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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KelpsicIe

The only amumu build you'll ever need build

KelpsicIe Last updated on February 18, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Acronyms / Codenames

CD - Cooldown
CDR - Cooldown Reduction
HP5 - Health regeneration per 5 seconds
MP5 - Mana regeneration per 5 seconds
E - Tantrum
R - Curse of the mummy
W - Despair
Q - Bandage toss
5Goldper10 - Getting 5 gold every 10 seconds
CC- Crowd Control (Stun, Slow, Silence etc...)
AoE - Area of Effect

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This build is for Amumu the coolest most sad mummy there is out there on the field of justice. The only mummy on the field of justice... Amumu is an amazing champion and i think everybody should get the chance to play as him. He is an amazing tank and can do wonders in teamfights and chasing. The character itself and the story behind him is just awesome too. If you havent played him yet i suggest doing so, he is only 1350IP.
I hope you enjoy the build.
You are now a tank:D \\

I think i made this build when I didnt have this account, so if you see it ignore it and look at this one. Thanks.

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Dont follow my rune build if you know a lot about runes. My knowledge to runes is limited so if you know a lot about runes, make your own build up. If you dont, just try to get as much HP as you can. Buy the HP runes that are HP-18 because tanks are all about late game.

Do not judge this entire amumu build of these runes. I made this up as i was making the build. If you know a better rune build, use it and post it in the comments. Thank you.

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This mastery build is amazing. Everything works out perfectly and i suggest not changing this. Its 0/21/9. From giving more HP regen and MP regen to giving more HP and blocking physical damage. With amumus E(Tantrum) passive, amumu ends up blocking 12 physical damage. Minions do nothing to you!

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Start off by buying a regrowth pendant. This will build into a philosophers stone. The philosophers stone is amazing because it provides major survivability and the ability to spam your skills. However, the most important part is that it gives you 5Goldper10. This is extremely important in this build because you're gonna need that ca$h. So. Buy your regrowth pendant. Start laning. Once you get to 365 gold, head back, buy your philosophers stone, and tele back in.

Next, you are going to buy your boots of swiftness. These are great for amumu as he is an amazing chaser. These let him catch up to people with ease. (He gets 400 movement speed with them) Ive tried Ninja Tabi but the dodge isnt as good as chasing. Also, for this item. Go B, buy the boots, tele back into lane. The reason why i get this over heart of gold is because heart of gold costs around 150 more, which takes away time from getting 5goldper10. Also, even though it gives hp and armour, it doesnt give a significant amount to change the game for you. HP5 and MP5 is very valuable and helps with survivability A LOT.

Now, you should be around level 9, (i usually am), go back and get your giants belt for your sunfire cape. (If you can buy more than the belt do so). This gives a huge chunk of HP and this is when tanking gets easier. I usually end up going back to get my sunfire cape at level 11-12.

Next i usually end up going back to get the Glacial shroud to build into the Frozen Heart but usually at this point in game everything is a variable and times when you get items and the amount of money at times is always sporadic. The frozen heart is amazing because it gives you 20% CDR (which helps lower your ults CD by a lot). A nice amount of armour, and MP for his W(Despair) and to spam his E(Tantrum). Also, it slows everybody around you by a significant amount, making chasing easier for you and your team.

Buy the rest of the items when you need to.

I get Rylais because Amumus ult and bandage toss are all on a 1:1 AP ratio. Also, every other one of his skills are based off of AP with decent ratios. The slow is perfect because when he has his W(Despair) on, all people around him are slowed. Also, when you bandage toss somebody, they are stunned and also slowed after.

If the game gets really late, sell the philosophers stone and buy an item that would benefit you at the time.

EX: Force of nature if they have a lot of magic or Banshees veil if they have a lot of CC.

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Skill Sequence

Ok. Heres the deal.

*--Put one into bandage toss in the beginning. This is important because if you want to pull of a gank of kill somebody in the lane early game, this provides nice early damage output and stun.--*

This is after you have put one into bandage toss in the beginning.


This isnt the order you put it in but the priority you should follow.

If you can put it into R, do so. If you cant, put it into E. If you cant put it into E, put it in W. Cant put it in W, put it in Q.

This is really good because maxing tantrum first gives you nice defence(its passive) and its a spam ability. It will also help you get last hits on minions in the laning phase to get money. Its easy to spam because if its on CD and you get hit, the CD gets lowered by .5 seconds. This can be spammed easily if there are tons of minions around you hitting you in the laning phase.

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Cons / Pros

I like to list the Cons first because you end up with a nice picture of Amumu because you read the Pros last.


Hard to play in the beginning
Hard to get money in the beginning
Does not focus on only one of these: HP, Armour or Magic Resist. Focus's on all of them.
Not that great basic attack


Good armour
Good HP
Good CDR
Good CC
Good AoE
Good Speed
Good chaser
Tank killer
Can farm like hes owned one all his life
The game's best initiator. :D

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Creeping / Jungling

Okay. There are many amumu jungle builds out there but this one is for laning.

In the beginning it will be hard to take down minions but try your best, you need the ca$h. Tanks are not that great in the beginning of the game (low damage output, not that much more HP and armour than others). You are going to have to still try to survive, (its easier for you than others, but you have small damage output.

In early laning phase to get cash, you are going to need to use E(Tantrum) and W(Despair). Do not be afriad to use these skills a lot, you have some nice HP5 and MP5. Last hits are very important and without items a tank isnt a tank.

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Team Work / Team Fights(Team battles)

Ok. You are Amumu. You are the best initiator in the game. If you are all mid (or anywhere) and everybody is just staying back waiting for somebody to pull a move, thats your light and you have to take it! Find a nice angle, (preferably target a squishy) and heres what you do when you've found it.

Put on W(Despair)
Bandage toss into the opposing team (preferrably a squishy)
Use your Ult R(Curse of the Sad Mummy)
Keep Spamming E(Tantrum)


Keep your cry on, it is amazing at killing tanks and others. Try to get a bandage toss on an enemy to keep up with a team. You are great at chasing so don't stop running after them! Soon you will catch up and at least get one target.

Keep your W(Despair) on. Spam E as quickly as you can, it comes off CD if people are targeting you. Watch your HP closely, you are a tank, you are suppose to stay in there and take the damage for your teammates while providing some damage. Try your best not to die but if it seems like you should sacrifice yourself to let your team kill the opposing team do so.


Keep your W(Despair) on. Run with your team. Periodically (if you have enough HP) bandage toss backwards to the enemys, it has a stun. This will stall 1 enemy (and if you're lucky, make them run, or target you(which is what you want).

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Early / Mid / Late

I'll update this and get into more detail in this section later

You shouldnt be looking for kills but staying alive and helping your teamates stay alive. Try to get as much gold as you can and try to level up as fast as you can.

You should have some tanking items and can start tanking if there are any midgame teamfights. You do not have a ton of HP and armour but you should have more than others, making you a lot more tough. Ganking is alright to do now

Hopefully your game still isn't in the laning phase anymore (it happens, i know). You should be an amazing tank and should be taking all the damage for your teamates. In teamfights, be sure to initiate and be sure to take damage while giving some.

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Remember, You are now a tank :D

You are now a tank :D

Try not to die in the beginning, but if you do, it isnt as bad as dying with a nuker or a carry. Tanks are based off the late game and thats what you should be focused on / looking forward to.

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Unique Skills

Here is Amumu's basic combo:

W -> Q -> E -> R -> Then keep using E and leave W on.

In normal words, this is:

Put your cry on first. Bandage toss towards the enemy. While they're stunned, Use tantum. And if you think you can get the kill, use R (Your ult) and keep spamming E after while they are stunned from your ult. Your ult gives a 2 second Stun.

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Walk into the middle of a group of creeps. --MAKE SURE THEY ARE TARGETING/ATTACKING YOU--. Put your W on. Keep spamming your E. It will come off CD quickly because of the passive you get from E (For every time you get hit, E(Tantrum) comes off CD by .5 seconds.)

This gets you loads of cash and should be used as often as possible.

Remember, let the minions attack you to get E(Tantrum) off CD as soon as possible. When minions hit you, it will do little to no damage.

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Please comment and +1. This build is great, it always works for me. I will post some pictures soon. I have been playing amumu almost since i started playing this game. I have had some really good games that would be worth showing. Any criticism should be constructive, meaning that you give something positive and something negative in your comment. Thank you for reading it and for your time.

Remember, you are a tank :D!