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Nunu & Willump Build Guide by Gortana

AP Offtank The RE@L Nunu jungle (AP/TANK)

AP Offtank The RE@L Nunu jungle (AP/TANK)

Updated on December 24, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gortana Build Guide By Gortana 5,487 Views 0 Comments
5,487 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Gortana Nunu & Willump Build Guide By Gortana Updated on December 24, 2014
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Whatsup guys im just another gold elo player trying to make it through the trials and errors of getting to master in a week. Or something. Anyway this build is a good take on Nunu who happens to be a (s)teamrolling giant of damage, CC, and utility. The damage coming from this hairy monster is definitely on point for how tanky he still ends up coming out, and youll notice as you get closer to level 5 on your iceball that the slow/damage really start to shine. Ive been playing nunu since S1 and i think that with the new jungle changes in Season 5 he is easily capable of providing all things necessary to the meta.
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The Build

So everyone is gonna see this build and be like this guys an idiot. One things wrong with that statement, most people aren't gonna see this build. However should you be lucky enough to see what I have come up with in an actual game, you'll be like DAMN lemme paste the link in /all chat. By end game you're gonna be super tanky with a massive attack speed/movement speed slow. I go RoA because its gives you all the desirable early game stats you need and obviously grows into more stats just for you. I usually will rush Randuins after Roa/Sorc Shoes/Stalkers(Magus), because it provides the last slow you'll need to secure the kill on your engagements (whether they be from the jungle or post-lane phase). However, i will rush spirit visage if i see that the enemy team is mostly AP, or that there is an AP assassin that is getting fed. Your last item is where it can get somewhat tricky. Usually by the time you've completed your other 5 items, the game is going in one direction (you're winning or you're losing). However at higher elos obviously the current score doesn't deteremine the outcome as much as it does in lower elo games. Lemme quickly explain. In lower elo games, where there is last collaboration happening (due to newer players usually), when the enemy team is 15 kills ahead, there's a good chance they will be the victor. However, in higher elo games, the enemy team can be way ahead and you could still come through with a good play and good push if all done accordingly. Back to the build, your last item will depend mostly on how the game is going. If you see your team is OVERALL doing well (not just you), then go for the Liandrys torment. It will add the extra % of health damage, as well as even more health and spell pen. If you see the enemy team most definitely has the advantage (more dragons,kills, barons, etc.) then go for the item that best fits your needs. In the case were losing, i will assess the enemy team and either go Sunfire Cape for the extra damage health and armor, or i will go Locket of the Iron Solari for the extra health, magic resists, cdr, and the active shield.
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The Fight

The purpose of my build (seeing as its so off of what everyone else aims for) is to have a Nunu end game that is not only tanky as a wall of playdo, but to also be in the middle of the fight dealing chunks of damage and applying tons of cc. My engagements from jungle almost always start and end the same way. Come in from river (or tri if you can), smite the enemy in lane (wait 2 seconds) ice ball the enemy in lane (wait two seconds) activate Randuins omen, and ult. This ensure that youve slowed them enough for the carrys in lane to do their damage, then youve secured the ability to kill with your ult or set up the carry to get the kill. I will usually take kills during the laning phase when i gank, since this build tends to be a little more expensive but definetly pays off in the end. I will not take kills once lane phase is over. Remember youre still a tank and at this point in the game all you should be doing is speeding up your adc and iceballing when appropriate.
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Ive been dominating lately with this exact build every game and it really does speak for itself. Try it out next time you nunu jungle and let me know how your experience went.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gortana
Gortana Nunu & Willump Guide
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The RE@L Nunu jungle (AP/TANK)

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