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Jax Build Guide by AppleJax

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AppleJax

The Real AppleJax (AD)

AppleJax Last updated on October 24, 2011
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I saw my brothers friend DOMINATE with Jax so I thought I would give him a try and it turns out when I want to win, I play Jax. If you want to be up in their grills, stomp their face in and hop to the next target; this build is just for you. The reason this guide is AD, is because the bulk of your damage will be from auto attacks.

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A lot of people build Jax by increasing his AP, there's nothing wrong with that but I find myself smacking a lot more than I do hopping.
Greater Seal of Evasion: Why? Bro, its Jax. Dodge is KEY for fights and can turn the tide of battle with Counter Strike.
Greater Mark of Alacrity: Why? Having an early built-in attack speed helps with the passive buildup of his ultimate. Then you just start stomping everyone all willy nilly. :)
Greater Glyph of Furor: Why? Meh, Glyph spot is really up to your play style, but if you're dropping crits left and right, it will be nasty late game.
Greater Quintessence of Evasion: Why? Extra help to Nimbleness and Counter Strike is amazingly amazing. Nimbleness can either, A. Help you escape. or B. Catch up to someone. Not feeding and being fed can alter the game greatly.

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I use to roll Jax in the defensive manner, but wasn't satisfied with the pure damage I was putting out in late game with my build and being at the top of the list 16-3. A survivalist yes, but always room for more damage! I know you're saying, well Dad, why don't you just build more damage items? Well Son, I don't have an answer for you.

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Hopping into the item section, I'll tell you some good ****.
Boots of Speed: Obvious choice in my opinion, The faster you get ninja tabi the better.
Health Potions: Jax doesn't really have a lifesteal and is always up in the enemies grill. You are always always sure to take damage if you DEAL damage, in that you are always right next to someone. So having Health potions will keep you up front longer so you don't have to cower behind your minions for experience.
Ninja Tabi: I don't know why I need to explain myself here, but if you are new and curious, the Tabi will help your chances greatly to dodge and activate 'Counter Strike' and 'Nimbleness'.
Zeal: Good for building up speed quicker, a pre-requisite to Phantom Dancer, yum..
Giants Belt: I know you're saying, Dad why did I buy this if I'm not buliding the crystal scepter next? Well Son, it's because having an additional 430 HP at level 8-10 is amazing for 2v2. You can stay in the fight much longer and happily smack away. You don't finish the Scepter yet because having Rageblade is a bit handier than AP.
Guinsoo's Rageblade: I just recently added this into my gameplay and boy was I excited to stomp on kids with it. This combined with your passive ultimate is simply amazing. You will be attacking super fast and doing your team great justice. :D
Phantom Dancer: Finishing up Zeal, this bad boy will help you dominate with speed and power.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter: Aw yeah, finishing this up because of the slight health boost and slowing of the enemy movement speed. I know you're saying but Dad, why not just build a Frozen Mallet if you're AD? Well Son, the answer is because you can't render Jax's spells completely useless with 0 ability power!
Atma's Impaler: Having this will help you stay in the battlefront longer and that passive is just simply adoring.
Bilgewater Cutlass: Rolling AD this will cover up your last slot, so having this instead of more AP is handier while building up the money for hextech.
Hextech Gunblade: You might be asking yourself, why the **** am I buying Hextech. Well son, it's because lifesteal and spellvamp is pretty nice with the extra AD. The Active is amazing if someone is trying to get away and you're just like DENIIIIIIED!!! And what kinda Jax doesn't have Hextech? o.O
Elixirs: Yummy, help boost Jax late game, as any other Champion should.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust: Why? WHY THE **** NOT?? Exhaust slows them down as you lay em' out. Plain and simple.
Ignite: Why? This is a personal choice and always has been with Jax. It's for those stupid bastards that turret hug all game with 80 health and ignite is still viable late game if someone is a good escape artist. Or it can be used mid fight to burn someone down quicker.

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Team Work

Laning with champions that can slow, stun, or any other **** like Alistar, you will dominate. Because you are AD, your attacks will surely lay some applejax on the floor.
Laning with support is also amazing, keeping you in the fight, because your damage is raw attack.
Escape: If you got a friend on Skype or whatevs, and you're trying to get away. Make sure he is always within distance of your hopping skill so you can Hop on him and get away. So if he is ahead of you and there's 5 *****es behind you yell to your friend "MAN SLOW THE **** DOWN SO I CAN JUMP ON YOU". Or hop on minions.

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Pros(Tips) / Cons

-AppleJax is amazing at 1v1. If you're running through the jungle you better watch your *** cuz' AppleJax is coming for you.
-AppleJax doesn't need to build magic resist because of his ultimate. ****in' smart.
-The ability to hop on any target can help keep up your passive ultimate and onto an enemy.
-'Nimbleness' will assist you greatly in killing and escaping.
-If you choose to focus AppleJax first in team fights, you're just giving him 'Counter Strike', if you target him last, you wont have a team left to help you.
-Coming back from your Nexus is a great opportunity to kill enemy champions.
-AppleJax can defend against AD and AP due to his ultimate.
-AppleJax can tear through casters in team fights if they are not paying attention. You'd be wise to target the Tank(s) last. Look at it in WoW terms, what's a tank without his dps?

-AppleJax will get pissed off if he is constantly harassed by ranged champions.
-AppleJax will not be able to take harassment little by little. Dwindling health AppleJax is not a happy Jax. ):
-AppleJax with average or low health is an easy kill if he does not dodge.
-Damage output is poor against Tanks, in that they stack armor.
-I fail to come up with more cons..

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I promise you, if you follow this guide and your team is helping you slightly, you will dominate. I get QQ's all the time about being OP, and lucky I'm fed. Truth is, every game feels like I'm fed. When you enter team fights, be sure to be the last one to enter so that you are not the first one focused and you help your team more as opposed to being ****ed instantly. The only reason I posted this guide is because again, every time I feel like winning, I play AppleJax. So I feel pretty confident in my ability to build AppleJax enough to share my build with other players. I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to release my build to the open public, scared I might be testing a new character and getting stomped by a clone of AppleJax. AppleJax is a very fun champion to play when you just don't know what else to play and everything you do is going bad. If Jax is put on your team be sure to tell him that he is not the REAL APPLEJAX!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D

~Created by AppleJax~
LoL Name: Jesusnugget

This is my first guide, and I hope you enjoyed it; in that you will become a better AppleJax and stomp peoples faces.(: Rawr