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League of Legends Build Guide Author XxMurderLordxX

The Nuke Cho'Gath

XxMurderLordxX Last updated on September 3, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi and thanks for looking at my build.In my own honest opinion this is the only great build for Cho'Gath its a build around AP all the way.Cho'Gath is a fairly unique character as far as his abilitys work and this build depends on maxing out rupture and feral scream as soon as possible,It is always good to have one point in vorpal spikes tho for farming and ect.

Exhaust: For when either your rupture is on Cd and you dont belive you can catch them or for a early game use of getting away from your enemys.

Ignite: Is just an all around good spell to have on any nuke/dps for that finishing blow on your opponents when your not able to chase past a turret when your not able to which is never a great idea but Cho'Gath can do it if needed and his health is well off

Those are just the spells I use but others are effective as well as in ghost because we all know Cho isn't the fastest guy on the map.

I use a fairly common and simple mastery build of 21/0/9 Making sure to get the spell penetration in offense and also the improved ignite and exhuast if you decide to use them yourself.

Even when not playing a tank Cho'Gath feast when possible you can never have to many free Hp.If your not around enemys at that current moment feast on a minion or a buff monster for the easy gain.

Use your passive to its full extent! you bairly ever have to port back and when you do it's usually just for items keep in that lane make them have to go back or die. Use rupture to keep them away when needed and to keep them from getting minion xp harrass them as much as possible make that lane yours.

I prefer the option of soloing in this build but for someone just trying it out stick to a buddy till you've got some power behind you.

On the 5v5 map it is a pretty smart thing to keep the mana buff on you whenever possible its not a Must but it does come in handy early game.

Always remember to use your items abilitys thats what they are there for! Use the ring for those sticky situations where everyones targeting you in the team fight and deathfire grasp just for an amazing attack bonus.

Now most of my items can be replaced with stuff just as good like crystal sceptar can be traded out for rod of ages and that item if you choose to go that way works very well with the archangel's staff

I have played Cho'Gath many ways as a tank as most do he is not so great in my eyes he can take the damage but as far as keeping the team alive he does a so so job,But as a massive nuke and I do mean MASSIVE nuke you will be able to rack up the kills and be a great pusher for your team.I myself enjoy this build on the 3v3 map but is just as brutal and effective on the 5v5.

Now I'm not going to promise this build is the right build for you cause in the end its the player that matters more then how much damage you can pump out.Well thanks again for reading and I hope this build works just as well for you that it does for myself.

Want any other hints or tips screen name is XxMurderLordxX feel free to shoot me a line