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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Talon Build Guide by Brad the Boss35

AD Carry The Mid Lane's Shadow

AD Carry The Mid Lane's Shadow

Updated on December 3, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Brad the Boss35 Build Guide By Brad the Boss35 4,518 Views 5 Comments
4,518 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Brad the Boss35 Talon Build Guide By Brad the Boss35 Updated on December 3, 2012
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Welcome to my guide for Talon, The Blades Shadow. This is my first guide on MOBAFire so, I hope you enjoy it. :D
And if you don't agree with something in the build please don't downvote, just leave a comment and i'll get back to you.

****This guide is in progress and will be updated with more gameplay methods and how to beat each traditional mid in lane****

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Pros / Cons and When to Play Talon.


    Astoundingly High Burst Damage.
    Strong Counter Mage.
    One of the Strongest if not thee strongest carry assassin in the game
    Awesome farming ability
    Fun to play
    Looks like a Badass.

    If picked in an incorrect match up, can be completely shut out
    Some what squishy, until late game [If you follow my build anyways]
    Almost all single target damage
    Weak passive
    Never get to have your full build because the enemy always surrenders to fast D;

When to play Talon

Talon is a very strong anti-caster and a semi-strong top lane. This guide will only cover a build for Talon in mid as well as gameplay tips that I have developed in the Middle lane. Anyways, Talon should be played against traditional AP mids[i.e Brand, Ryze, Ahri, Malzahar etc] However this rule has one exception. Cassiopiea makes a mid Talons life Hell, I'll cover why in the Champion match up section. Otherwise, he can also be used as a good opponent to a Katarina or Akali middle.
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For Runes on Talon I like to take flat damage marks, armor seals, magic resist over time glyphs, and flat attack damage quintessences.
I take flat damage marks because the bonus from the nine of them and the quintessences and a Doran's Blade, will give you 82 AD at level one. This massive early game damage will give you the ability to shut out your lane opponent early, which is crucial in the mid lane.
[Armor Penetration or Critical Strike Chance marks are also very good on Talon, it depends on the enemy teams composition]
I take Armor seals on Talon to just give him a little survivabilityl; these seals in addition to the Atmogs (Warmogs+Altmas Impaler) and the Bloodthirster give Talon the ability to perform his full burst and then land some autoattacks in a teamfight before performing his burst again. Basically it allows him to perform DPS and burst.
The Magic Resist over time allow you to scale well against your opponent in mid lane, and again these runes synergize well with the Atmogs.
[Cooldown Reduction Glyphs also work well on Talon]
Flat attack damage runes help boost your early game damage which helps you snowball in lane.
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For Masteries I run almost standard 21/9/0 AD, with a few exceptions. I drop the three points from vampirism and i put them instead into the Sorcery skill. I do this because, in my opinion, three percent lifesteal is much less valuable than three percent cooldown reduction, and especially on a champion like Talon who relies heavily on his abilities to position himself and do damage. Other than that, i just take standard AD skills. Focusing on getting Veterans Scar in the defense tree.
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Items and Why I take them when I do.

Early Game:[Laning Phase]
The first item that i take on Talon is a Doran's Blade. I feel that this is a stronger opening despite the fact that you will be in the mid lane where dodging the enemy casters skill shots is vital. I believe that the Doran's Blade opening because, when combined with the runes i suggest, you will start with 82 AD; this is a very strong amount against any champion at level one but it works well against mid lane champions as they are generally rather squishy, and do not focus on armor. Following the Doran's Blade i pick up two longswords and then those into a Brutalizer. The armor penetration and early damage this item provides will let you shred through your opponents little resist. (I pick up my level one boots whenever i have the money). As a follow up to the Brutalizer i pick up Brawlers Gloves or the full Avacire's Blade. This item gives you a little extra Gold over time and allows for a higher critical strike chance early. Next, I pick up the Null Magic Mantle and build it into Mercury Treads.
To polish off my early game, I complete Youmuu's Ghostblade.

Mid Game:[Late Laning/Turret Pushing/Roaming]
The first item you need to pick up towards the mid game is, Cloak of Agility , This item is CRUCIAL to success with Talon, I'll explain why in the "Gameplay" chapter. Following up the Cloak of Agility is another big buy, B.F. Sword.[*Note* If you're having trouble in lane or need to sustain longer, take the vampiric scepter before the B.F. Sword] Next pick up the Vampiric scepter. Following the Vampiric Scepter/B.F. Sword, pick up a Pickaxe and then build into the Infinity Edge, This is the single most important item in Talon's build, the faster you get this itme, the better off you'll be. The final item to your mid game build is another B.F. Sword and into The Bloodthirster. Betweem Infinity Edge and Bloodthirster you'll have enough damage in a single hit with your Q, to melt any AP or AD Carry, even some squishy jungles.

Late Game[Team Fights/Baron Fights etc]
Note*- Late game with Talon is very situational* Get Cloak of Agility and Giants Belt interchangeably, depending on the situation. Then follow up with Ruby crystal and Chain vest, this gives you the surviability you need in team fights. Wrap up your build with a Warmogs and Altmas Impaler. If you're having trouble with AP opponents or lots of CC some other good item combos to pick up are, Warmogs and Maw of Mawmortius, Quicksilver Sash and Warmogs, This build gives you enough damage to punish all but the tankiest of foes in a single burst AND the ability to engage on an enemy then have enough health and resistance to get away to set up for another assassination.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Brad the Boss35
Brad the Boss35 Talon Guide
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The Mid Lane's Shadow

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