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Soraka Build Guide by kazushige~

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kazushige~

The Offensive Unicorn!

kazushige~ Last updated on August 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Pros / Cons

Soraka is:
- A great solo
- A great support
- A great silencer
- A great damager

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This is an offensive Soraka, which is excellent after the nerf, i'm not sure if it's a nerf or a buff, but i like the new Soraka!!! Since she is no longer just a boring healer, but she can actually do a lot in a team battle and laning! She is OVERPOWERED!

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Laning with an ally: (Early Game)
First, get starcall, and spam it on the minions to farm a lot for late game, and also try and harass your enemies with starcall. Second level get heal, and start healing your ally in your lane, if your ally is getting harassed a lot then keep healing him, this means you will lose a lot of your mana, if your ally is playing defensively, then just use your silence on the enemies, because Soraka's silence not only silences, but does a great amount of damage, and is excellent for harassing since it requires no mana. Don't forget to also harass them with Soraka's Starcall. Soraka's Starcall is basically a small aoe ranged karthus' ulti and can lower the enemies' mana resistance, this stacks 10 times, which is excellent for fighting tanks. 3rd, get infuse, to silence your enemies or heal your mana, in case you run out of mana while healing your ally. Always remember to wish, when your ally is in danger.

Solo lane:
If Soraka is soloing, You must always max Starcall also, because it is a great damaging tool, and has great range. Second, Master heal, If you are not getting damaged, and are harassing your enemy a lot with your Starcall, max Infuse, for your mana and to silence them.

Mid Game and Late Game:
If you are vsing enemies that can suppress, stun, snare or can escape such as Kassadin and so on, always save your infuse on them, if you are about to kill your enemy with your infuse, kill them because infuse' cool down is quite short. If you are getting Rylais, it is an excellent combo with Starcall because you can slow enemies in an area with one skill which you don't even need to to target. Always Heal your allies in team battles, and wish as soon as your team gets low on hp, so that your cool down can restart. If your carry is low on mp, always use infuse on them even if you are low on mana, because after approximately 6 seconds your infuse will come back, so you can infuse yourself, Also, if your carry is low on hp, at the same time you are. Always heal them and run back, If you die, it is better than your carry dying in a team battle.

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Soraka can choose her skills based on the game. If she is laning it is best to max starcall because it is a great harassing skill. Even if Soraka is mid, it is always best to also max Starcall. Second, Master Astral Blessing, because Astral blessing at level one only heals 75 health plus your ability power, once you master it, it is enough to heal around 250. If you are laning with an ally, you can also master your silence (infuse) if you are harassing them a lot.

Starcall- Is a GREAT harassing tool for Soraka, so always use it whenever you have it, but if your team member is dying when you have a little amount of mp, always heal them before starcalling. It is great for fighting tanks because you can lower their magic resistance 10 times!!

Astral Blessing- If your Carry is dying by a Ad Carry such as Warwick, always heal him/her because it can increase their armour by about 75!!! It won't heal that much but Soraka now hurts a lot!!!

Infuse: Infuse is a great burst damage spell and a silence spell, so always silence their carries, or their main Crowd Control Champion so that they will be useless. It's also great on using it on Kassadin, so that he cannot escape.

Wish: Wish can heal global, so always keep notice of the mini map, and use it as soon as your ally is dying, it is excellent in a team battle, because your allies will have an advantage of extra healing!!!

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If you are not great at using items, then don't get death fire grasp and instead change it for zhonyas...

Main Core Items:
- Boots of Lucidity (good to spam healing, silence and Starcall. Starcall can literally take on 5 people at once!!
- Deathfire Grasp(Don't really need, but the kage's lucky pick you get turns into it, but not getting it and selling you kage's lucky pick late game, is still fine, because you make a big profit.
- Rylais Crystal Scepter- (Great for slowing your enemies with starcall which can chase, and also good for her Infuse, because it can initiate, not only is it a silence but also a slow, which is excellent.
- Rabaddons Deathcap- (Can't Change!!! Too good, It increases Soraka's ability power by an immense amount of ability power...Not kidding..Soraka with Rabaddons is GG!)
- Abyssal's Scepter (It stacks with Soraka's passive, and gives Soraka extra survivabilty, with Soraka's Passive, Abyssals Scepter, Deathfire Grasp (Optional) and Starcall, Soraka can own a tank in no time)
- Banshee's Veil (I have nothing to say, Banshee's can save her life, from initiators like ashe's arrow, and she gains extra health and mana)

Death fire Grasp can be changed for zhonya's (Zhonya's is good for staying alive and the extra armour)
Banshee's Veil is a great item to stop many initaitors such as ashe's arrow. So i recommend it, but if you dislike it, it can be swapped for Guardian Angel. Guardian Angel (Excellent for team battles, because once they aim you, you revive and can help your team once more.)
Abyssal's can be changed for zhonya's also or Archangel's staff. (Soraka is quite mana dependent now, so if you think soraka's passive and star call is enough, then you can swap it for Archangel's Staff)
Boots of Lucidity i recommend so you can always heal your allies as soon as possible, but it can be changed for mercury treads or Boots of Mobility~

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Summoner Spells

Ignite and flash is what I recommend, because Soraka is very offensive now, and you can use flash to get into position, escape and kill your enemies, and also slow them down, when your chasing them.

Other All right spells:
- Teleport- Teleport is all right but Soraka isn't a great support anymore, but it is quite useful to get into team battles when you die, or you are late..
- Exhaust- You can support your team with exhaust, but your rylais is enough to slow because you can spam star call, and have flash to slow them when you are getting slower.
-Ghost- Ghost is excellent for running to help your allies, or running away, but i don't really recommend it..
-Fortify- Fortify was used for support, but It is not effective for the new Soraka
- The rest of the summoner spells I don't agree with...
If you play Soraka jungle, smite might work, but she is not great jungle because her heal is a very long cooldown and she is not very tanky enough to tank the damage of the jungle..

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I chose these runes because it is simply perfect for soraka, well there are many other rune builds suitable for her, but having mana penetration, health, mana regeneration and ability power runes are ownage. Mana regeneration is a need for her due to the fact she requires A LOT of mana. Ability Power is great for her early healing and damaging of Star call. Health is a need for Soraka because she is always aimed in team battles, and last of all, Mana penetration can beat anyone even with Mana resistance, but if they have too much, having a little is great because League of Legends does not have many mana penetration items, I believe.

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Thank you for reading my build, and I hope you liked it!! She will definetly get nerfed soon though!!! I'm only 13 years old, so its not great...I don't know how to add the's not that exciting..But please read it before you give dislikes... PLEASE LIKE IT, SINCE IT IS MY FIRST BUILD!!!