the the first Hookage! Nothing you do will affect him!"
Nautilus jumped into the arena and a grand shockwave erupted from the ground, the sound resonating within the walls of the dojo battleground.
"Let me take care of him, Randy.. You just rest, you have done enough for today. I am proud.."
Tears emerged from his right eye and slowly fell to the floor, creating silent splashes.

Randy felt as if someone had cranked up the heat, as the temperature in the room seemed to suddenly increase.
The two began to battle furiously and Randy stood and watched, grabbed by Lucifer's raging wrath.
He wanted to lend his master a helping right hand, but he knew he would only get in the way. He needed to become stronger.
Stronger than any man or beast, stronger than his master and most of all stronger than the Hookage.

The battle went on and the fight was clearly in the Hookage's grip, but even so Nautilus continued, knowing that his defeat was inevitable he hoped to at least become a martyr and inspire Randy to become stronger. This was his final gift to this world.

"You played right into my hands", the Hookage grabbed Nautilus' right arm and swiftly dismembered it.
"You truly are as strong as they say.. old friend.."
"Shut up feeder noob", the Hookage replied as he landed a powerful uppercut, knocking Nautilus several feet into the air.

The blast from this punch was enough to send Nautilus to the spirit world.
His mangled body landed in front of Randy, who beheld his master's tear-stained face.


"Your master was a weakling, Randy. I hold no mercy for weaklings."
Randy was unable to respond. All emotions a human could feel, Randy felt them now.
"This will be my parting gift, kid"
The Hookage once again appeared behind Randy.
With the force of a thousand right hooks, he punched Randy in the back seven times, creating seven giant puncturing wounds.
"Catch you later, kid"
A cloud of smoke appeared and he vanished. Left in the arena was Randy, now beaten to a pulp and only a shell of his former self.

Defeated and dishonored, Randy vowed to avenge his fallen master...

Several years have passed since this incident, Randy now holds immense power.
He trained harder than any man should.
He mourned harder than any man could.
Forsaking the name of Randy along with his humanity

Blitzcrank, the man with the seven scars, who seeks to bring upon the death of the Hookage, emerged from within the slaughterhouse of Randy's soul.
Nothing will stop him from achieving his goal.

"あγͺγŸγ―γ™γ§γ«γƒ•γƒƒγ‚―γ•γ‚Œγ¦γ„γ‚‹δΊΊγ§γ™" -Blitzcrank
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Marks: Flat ability power marks are very important if you want to be useful as Blitzcrank. These synergize well with his kit and allow him to grab a steady hold on the botlane.

Seals: As Blitzcrank, you will want to have as much ability power as Riot allows in LVL 1, this is why it is essential for any Blitz to use flat AP Seals

Quints: It is a good choice to go with flat AP quints for Blitzcrank, as these will increase the damage of your hook by a large amount.

Glyphs: By using flat AP glyphs, you will be able to all-in on LVL 1 and really blitzkrieg the bottom lane. These are really important.

This is how an optimized Blitzcrank runepage looks like.
Trust me.
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  1. Tier 1: Place five points into "Mean Right Hook"
  2. Tier 2: Place one point into "A Helping Hand"
  3. Tier 3: Plance five points into "Troubled Childhood"
  4. Tier 4: Place one point into "Hookuto Shin-ken"
  5. Tier 5: Place five points into "Fists of Rage"
  6. Tier 6: Place your final point into "Right Hook of the North Star"


  1. Tier 1: Place five points into "Blitzkrieg"
  2. Tier 2: Place one point into "Budget Potions"
  3. Tier 3: Place five points into "Merciless"
  4. Tier 4: Place your last point into "Invincible Fighting Style"


  • None

When you are ready to crank up the heat, your masteries will look exactly like this.
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Masteries Explanation

Practitioners of the Hookuto Shin-Ken are Ferocious warriors, but also Cunning tacticians.
These are the virtues every Hookuto martial artist value the most.
  • Mean Right Hook: This is an important mastery for Blitzcrank. It allows his hooks to deal +2% damage to enemies, which doesn't sound too impressive but you have to remember that you want to do as much damage as possible with your "Atomic Hook" (Q).
  • A Helping Hand: This mastery allows you and your botlane partner to ***blast whoever you choose to hook. It increases the damage your partner deals by +3% and is an essential part to Blitzkrieg botlane.
  • Troubled Childhood: Blitzcrank's troubled childhood grants him bonus ability- and attack power, further increasing the lethality of the Blitzkrieg botlane.
  • Hookuto Shin-ken: The best offense is sometimes the best defense. Blitzcrank learned this during his time in the dojo, and this knowledge allows him to deal +5% damage to enemies, and also allows him to take +2.5% more damage from futile attempts to stop him.
    This mastery will increase the damage of your hooks.
  • Fists of Rage: Blitzcrank's fists are filled with rage, this is because he is really mad at the Hookage for killing his master. Because of this furious rage, Blitzcrank gains +7% magic penetration, further increasing the damage of his mean right hook.
  • Right Hook of the North Star: This is the pinnacle of Blitz's training. He has learned how to, with only one move, kill a man. This is how he will avenge his master.

  • Blitzkrieg: The Blitzkrieg mastery allows Blitzcrank to move at incredible speeds, and it will allow him to easier hook a r*tard.
  • Budget Potions: Mana Potions are no longer a thing in this game, which is why you need to compensate with this mastery. This will transform your healt potions into budget mana potions which also regenerate some health. It also increases potion duration by 10%.
  • Merciless: Show no mercy to weaklings. This is what the Hookage taught Blitzcrank, and the words still echo in his mind at night. This mastery will increase the damage you deal to targets below 40% hp by +5%, further increasing the lethality of the Blitzkrieg botlane.
  • Invincible Fighting Style: When standing in a bush your next ability or basic attack deals +3% CURRENT HP as bonus damage. This is a well needed buff to blitzcrank, because most blitzcrank players live in the botlane bush.
    Hookuto Shin-Ken is invincible. Do not forget.

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The world may have forgotten the name Randy Hook, but they will always remember the name Blitzcrank.
This strategy guide will teach you the the basics of the Blitzkrieg botlane.

Early Game

Buy your starting items (Amplifying Tome, Doran's Ring or Ancient Coin) and swiftly place yourself in the second botlane bush together with your ADC.
Time may seem to stand still, but you must not lose spirit.
Wait for your opponents to enter their lane and then look for an optimal opportunity to strike.

Grab the most fragile of the two, and ***blast him together with your ADC.
If you chose Ignite as summoner spell this is an optimal opportunity to use it.

If done correctly your lane should now hold the advantage.

The rest of the early game laning phase you should focus on landing atomic hooks and you must not forget that the botlane bush is your home. If someone seeks to drive you out of your bush, show them who's large and in charge.

- Enemies should fear your mean right hook by now, and they will gladly trade their farm for their lives.

Mid Game

By this time around you should have built your Luden's Echo, or if things went really smooth in botlane, you will have both your Luden's and your boots, maybe some other AP item.
This is good, because the enemy bot is now very afraid of you.

- One hook = One death

If the enemy is foolish enough to farm on your watch you should hook them to teach them a lesson.

Other than that, focus on grabbing the enemy team's carries and ***blasting them one after one.

Late Game

Either your carry is flaming you really hard by now, in which case you should remind him of who you are, or your team is honoring you for playing such a great Blitzcrank.
Either way, your build should be complete by now and you should be able to easily ***blast anyone.
Good job, you have blitzkrieged the botlane and the game is now won.


You should initiate fights by grabbing enemy squishies with your "Atomic Hook" (Q), once grabbed you should knock them up with your "F*ggotfister" (E), once knocked up you will finish the job with your ultimate ability, Nuclear Meltdown (R).

If you are having trouble getting close to someone you want to hook, just use your "Steroid Pump" (W) and it should get the job done.

Your ultimate ability can also be used to interrupt enemy channels, some noteworthy examples are Fiddlesticks' ultimate, Janna's ultimate, Nunu's ultimate and Miss Fortune's ultimate. Your team is counting on you.
Good luck and godspeed, my son.
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Enhancing your Blitzcrank - Music for playing Blitz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mad Hater Shaco
Mad Hater Shaco Blitzcrank Guide
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The Legend of Right Hook Randy, The man with the Seven Scars

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