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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheMessiah1

The New Kog'Maw

TheMessiah1 Last updated on August 28, 2010
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Due to the recent buffs to Kog'Maw, I figured I would start playing him again. I noticed in the patch notes, that his q now gives passive attack speed increase and his w got a significant cooldown reduction. These buffs seem to push Kog'Maw in the direction of AS / Hybrid builds. I capitalize on both in this build, Midway through this build, you will be doing 11% of the target's max hp in magic damage every attack at a 2.5 attack speed. I also pick up maximum cooldown reduction by utilizing Brutalizer and Nashors Tooth.

I have played AS, Hybrid, and AP kog maw and I believe this build to be the best for my playstyle. It may not be right for everybody, but I will attempt to explain how to do well with him.

First, lets talk about abilities and how to use them.

Q - Caustic Spittle - This was a previously ignored ability due to its lackluster synergy with Kog's other abilities, however with the new attack speed passive, it allows for increased DPS in the early laning stages as well as a low mana targeted nuke.

W - Bio-arcane Barrage - Ah yes, My favorite ability. Learn to love this spell, at max cooldown reduction, this thing is up every 9 seconds, and since the spell itself lasts 6 seconds, that only 3 seconds where this thing has to be down! You should be spamming this during fights and will give you a major edge. The range increase is also very useful during the laning stage. Since we picked up one rank of Void ooze early on, we can lay down that spell and activate w and just attack. Your enemy will likely run away when confronted with your skillshot and get shot continuously by your increased range.

E- Void Ooze - One of the highest slowing moves in the game, and in a skillshot. This is a powerful ability with many uses. Dont be afraid to experiment! You can lay down an ozze behind a fleeing ally and slow down his/her pursuers, and the damage of this ability isnt too bad either, but since we are not building AP, this ability will not be focused on as much.

R- Living artillery - Another excellent ability, while the damage is nothing to brag about late game with this build, it can still be used to finish off an enemy that is running away from the teamfight with its incredible range. My favorite use for this build is to scout bushes. I cannot tell you how many times I have found an enemy on low hp by randomly casting this ability into bushes, easy kill. Make sure to lead your opponents with this skill, as the damage is not instant, you get about one second of vision on the target, and then the damage comes, so get good at predicting where your enemies will run.

Summoner Skills - Kog'Maw needs escape mechanisms, so I included both ghost and Exhaust. Ghost because it can be used two ways, one is obvious, for escaping, the other is to catch up to a fleeing enemy and get off one last ult to grab a kill. Exhaust is there to stop melee carries from charging through your team and focusing you, Exhaust the target if this happens and take a few steps back to regain your distance from the fight, you should not be in the thick of things.

Runes - Marks - This Build focuses on building around the magic damage from madreds and kog's w, to Magic penetration seemed to make the most sense
Seals - You will be using up alot of mana with kog, this helps to compensate for that.
Glyphs - cdr is important for kog, you need as much as you can as early as possible in order to have your spells up as quickly as possible
Quintessence - Just a favorite of mine, I always prefer to have a bit more lane staying power early game, this can be substituted if you feel you need something else.

Items - (Admit it, this is the only reason you looked up this build)
In this section, I will explain my item choices.
Meki - This item is needed to keep you casting your spells early game, while it does you improve your survivability, you shouldn't be in range of the opposing hero at all, so why would you be wanting it?
Fiendish Codex - Wait messish! I thought this was an attacking build, why am i getting this? For one, it gives good early cooldown reducion, it gives your early game spells a bit more bite, and the mana regen isnt too bad either.
Bezerkers Greaves - These are nice because they are low-cost and give some early attack speed.
Madreds Razors - Do I really need to explain this one? ok, lets start with synergy with kog's w, gives attack speed, damage what more could you want?!?!?!?
Nashors Tooth - Attack speed, Cdr, and mana regen. Perfect for Kog
Brutilizer - Maxes with your cdr and gives some useful dmg and armor pen.
Guinsoo Rageblade - This item maxes out your attack speed and gives a nice boost to your attack dmg and ap.
Frozen Mallet - Survivability, and the slow cc is very useful
Ghostblade - Upgraded Brutilizer, not much to say here, just an upgrade.

Early Game - Kog Maw is a very good mid player if done correctly, however make sure to not demand mid when there is a character that is clearly better at it (Kat, Pre-Nerf heimer etc). Your objective early game: Farm. You are a very item-dependent hero and need the gold in order to be of any use in mid/late game. This does not mean you cannot get some quick harassment done on the opposing player, your job is not only to farm yourself up, but to prevent the other person from farming. A squishy champion such as TF will go down to about 1/2 hp after a well placed void ooze and bio arcane followup. Your Meki Pendent and runes will provide you with sufficient mana thorughout early game as long as you are not overly aggressive. Once you get lvl 6, your lane dominance skyrockets. Use your ultimate for everything, keeping your opponent from last hitting (If you see the enemy going in for a last hit, estimate their attack range and place your ult where they would have to stand to auto attack the creep, if they continue with their attack, they get the gold, but they also get hit by your ult and a possible followup and easy kill, and if they back up, you lose 40 mana and they lose a minion kill, fairly good trade off considering your mana regen.

Mid game - By now you should have your fiendish codex, zerkers greaves (These can be altered depending on the enemy team, I just prefer them to max out our attack speed), and be working toward your madreds razors. This is the time when you can begin your ganking if you see an opportunity. Remember though, you are not a pwning machine just yet, so dont assume you can so a 1 v 2 just because you are higher level, once you get your madreds and some attack speed, then you will notice a huge increase in your dps. In this portion of the game, POSITIONING IS KEY! I cannot stress this enough! Kog'maw has no escape ability, but he does have incredible range, USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE! In a team fight, stay back and focus fire targets with your bio arcane to bring them down fast, then use you combination of void ooze, and your ultimate to take out the runners, make sure to keep an eye on your character, it is easy to chase a target with your ult and not notice you are running into a gank. Remember, once you have your madreds, you are a tank killer. You can bring down tanks quite easily with the help of some CC from your team, or from a lizard buff. Keep in mind that you are incredibly squishy and cannot survive on your own, so be sure to stay with your team and SCOUT OUT BUSHES! You can quickly turn the tide of a gank when you randomly shoot an artillery into a bush and discover that two champions were waiting to flank you. The vision component of the ult is also very useful in intercepting wounded targets, it lets your team know in which direction the target is fleeing so you can determine a proper path to head off the champion and pick up a kill.

End Game- This is where Kog'Maw shines the most, you have maxed CD reduction once you have your brutalizer, and once you grab your Guinsoo, your attack speed reaches the max @ 7 stacks. This coupled with the fact that your w can now be spammed with only a 3 second window for it being down, and the incredible range that it can be done from, results in Kog'Maw killing everything in sight. After your guinsoo, you should pick up a frozen mallet for constant slowing so you can get the maximum number of hits out of your w, and it helps with Kog's low survivability. The very last item is more of a last resort, the active is essentially only for ms because you already have maxed attack speed, the cooldown reduction was all we needed from that item, and that is why I recommended getting one of its components early on. Once your build is maxed (And if it is, congratz, you now kill everything, also why haven't you won the game yet?) Then just buy elixers and try to win the game as quickly as possible.

Screenshot section:

Well, that's all I have to say, good luck in your endeavors and I hope to see more people playing Kog after this patch. (Keep in mind that Mobafire has not updated Kog's skills yet, so some numbers may be off)