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Hecarim Build Guide by ConOO9

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ConOO9

The Mystical Unicorn in the Jungle

ConOO9 Last updated on October 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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OK so this is just going to be a quick guide to start out so but if this gets some popularity I can promise you that I will go full out. I have been playing Hecarim for 6 months as my main in the jungle. Hecarim is one of the most versatile champion in the game. Depending on how he is build he can be an AD carry, or you can build him as a tank. I love it. This build will make him more on the AD side but still with a fair amount of health and armor. The key to a successful jungle Hecarim is to be sure to GANK AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!! With the speed that Hecarim has he makes for quick and effective ganks. I will explain more about that later in the guide. Happy hunting.

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Obviously no build is ever perfect. You have to edit it depending on the situation that you are currently in. To start out the classic armor and pots for jungleing.

After you clear the jungle and gank you can go back and pick up some boots and possibly more depending on how the ganks went.

Sheen really does help more that you think because the fact that we all spam his Q in fights.

Then go through the build of the Trinity Force. This is a perfect item for Hec because he can use all of it. Ability power, attack speed, mana.... all of it. It is a good and balanced item.

A recent disocvery of mine that I really like for Hec is The Maw of Malmortius. This adds not just attack damage, but also that extra bit of magic resist that the rest of the items lack.

The rest of the items that I have in this build add movement speed for his passive and damage output. Movement speed is very important to Hecarim due to his passive. Also improving on his attack speed so he can get the last hit and pick up the kill.

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To be honest jungleing him is super easy, the only hard part is timing ganks. Start out at blue with a leash. It is important that you get the two smaller monsters as well as the actual blue buff. This will get you to level 2. IF YOU DO THIS LEVEL UP YOUR E ABILITY AND GANK EITHER TOP OR BOTTOM DEPENDING ON IF YOU ARE BLUE TEAM OR PURPLE. Depending on how that goes and how much health you have, go and gank mid. Nobody expects this off the start so if you sell you teammates to let the enemy push it should make for an easy first blood. Don't be afraid to use you Ghost ability to gank. In addition to the E ability it will cause more damage and allow you to get behind them faster.

Depending on your health now you can either keep on jungleing or cash it. It all depends on how that run went.

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Ultimate Attack

Hecarim's Ult is AMAZING if you know when to use it. DO NOT USE IT FOR DAMAGE. You should use it to jump in front of your enemy and fear them back into your turret/minions/teammates. This will be the greatest asset that you use to get kills.

Also as a last case scenario, if you know you are going to die you can use it to pass through terrain. Yes it can waste your ult but it also may save you life.

The final way to use his ult is in team fights. You can use it to initiate the fights. Charge in on their Carry and hopefully your team will follow. The fear should scatter the tanks and other champions while your team is able to focus and take down the carry.