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Lee Sin Build Guide by HoesBeforeBros69

Support The mighty blind support: suitable for every patch

Support The mighty blind support: suitable for every patch

Updated on November 19, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author HoesBeforeBros69 Build Guide By HoesBeforeBros69 7 1 19,670 Views 2 Comments
7 1 19,670 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author HoesBeforeBros69 Lee Sin Build Guide By HoesBeforeBros69 Updated on November 19, 2020
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Runes: the runes dude


Gathering Storm

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


runes dude
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

The mighty blind support: suitable for every patch

By HoesBeforeBros69
Support Lee Sin: why tho?
Henlo frens and welcome back to one of my glorious guides on how to League of Legends.
This time I present to you one of the most powerful, impactful, blindest and most fun to play Supports in the current and all following metas.
This fricking guy.
So tie your shoes, get a backpack, fill it with 17 litres of mountain dew and follow me on my adventure to Silver III with Ap Support Lee Sin.
The champ
Okay, i know what you're thinking. Who the f doesn't know this dude. He's like in every second game and in every second and a half triple game once the worlds start. He is that one guy who can and will steal your drake, managing to make your teammates and Manuel rage. That one guy who climbs over the wall of a public toilet and then take a dump in the shower. Ah, and he's also a Supporter.
So what doe's the average small brained Soraka main build on this guy? " Black Cleaver aNd Stalker's Blade - Warrior SuRe ARe gOOd IteMs oN lEe lul". Yeah, those guys are the kind of people who flash Karthus R. You wanna get those goodies that boost your shield and your overall outplay performance to a whole diffrent level.
+ huge shield
+ mobility
+ huuuuuge *******
+ looks damn heroic
+ hyper carry hyper supporter
+ mana reg because you can
This guy is a hyper steroid and Monster Energy stacked support. He is the Chuck Norris of supporters with his insane shield and the heroic pose when saving the filth you call teammate. Every Adc is one of the best late game champs when paired with Support Lee Sin. Even those dirty mage botlaners like Annie (obviously troll when played ap) turn out buffed as heck with a bizeps almost as big as the list of warcrimes Poppy has comitted in the last 7 and a half weeks.
- low damage
- low carry potential
- long cd on W (ty rito)
- filthy teammates telling you not to play Support Lee Sin
- skins look weird
There are a lot of strong and weird picks in the current meta. Support Lee Sin has a low carry potntial due to the lack of damage this build offers. This means you are heavily dependent on your teammates. And since the playerbase is toxic af and ducks seem to take over EUW, Korea and Turkey, chance are rather high you end up with some weird dude botlane who thinks you had a little too much acid yesterday while throwing old bread at cucumbers that offended your dog's favourite toy. Sometimes there are E-girls who will flame you for not giving them their main role.
Also Riot already smelled the raw power of this build some patches ago, therefore giving him 2 sec more cd on W. :(
Support or Jungle?


Q- KICK- WARD- DASH- SICK PLAYS- MLG NO SCOPE- DORITOS AND MOUNTAIN DEW EVERYWHERE!!! That's what's going on in the simple mind of the average Ad Lee Sin jungle player. You my friend are better than that just by reading this glorious piece of work. Don't think high damage or tankiness is everything you need in this game. read in between the lines and ascend. Build it and be the chad of Summoners Rift. Ascend from being a foolish mortal that plays his champ with tunnel vision. Lee Sin is blind, so he is the best opportunity to rethink your previous choices in this game. Support and Ap are objectivley better. I'm already in Silver elo. Trust me.
early game
Support Lee Sin's early game can easily be abused many poke champs. His Safeguard / Iron Will has a long cd early even tho this amount of shield is pretty decent. Make sure your lane buddy doesn't int to bad as he can do whatever the f he wants once you reach your 2 item powerspike.
Try to harass the enemy by your sick q into w jumps tricking them into the fifth dimension and wasting their spells and patience.
mid game
Mid game is when Support Lee Sin truly excels with a large amount of support to the team and disengage fun for the whole family. Pick the teammate that looks the least stupid and boost him to infinity and beyond.
late game
I have heard tales of people claiming shields like Eye Of The Storm or Help, Pix! are to strong. Support Lee Sin laughs at their dead corpses for no ability in the game (exept a single look from Ivern) is able to even make a dent to the pure blessing he can offer with Safeguard / Iron Will.
That's it guys the ultimate Lee Sin guide. It hurts my feelings and my little toe watching so many poor souls playing him the wrong way. If you somehow ended up here tell all your friends and become a high elo player just like myself.
special thamks
Shoutout to my bro xXelo5layerXx who helped me developing this guide. He looks like the filth that accumulates on my shoes after i went through iron elo paired with a fish but he's a cool dude. Please add him in League and tell him his mother can't cook. Ty.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author HoesBeforeBros69
HoesBeforeBros69 Lee Sin Guide
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The mighty blind support: suitable for every patch

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