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Poppy Build Guide by QDaT

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League of Legends Build Guide Author QDaT

The most fun with a girl your mom warned you about

QDaT Last updated on February 5, 2012
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Hey all. So I have been playing Poppy in dominion pretty much since it started. My dominion elo is in the upper 1600's to low 1700's if that matters. (i've never played a dominion as rammus, shaco, jax, akali, wukong) After 100's of games and minor tweaks this was the build that grants excellent excitement and overall great times. I built trinity poppy many times and found this build to be a much more punishing way. Personally I have never seen anybody play her quite like me, but many of my teammates have been asking me what I do and seem to enjoy my playing style. Poppy has a lot to do with proper timing and knowing when to commit or engage. I hope some people see the same success and fun I have been having. HAPPY HAMMERING!!!

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-Great Burst
-Super Evasive
-Great Stun
-Strong at all phases of the game if played well
-can match anybody getting top
-Great survivability

-Mana can be a ***** early ... sometimes i get a pot for that
-Easy kill if targeted without ult
-Slightly slow to start if your team doesn't take top to afford sheen
-if you don't finish somebody off it may be a very bad situation

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Ah yes this is an AP poppy build, but unlike most the runes are quite different.

9xGreater Mark of Insight - MP is always good for any ap poppy so lets keep is OG and classy

9xGreater Seal of Vitality - WTF?!?! O.o noob are you crazyyyy?!? absolutely not. With her passive, and the masteries (getting there) this helps give you the survivability you need. How many times has a poppy gotten away from you with no health? How many times have you gotten away with less than 100 hp and charging minions for the final escape? ALL the time!!! and let me tell you something that might make you a little wet on isn't luck just wait and see. You'll def see some rage over <<<<< that way QQ

9xGreater Glyph of Force - AP poppy is ap poppy...however i do believe this is where you sexy players out there MAY (shouldn't), but may have a different playing style than me. If that or you just foolishly never invested in these runes I can understand CDR. CDRPL, flat AP.

3xSWIFTNESS - want to start with 470 movement speed? boots of mobility, masteries, and these bad boys let you stop that rammus from getting anything on your team. Also, I encourage you to let your team save their ghosts while you rush TOP using ghost.

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9/21/0...I know what you're thinking. I'm not big enough to be a tank. But I don't plan on being a tank. Hence why we don't take Juggernaut. AP poppy is very item dependent and there is no better place for that than dominion. So why 21 in defense. I feel like many people overlook the def tree for her and after trying it out I realized my damage dealt HARDLY went down at all in games of similar stats, but one thing did change. My assist rate and caps went way up. Poppy gets incredible movement speed from this making her almost impossible to catch with a slow and exhaust. If you have speed and ghost and your "W" ready to go; nobody is going to catch you. This enables you to lead the opposing teams enemies away from your mid. This mobility helps you get back into fights, gank, and cap various open points in the game. Pick your situations wisely because you are usually the second person maybe 3rd person to get into the fight, and the heavy def masteries will let you get in, stun, Q, linch, and get out with no health only to come back and do it again low health and your team praising you for bravery. This lets you be less dependent on your ult being up to win fights TRUST me.

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Start off with Boots of mobility. Keeping it fast is keeping it cool. This enables you to roam around the map very quickly and efficiently. Since many a poppy enjoy MP boots I tried that, but in reality I much rather the super fast out of combat movement speed and to get guise later. Buy oracle if they have eve, shaco, twitch; another bonus to starting with mobility boots enables you to still afford vision to make an easy first kill with your team. Next, get sheen, then guise, and finish the linch. Usually at this point I go for rabadon's. After that I recommenced buying the best fit situational OR stack AP/CDR(depending on your liking)

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Summoner Spells

girlfriend - "le ghost?" QDat - "LE DERP!"

Ghost-If fast isn't fun i don't know what is. Want to catch, ult ghosted yi? rammus? Help get yourself back into team fights, support saves, quests, ganks. Extremely useful.

Surge...with you ult...need i say more? i can understand some of you babies who cant finish the job may want ignite for the WOW 5 whole ap bonus so be my guest, but i bet one combo with surge does more dmg than an ignite...and you can get 2-3 Q's off in that time.

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Okay so I am not the Guidesmith some other nerdlings are. Maybe I've outdone myself and killed too many braincells getting blue and whacking things. Take this guide as a different approach to poppy and if you do it right you will have a blast. There is potential to drop a 20 bomb with this build but typically you will find yourself 8-10/0-4/10-14. Feel me? Ignore the grammatical mistakes and nonsense. Would love to hear ALL feedback minus the trolls on improvements, success stories, or QUESTIONS!!